How to Choose VPN Steps by Steps: 10 Key Tips

10 ways to choose VPN steps by step

How to Choose VPN Steps by Steps: 10 Key Tips You cannot miss them as VPNs are strengthening their marketing strategies and are increasingly present on the web, in Youtube videos, on networks, and in press articles.

Why? The main promise is to strengthen online security and privacy at a time when we spend most of our time online.

The goal is then to be able to modify the connection elements sent, and therefore, to remain anonymous and to secure the data with the sites and applications that we use and choose the right VPN.

However, while there are hundreds of VPNs on the web, not all are created equal. So let’s see how to choose a VPN with 10 key points.

How to Choose VPN Steps by Steps: 10 Ways

Security protocol

Security is essential when it comes to choosing a VPN. Make sure that your tool’s encryption is based on at least one of the most reliableOpen VPNorIKEv2 / Ipsecsecurity protocols . Conversely, a little outdated,PPTPciphers are less recommended.


In other words: doesthe VPN slow down your connection or not?The VPN is an encryption tunnel that can sometimes be slow for your browsing.

If you want optimal bandwidth, turn to a VPN with several thousand servers with different geolocations. If one of the servers becomes congested, then you will be able to more easily connect to another, closer to your real location.

Total number of servers

The number of servers
Choose VPN Steps by Steps

Note that themore servers your VPN has, the more freely you will be able to browseby easily unblocking sites and avoiding censorship, quite simply because your software will be less traceable.

More servers also means more speed and stability of the connection. Of course, a large number of servers implies a higher price.

Besides, many wonder if VPNs are legal. Yes, there is nothing illegal about using software to change your IP, and there are many guides for getting started with a VPNon the web. The goal is simply to improve your online security.

Customer support

If something goes wrong, no one wants to be left alone with a broken VPN. It is therefore important to choose a VPN that offers particularly responsive customer service that is easy to contact, whether by email or phone, or even by chatbot.

We recommend that you go fora VPN that offers 24/7 customer supportso that you can get support at all times.

Geolocation of servers

This criterion is closely linked to the previous one. A large number of servers is good, but servers in different areas is better! Indeed, with a wide geolocation,the VPN will be able to connect from the appropriate countryso that you can access the unblocked content of your choice.

Geolocation of servers

For example, if you want to access a particular Netflix catalog but your VPN doesn’t have a server in that country, you won’t be able to connect.

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Choose VPN Steps by Steps

Access to Mobile Application

Finally, let’s finish on this point, does the VPN provide a mobile application? Often, protecting your laptop is not enough.

The use of smartphones has become almost permanent and a considerable amount of sensitive and confidential data circulates there without your knowledge.

So we must make sure to protect it as well. Know how to protect all your devices thanks to a VPN provider with a mobile application.

Access to Netflix

It’s hard to fool Netflix. The streaming platform can now detect a large number of VPNs to block access to local content.NordVPN,ExpressVPN, Surfshark andCyberGhostshare the podium for VPNs that still resist Netflix blocks.

Access to Netflix
Choose VPN Steps by Steps

Of course, Netflix is ​​the most requested service among VPN users, but the same applies toBBC iPlayerorHulufor example.

Bonus Tip: How to Watch Netflix for Different Countries using NordVPN or Surfshark

Torrent download

Many people use a VPN to be able to download more freely and easily via Peer-To-Peer. However, notall VPNs necessarily accept torrent downloads!So be sure to choose a provider that allows it if this criterion is important to you. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use your favorite torrent client.

Torrent download


The price
Choose VPN Steps by Steps

Or rather the quality/price ratio. Indeed, there are VPNs for all budgets, some even free. For a safe and efficient VPN, count around $ 3 to $ 13 per month, and often degressive rates apply if you sign up for multiple months. It will all depend on the quality, features, and use you are looking for.

Payment methods

Not all VPNs offer the same payment options. Most accept card payments, but perhaps you prefer the convenience ofPayPal. More original, payment byBitcoinsis also authorized but only by the most important VPNs on the market, such as Surfshark orNordVPNfor example.

Payment methods

The criteria listed are just the top 10 to consider when choosing your VPN. Thus, other criteria can be added such as the number of simultaneous connections authorized or the intuitiveness of the system for simplified navigation.

There is no ideal VPN that everyone can recommend: it all depends on the intended use!, We are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to Comment on us by filling this.

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