How to buy From AliExpress? Step by Step Guide

How to buy From AliExpress

How to buy From AliExpress? Step by Step Guide – Today people are looking for the safest way to make their purchases, if it is from home better to take care of their health in times of pandemic.

AliExpress is a platform through which you can make purchases online, which has grown a lot thanks to its competitive prices.

They even bill more than giants like Amazon . If you doubt about making your purchases on AliExpress , review this review and learn how to buy From AliExpress easily. 

What is AliExpress?

AliExpress is a company that specializes in creating a direct link between consumers around the world and Chinese manufacturers or retailers, for that reason the prices are low , in addition many of the purchases offer free shipping that are made by state companies.

There are also stores that They only accept shipments with private companies, this will also depend on the weight of the items, the heaviest ones usually have expensive shipments.

You will find all kinds of things, clothes, accessories, photography equipment, electronic devices, objects for the home, health and beauty, almost everything that can be bought online at prices that you will not believe.

What should you do to buy From AliExpress?

The first thing you should do to learn how to buy From AliExpress is to open an account, you can do it through the App for mobile devices or on your computer or laptop through its website.

You only need to have an email, browsing the platform is super easy, Immediately, products for sale will appear, you can also locate those that interest you through the search engine. 

Add everything you want to buy in the cart, then click buy, you can also buy a single item directly, they will ask you for your bank details to make the purchase.

One of the best features of AliExpress is that they have many payment methods, they even have their own application for online payments, which is called AliPay and is quite secure. 

It also accepts PayPal , VISA MasterCard American Express or Maestro credit and debit cards . 

Most forms of payment have customer protection , which means that, once the purchase is made, the money will be retained by AliExpress

Until the customer notifies that the order was delivered and corresponds to the description on the platform, then the company proceeds to release the money to the seller.

If the products do not arrive on time or are not what was expected, the user must open a dispute , the situation will be evaluated and if it warrants , AliExpress will return the money. 

If the customer does not notify the arrival of the order or open a dispute, the sales company will release the money to the seller after 60 days.   

Take into account that the products come from China, so it is logical that they take a while to arrive, around three weeks , so avoid using this platform if what you are purchasing is of immediate need. 

Evaluate the seller’s account, reputation, and buyer reviews. Before buying, read the description of the products, keep in mind that many descriptions are translations, so also check the testimonials of other buyers of the product.

AliExpress also offers many sales, discounts and coupons , coupons with a method to reduce a percentage of the price of the product, in addition to the discounts that already have by default.

And the customer must comply with a condition (usually exceed a limit of money on purchases), you can acquire these coupons in different ways and make your purchases a little cheaper. 

Hopefully this guide help with How to buy From AliExpress. Step by Step Guide

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