Grindr Alternative (2024): 15 Best Dating Apps for Gay Men

15 Best Grindr Alternatives 2022

Best Grindr Alternatives – If you are from the LGBTQ community and want to meet new people through social media, look for your best half or are simply a person who loves to have fun and are looking for flirting dates through chat , Grindr is definitely an excellent choice for you.

This App, available for iOS, Android and even computer versions, serves as an ideal social networking platform for searching and finding dates, depending on your sexual preferences , in addition, the App will let you know which members are close to you.

However, you should know that this Grindr App is not just one of this style There are so many to choose from! And then we are going to describe the 15 best alternatives to Grindr, so you can choose the one that catches your attention, so let’s get started:

15 Best Grindr Alternatives in 2024


Blued - Gay, Video, Chat & Live

The full name of this app is “Blued – Gay, Video, Chat & Live”, where it is already more than understood. all the alternatives you have to meet gay people in a simple way and from the community of your phone.

In this App you have the ability to stream live video and also, you can select a maximum number of people to have them as public at that time ; even if you also have private chats where you can send various multimedia content.

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With Surge: Gay Dating & Gay Chat you have a high sense of privacy and reliability, since to have a communication with the members of this network, First there must be the spark Between the two , and also, if you choose to send someone content private media, these will disappear completely when the other person sees them.

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DISCO – Chat & date for gays

This Disco chat Application is very easy to use and with it you will be able to meet countless people from all over the world through a very pleasant dynamic! As if you’re in a real nightclub and you’re about to greet someone in particular!

Can you see a series of profiles of people with different sexual tastes, having the opportunity to chat with them, and why not? Schedule a date so you can meet in person .

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This alternative to Grindr is great if you want to start communicating with gay, bi and transgender men to establish friendships or go beyond the subject . It currently has over 12 million users worldwide and with it, you can investigate many profiles.

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ROMEO – Gay Dating

It’s a free application where you have many options, such as: hide your location, put multiple photos on your profile, search for people based on your geographic area , access to video calls and private chat, among many others.

In addition to being able to share multimedia content , these can be set up to self- destruct after shipping and thus you have a sense of reliability. On the other hand, Romero administrators are always looking for fake profiles to remove.

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Grizzly App Another alternative you have to Grindr is this! which is perfect for those who want to meet people with “teddy bear” characteristics, i.e., corpulent and even older; However, these two peculiarities should not limit you to being part of this community .

With this application, you will be able to share multimedia content and you will also have access to many interesting features, such as choosing who you want to share your profile with, private chat and much more.

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This app enjoys great popularity among the gay community, especially those who are attracted to the big guys with lots of body hair , in the best style of furry bears.

With Growlr you have the opportunity to create a photo album that you can share with those you want , including private chats and the ability to limit your profile or block those you don’t want to communicate with.

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Hornet App

Hornet App

One app that has been maintained for over 10 years and has over 30 million users worldwide is Hornet, where you can meet gay people with the same interests as you. You will have the opportunity to create your own source of information with photos, videos and more!

One of the most important features that this Hornet – Queer Social Network App has (and apparently has no other) is that it allows you to participate in various forums where you will find hundreds of people giving their opinion on various topics.

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LEA Dating

This is an app for women belonging to the LGBTQ community that brings many options for you: from creating chat groups, to having private chats, to being able to find out about upcoming LGBTQ activities, events and parties. they live in different cities.

The application is free, but you can access other additional features if you hire the Premium version for US $ 15 a month, where you can see who is online and also filter your search for people according to their sexual tastes and preferences .

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Banana Video Chat – Live Video

The first alternative we bring to this list is the App. A rather unique name to be a Gays app! The main way to get to know the members of this community one by one is through short introductory videos so you can focus your attention on the person you want . You also have the ability to filter people by geographic location.

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Best Dating Apps For Teens


It is an application designed especially for those people looking for a more lasting and serious relationship , that is, much more than just a sexual encounter; so if you are looking for love, you will surely find your best half with this app! Siege to try.

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Manhunt – Gay Chat, Meet, Date

Another alternative to Grindr that you should definitely consider is this, since it enjoys excellent international acceptance and popularity. In its infancy it started as a web page dedicated to connecting the hearts of gay people, but now You can also access it through its Smartphone app .

One of the peculiarities of this application is that to call with another person, you must first “accept their invitation” , so this is a great advantage that will allow you to not receive unwanted messages from people who have not taken your be careful first.

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Moovz is a social network for meeting gays, lesbians, bi and transgender people around the world, making new friends, flirting or … Why not? Find the love of your life. 

It is a very simple application to use where Support is encouraged among every member of the community and is also full of interesting proof information!

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It’s one of the most popular apps in the world, and you’ve probably heard of it before. Maybe what you don’t know about Tinder is that it’s completely inclusive when it comes to sexual and gender preferences A very relevant point when you want to meet new people with your own tastes!

This app works with the popular scrolling option, which tries to scroll through people’s photos from one side while reviewing their profile information.

If you like it at first sight, you can let them know through the super like and if the other person corresponds to you, they will go to a private chat.

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Wapo: Gay Dating App for Men

To conclude with this list of the best alternatives to Grindr, I will present you this great application if you live in Any Where, since with it you will have the opportunity to meet men with your same sexual preferences . 

However, the number of users is not as high compared to other similar social networks, which may be more of an advantage for some people who prefer discretion.

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Hopefully, you like Apps similar to Grindr and enjoy the 15 Best Grindr Alternatives in 2024 (LGBTQ)

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