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Hot Wheels Unleashed Review – This legendary toy car has finally come back to life. The presence of Hot Wheels Unleased in the world of racing games seems to be a breath of fresh air for many gamers. Not only for Hot Wheels lovers, this game is also suitable for casual gamers who want to play a racing game that is fun and easy to understand.

Game has all the things needed a game racing arcade ranging collection of cars are taken directly from the original toy, crazy racing track, a variety of items to be collected, as well as a variety of customization that can be done in it.

Plus, the game also offers a nostalgia for fans of both the first Hot Wheels pleased to collect and play the original toys, watching the animated series, or play games adaptations such as Hot Wheels: Beat That or Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Challenge.

Then how about this Hot Wheels Unleashed? Will the game be able to meet the expectations of fans who have been waiting a long time since the last Hot Wheels game was released? Here is the Hot Wheels Review: Unleashed.

Bringing Hot Wheels to the real world

Bringing Hot Wheels to the real world

One of the right decisions and achievements achieved by the Milestone developer is to present photorealistic visualizations with car models and tracks that are displayed like real toys. 

Thanks to the use of Unreal Engine 4, various materials ranging from plastic to metal that are in every car look like real. Even details such as the connection of toy prints to fingerprints also appear if players really want to pay attention to them.

This realism is supported by the trajectory and location that also appear no less detailed than the car. From dungeons to the top of skyscrapers, all the locations that appear in this game look stunning. The lighting especially for the room looks beautiful with various light reflections on various surfaces.

Massive collection that must be completed

Massive collection that must be completed

ust like in the real world, Hot Wheels Unleashed also focuses on cars that must be collected. Until this review was written, there are a total of 68 toy cars that can be collected. 

The car selection also varies, from Hot Wheels original cars in various shapes to real-world cars like the Ford Mustang to the DMC DeLorean from the Back to the Future movie.

These cars can later be collected by buying directly at a higher price (and limited choices) or trying their luck through the blind box.

Just like the original toy, each car in this game also has its own rarity. There are 4 levels of cars, namely Common, Rare, Legendary, and Super Treasure Hunt . For cars in the Common and Rare tiers , players can perform upgrades that will increase their performance as well as their rarity. Unfortunately, the improvements made later will not change the visualization of the car.

Meanwhile, Legendary and Super Treasure Hunt cars cannot be upgraded, but they already have high performance and are indeed very difficult to obtain through the Blind Box . 

Some cars from this category also have their own uniqueness such as the unique nitrous sound in DeLorean Back to the Future. Finally, there are also cars with Secret Car status and as the name suggests, these cars can only be obtained from secret races in the campaign game.

Collect things through City Rumble

Continuing the previous topic regarding the campaign , Hot Wheels has focused on player progress in a campaign called City Rumble. Although it is called a campaign, there is actually no story that players will follow in it. City Rumble functions more as a mapping of events that will be carried out by the next player.

Collect things through City Rumble

On the positive side, each event has its own unique prize. Starting from currency, gears, blind boxes , to a collection of items for the Basement or Track Editor . A progressive system is also implemented so that players must complete certain races to be able to continue the campaign. The good thing is that it makes every event in it feel significant to do.

Moreover, completing the collection of items for the Basement and Track Editor cannot be obtained from the gacha. So the campaign here has another purpose that is more than just making money. In addition, there are also Secret Events that can only be opened if the conditions are met by the player.

Exciting racing but minimal variety

The gameplay of Hot Wheels Unleashed is quite simple and easy to understand. The unique thing is the physics of the  car in this game moves like a toy. So that the car being driven will feel light and easily overturned when hitting a barrier or not landing properly, especially for tall cars.

Exciting racing but minimal variety

However, it is unique to the game is what makes it different from the games racing arcade mostly. Turning system with a ‘ brake-to-drift ‘ mechanism is often found in various racing games , but the main challenge that players will face is how to master every turn on the track, perfect the drift so as not to lose speed, and also execute shortcuts.

Unfortunately, the variety of races provided in this game is minimal, because there are only three modes provided, namely quick race , time attack, and boss race . 

Simply put, a quick race is a race against 11 other cars. While the time attack requires players to advance on the track against a predetermined time limit. And the last is the boss race , this race is similar to the quick race but has a longer, more complicated track and has various additional challenges in it.

The choice of locations provided is also limited, which is only in six locations, but fortunately all the existing locations are presented with very interesting visualizations. Fortunately, the Milestone developers are also quite skilled in building a varied track in each race which ultimately makes each race has its own uniqueness and does not feel repetitive.

Take a break with side content

In addition to racing your toy car on an orange plastic track from the ceiling to under the table to complete the campaign, players can also take a break to do various side activities while relaxing. One of them is modifying the player’s personal space called ” Basement “.

Take a break with side content furniture hot wheels

Here, players can enjoy all the pieces that have been collected to modify the room according to the player’s taste. Players can change the wallpaper design , floor type, furniture choices , to various small accessories. 

Players are also free to determine the color of almost all existing furniture so that any changes made will feel personal. The cool thing is that all the modifications in this room will later appear when players race in the basement location .

Then the second is the Track Editor that was mentioned earlier. Here, players can use a variety of track parts that have been collected to create their own dream track. Players can choose one of 6 available locations and fulfill it with the player’s imagination on the Hot Wheels track of his dreams.

hot wheels track editor

In addition to the standard track, there are also various variations such as jumps, magnetic tracks that allow the car to stick against gravity, to special parts that previously existed in boss races such as spiders that emit a binding web to dinosaur heads that can bite players’ cars.

Get creative with your toy car

In addition to modifying the Basement and also creating a race track, Hot Wheels Unleashed also gives players the ability to modify the paint and stickers of their favorite Hot Wheels cars. 

Players can change colors, give various stickers, to determine the material used for various parts of the car. The controls provided are quite flexible and simple so that the process of setting the stickers will feel easy in no time.

Get creative with your toy car

And after busy modifying, players can also take pictures of cars or even tracks that have been created using the Photo Mode provided by the game

The Photo Mode provided by this game is also quite complete, ranging from zoom settings , focus, filters, effects, to various frames to beautify the photos taken.


In the end, Hot Wheels Unleased offers a game racing arcade fun especially for those who do like the Hot Wheels. There is nostalgia as well as a sense of awe to see this toy car can be driven directly on a crazy track that might previously only exist in fantasy.

Hot Wheels Unleased offers a game racing arcade 

Players will also easily adapt to the controls of this game which is quite simple, but still has room for improvisation and makes players master this game . The available campaigns will also give players clear directions on what to do next to be able to collect all the things in this game.

However, this game has a fairly heavy grinding process to get enough money to buy Blind Box or Gears to upgrade your favorite car. Locations that are limited to 6 with very minimal game modes may feel repetitive for some players.

Fortunately, all that hard work will pay off when players finally get the toy car they want or manage to maximize the performance of their favorite car. 

Some activities besides racing are also quite fun to do. So making this Rp 400,000 game very feasible to play. Hopefully in the future this game will get updates or expansions to add content that is still lacking in this game

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