How to explain blockchain game to your grandmother

How to explain what a blockchain game is to your grandmother

How to explain blockchain game to your grandmother – Explaining to older people and those far from the internet what a blockchain game is, is not an easy task.

We put the example of explaining what a blockchain game is to your grandmother because, possibly, it is very difficult to explain to someone older all the possibilities of playing to win.

Imagine that your grandmother asks you what are you working on? And suddenly you comment something related to cryptocurrencies, games, playing to win, or whatever. 

How to explain blockchain game to your grandmother? We are going to inquire about this and if we are to the case, if we can explain it to our beloved grandmother, we can explain it to whoever we want.

How to explain blockchain game to your grandmother

We obviously start with respect; Okay granny. Do you remember how you used to keep all the money on the walls because you didn’t trust the banks and then the squirrels ate that money? 

Well let’s say that blockchain technology would become walls, the only difference is that there are no squirrels, nothing will eat your money. We are not storing regular money on those walls, we are storing what is called “Digital Assets”.

Don’t be scared by the term “ Digital Assets ”. A digital asset is anything within the digital world that is ours, that belongs to us. Do you remember the photo of the food you emailed me? Well let’s say that photo is already digital, it is within the network and it is already your digital asset.

grandmother explain blockchain game

Now on common occasions the food would have gone to a centralized location in the digital world and stayed there, just like the money in the bank. 

But with blockchain technology, we have the possibility to cut that food into many pieces and hide it in different walls, so that it is safe away from banks.

Blockchain Game

A blockchain game is simply an ordinary game that makes use of such technology. For example, your email went to a centralized location before it reached my email, but it’s no different with traditional video games. Let’s take an example from blockchain games like The Sandbox.

Here we have a litter box


And here we have the game The Sandbox

In The Sandbox you can do anything you can imagine, the best of all is that you can build whatever you want and in the same way that happens with food; 

Let’s pretend that we make a wall, that wall will be stored in thousands of walls and what we do does not belong to any company, but belongs to us, we are its owners.

What we do is called NFT; you do not have to know what it means, because you will be more confused.

Let’s pretend we’re playing The Sandbox and decide we want to become a virtual merchant selling food, like the one in the photo you emailed me.


The first step in becoming a food vendor is preparing that delicious meal; So that’s what we will do, we will make said food. Now, in the same way, that your food has its unique touch, this dish will have it too.

SAND Currency

And having something unique, which we own, we can also sell it. Many blockchain games allow us to make money. 

So do you know how you turn your fixed income into a giant cup of quarters that you put into a slot machine that converts those quarters into 25 pennies of poverty? Well, let’s say blockchain games work the other way around.

Instead of playing “Leave yourself as destitute as possible, wondering why you became a slave to an addiction that is difficult to overcome”.

The business model here is “play to win.” Alternatively of experience to toss the coins into a machine, here it is the machine that throws the coins at us.

So we go into The Sandbox and say that our food is ready to be sold, another player comes and wants to buy our NFT (the food) so he pays us with a currency known as SAND.

What is SAND?

Sand Currency

SAND is a currency that uses the game, but since the game is blockchain, SAND is a real cryptocurrency! This means that it is part of our digital assets and taking into account that it is decentralized it belongs to us.

We earned that SAND by selling the food NFT we created. We can take SAND and spend it on more NFT of different things created by other users or any kind of digital asset; Individually can even exchange said cryptocurrency for dollars.

Unlike the US dollar, cryptocurrencies are not determined by a fixed price; not most. Then it will depend on your demand. This means that a cryptocurrency can be worth more than when we first obtained it.

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