How to get diamonds in Mobile Legends for free

How to get diamonds in Mobile Legends for free

To Get diamonds in Mobile Legends  – How to get free diamonds in Mobile Legends for free? Gamers who are loyal to playing Mobile Legend are certainly no stranger to the term diamond.

Diamonds that are targeted by many ml players are a type of money conversion provided by Moonton. The way to get diamonds is to use the players’ real money, such as doing top-ups at various online shops that have worked together, Codashop is one of them.

But there are also free diamonds that can be obtained easily, this method is the way that many people are looking for because considering the price of diamond ml which is not cheap. But of course with terms and conditions that apply. It can also be shared as a gift between players.

Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends, How to Get It Legally?

What is the function of diamond in Mobile Legends? It is not uncommon for gamers to target diamonds for various purposes. One of the uses of diamonds is to buy skins for heroes or other items such as bundles, weapons, new characters.

But besides buying skins, diamonds also function for various things. Such as making squads, magic wheels, to emblem packs. With this emblem pack, gamers can add strength to their heroes while playing.

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As explained earlier that top-up must be done using real money. This is a problem for gamers. The reason is, if the money you have is not enough to buy diamonds then, of course, you will not be able to buy them.

As a result, not a few people cheat diamonds illegally which can harm the account we use. But now this is no longer necessary because there are many various ways that can be done to get free diamonds in Mobile Legend. Check out the following method.

1. Become an Admin of the Mobile Legends Group

The first way is that you have to be active and join the Mobile Legends gamers group. In addition to helping to get more updated information, you can also get diamonds.

Even the diamond can be obtained for free. However, provided that you must be an admin or moderator in the group.

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Mobile Legend publishers sometimes open admin vacancies in a group. The reward when you become an admin is to get diamonds for free.

Are you interested in getting a group admin position? The tip is to often monitor Moonton’s official social media. Having diamonds is more of an advantage and convenience for Mobile Legends players.

Free ml diamonds can be used to increase hero strength because they can buy various supporting items, so the battle will be more enjoyable.

Vacancies to become group admins from Moonton are sometimes unavailable. So you have to prepare yourself such as supporting skills so that later you can be accepted as a group admin.

2. Take a Quiz or Giveaway

Next is to take a quiz or giveaway. This method is also an easy solution for those of you who want to get free diamonds.

Events in the form of giveaways or quizzes do bring many benefits for the lucky ones. Not a few Youtubers and influencers often share free diamonds with various conditions.

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Not only that, several platforms and companies also provide prizes in the form of top-up diamonds in Mobile Legends for free.

In order not to miss the golden opportunity, you must frequently update the latest news about the game giveaway. If there is something new, you can follow it to get free ml diamonds, of course, in a legal way.

3. Join the Tournament

Do you want to get Diamond Mobile Legend for free but challenging? The trick is to enter the tournament. Currently, there are lots of Mobile Legends tournaments with diamond prizes.

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Even the numbers are not small, some reach thousands of diamonds. To get the diamond, then you have to enter the tournament and become a winner.

In addition to being a winner, the possibility of your level will also increase. Playing skills are also improved. There is nothing wrong if you try to join a Mobile Legend tournament and get free diamonds.

You can do the various ways above to get free diamonds in Mobile Legends. To be safer and more comfortable, it is recommended not to use illegal means.

Top Up Diamond ML Cheap

Buying or top-up diamonds is not cheap, so many players end up choosing shortcuts such as using cheats or something else, even though this method is very risky.

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