How to Get Unbanned From Fortnite in 2024 Guide

How to Get Unbanned from Fortnite

How to Get Unbanned From FortniteAre you banned from Fortnite, your favorite game? There are many reasons for being banned from the game, I will give them to you below. But I want to tell you that you can regain access to your account. To do this, you will have to use the tip that I will give you here to unlock Fortnite.

Unbanned From Fortnite: understand the reasons

The different types of bans in Fortnite

The hit online battle royale game is known for banning many players. However, depending on the seriousness of the offense, you could find yourself in two different ban categories .

In the case of a slight error (I will detail them below), you could only have a temporary suspension of your account , generally for a few days or a week, always depending on what you have done.

banned from fortnite

Only in the most serious cases will the game block your account permanently. 

But even in this case it will be possible to unban Fortnite.

Banned from Fortnite? The different reasons

If you’re banned from Fortnite, it’s probably because you violated one of the game’s rules. The main reasons for an account suspension that Epic Game gives us are:

  • Sharing of personal information across game servers.
  • Anything that involves hate speech and discrimination.
  • Attack and/or harass other players.
  • Impersonating other players.
  • Cheating, which includes exploiting bugs, alliances against players and all cheat software.
  • Participation in illegal gaming activities.
  • Frauds and scammers are also banned in Fortnite.
  • Sharing inappropriate content.

How are bans implemented?

Bans can be made by game moderators manually , if a violation of the game rules has been detected on your account. Generally, this type of situation occurs following a report from one or more other players.

Bans can also be automatic , following algorithms. In this case, there may be errors.

How to get banned from Fortnite?

If you are banned from Fortnite, you must first understand how this ban works before you want to resolve the problem.

In reality, how bans work in the game is quite simple to understand. Your Epic Game account is associated with your IP address . The IP address is simply the number of your connection, which allows you to identify it and know, among other things, the location from which it comes.

Understanding this, you see that the battle royale can easily identify you when you try to log in and therefore deny you access, if your account has been banned in Fortnite.

But that being said, nothing prevents you from modifying or hiding this IP address. By getting another IP, you can easily cheat Epic’s servers and unblock Fortnite.

Not only is it possible, but it is also very easy to set up. All you then need to do to deban Fortnite is use a VPN. I’ll explain everything to you.

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 How to get banned from Fortnite with a VPN?

How to get banned from Fortnite: this is what interests you. I told you above that all you need is a VPN.

Just follow these steps to regain access:

  1. Choose a VPN provider from my ranking. The best is ExpressVPN .
  2. Pay for your subscription and download and install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Connect to a server in another country.
  4. Return to Fortnite and unblock your account.

The best VPNs to unblock Fortnite in 2023

A VPN is software that allows you to hide and modify your IP address. Thanks to this, you will be able to bypass the problem that blocks your account and unban Fortnite in just a few clicks.

For this, you need the best VPNs possible. Because you need a service that is both fast and secure , with plenty of connection locations. If the price is good, even better!

To regain access, you will only have to connect in another country, which will change your IP and fool Epic Game’s servers.

Try ExpressVPN free to deban Fortnite

If you are banned from Fortnite, not just any VPN will be able to help you. You have to choose the best. Having tested them all, I recommend ExpressVPN .

Express is indeed the best in case you are banned from Fortnite. It has extremely fast servers all over the world. In addition, all servers have an incredible level of security. 

But wait, you haven’t seen the best part yet: you can use it for free!

With Express, when you subscribe, you automatically have access to a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

So pay for a subscription from the provider to deban Fortnite, then contact customer service to request a refund. 

The latter will proceed without asking any questions and you will see the money return to your account. I use this technique repeatedly myself, because you can also re-register and use this guarantee as many times as you want. You will just have to change the information.

The advantages of VPNs

In fact, by using a VPN you can get an IP address in other countries, which gives you plenty of advantages.

The first is on the access side that it happens. You can unblock Fortnite, but also TV channels around the world, as well as the catalogs of streaming platforms, which differ from one country to another.

This tip will also work if you are traveling to risky countries and want to bypass internet censorship .

unblock fortnite

That’s already a thing! But that’s not all. No, because VPNs also strengthen your security. How’s it going ? Have you ever heard of data encryption ? A VPN applies it when you connect to its servers, protecting your personal data from hacking.

As I told you when I talked to you about banned Fortnite, VPNs also allow you to change your IP. When this happens, you also become anonymous on the internet.

Which means you can use a VPN to connect to public networks without risk.

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Banned from Fortnite? Contact customer service

Another technique for a Fortnite ban is to try to negotiate their case with Epic Game customer service. 

As I told you, some bans are done automatically, carried out by algorithms programmed to detect questionable behavior in the game.

It could therefore happen that you find yourself banned in Fortnite for no reason. In this scenario, you should be able to easily regain access to your account by contacting customer service after they investigate what happened. If you have nothing to reproach yourself for, it will work.

On the other hand, if you have openly violated the terms of use, for one reason or another, you will not be able to unblock Fortnite using customer service and your request will simply be rejected.

Create a new account for deban Fortnite

Another alternative method to unlock Fortnite is to create a new account. But here too, this method has its limits compared to the VPN technique.

I remind you, you are banned from Fortnite based on your IP address. If you create a new account, it does not change your IP. As a result, the team could detect that you are the same player with a new account and you will then be banned from Fortnite once again.

deban fortnite

Additionally, when you create a new account, you will lose all the items you have earned so far and have to start from scratch.

So this is a method that can work if you’re banned from Fortnite, but it has serious limitations, especially when compared to the VPN method.

Tips to Avoid Getting Banned from Fortnite

Want to avoid getting banned in Fortnite? The method is simple: follow the rules of the game! I’ll tell you more.

Respect the terms of use of the game

It may seem obvious, but a booster shot doesn’t hurt. No, it’s not okay to insult a player online. Fortnite is just a game, we must not forget that and violent behavior on servers can have terrible consequences for players.

The best way to avoid a ban is to play according to the rules . Do not cheat, respect other players and follow the conditions of use to the letter.

You will thus put all the chances on your side to avoid being kicked out of the game.

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To conclude this article, I would like to clarify an important point. I absolutely do not condone the behavior that got you banned from the game! Cheating, harassment or aggression, disrespect or any other violation of the rules of use is not cool.

That being said, I also understand that we all make mistakes. And that’s why I’m telling you how to unblock Fortnite if you’ve lost access to your account. But don’t do it again and play for fun, not to annoy other players.

Several methods are available to deban Fortnite. You could contact customer service and plead your case, or even create a new account.

But these methods have their limits and the most effective is to use a VPN. With this tip, you will be able to unblock your account and find it as it was before the ban. To do this, simply connect to one of your provider’s servers in another country.

If you want to use a VPN to recover your account, I can only recommend ExpressVPN . It has the fastest servers and the best level of security. It is also available with promotion, without forgetting the guarantee technique to use it for free.

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