uTorrent: Is it Safe? Is it illegal? Tips, Malware, and Alternatives

uTorrent: Is it Safe? Is it illegal? Tips, Malware, and Alternatives

Official uTorrent is the most well-known and downloaded torrent software to date . Incredibly light (no more than 2 MB), it does not slow down computers and is extremely easy to use. These two characteristics have established its popularity for years. Is it right for you? Analysis and uTorrent review in this article.

Presentation of u Torrent

Here you have a torrent client, that is to say software that allows files to be shared between users. This tiny program owes its invention in 2004 to two Americans. They wanted to create a lighter and more efficient version than BitTorrent, its big brother. More than 15 years later, the bet has paid off! The software announced that it had won over 100 million users in 2018 .

Its characteristics are numerous. They include, among other things, data encryption, cache and proxy configuration, individual torrent management (speed, automatic shutdown, etc.). It also supports Unicode and many extensions.

The vast majority of uTorrent reviews hammer it home: it is one of the best torrent clients of the moment. A statement that has been verified for several years. I actually wrote an article on this subject, which you can consult here.

Getting started with u Torrent

If you don’t have this software yet, follow me here. Let’s start with free uTorrent, which already offers interesting features (but advertising, part of which can be deactivated). To install it, nothing could be simpler, but two preliminary steps are essential:

  1. Use a VPN . If you don’t have one, I recommend ExpressVPN which is the best of 2023 and installs in a few clicks.
  2. Use an antivirus . If you don’t have one, there is a wide choice available to you and all are very easy to install.
u torrent

Then, we move on to installing uTorrent for PC (Mac is compatible except on Catalina, see further) from the official site . It downloads and runs like any .exe and installs without complications. Be sure to uncheck the third-party software installation it offers if you don’t want it.

Once the installation is complete, all you have to do is open the software and switch to anonymous mode in the options . For those to whom my anonymous fashion story means nothing, I’ll let you read my article on anonymous downloading.

Is uTorrent safe?

In fact the question is not so simple, because it is divided into several parts and equally divides opinions.

The uTorrent reviews specify that you must download from the official site . They are right. This is very important, because it guarantees you a reliable and recent version of the software, whether it is uTorrent pro, uTorrent lite, etc. Third-party sites can be a source of viruses or deliver a buggy version or even sometimes weird installation wizards. So, we avoid. The official version is available on the official… site (cool, you’re following).

It is not the use of official uTorrent in itself that can be dangerous, but rather the content that passes through it. Beware of viruses hiding in certain files that you download or share. Reviews and comments will tell you: the majority of problems come from exchanged files. Hence the interest of the antivirus that I spoke to you about above

Second “danger”, Hadopi , the organization which sends you letters for illegal downloading . Official uTorrent does not differentiate between what is copyrighted and what is not. He does his job which is to share. It’s up to you to be careful what you download. To get around certain restrictions, you can use a VPN, like the one I (also) spoke to you about above.

In 2015, the software’s parent company found itself under fire from uTorrent reviews. Users have in fact discovered that a cryptocurrency mining application was installed by default with u Torrent and without warning them. The application was quickly removed from the package, but the affair somewhat damaged the reputation of the owners of uTorrrent, accused of manufacturing cryptocurrencies in users’ machines and without their knowledge.


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Use and handling

On this side, Torrent is more than easy to manage. After opening the software, you immediately find yourself on the current downloads page. A good idea according to any uTorrent review because we want to know where they stand!

It makes it very easy to adjust the amount of allocated bandwidth . This makes it possible to prioritize certain more urgent torrents or to limit the bandwidth authorized to the software. This feature is very useful if you need a lot of tape for other computing tasks at the same time.

It is also possible and very easy to configure proxies so as not to directly expose your IP address. On the other hand, the service allows you to set an automatic shutdown of official uTorrent after the end of a download for example. You can leave the program running unattended, it stops by itself.

Downside, the free version has a little too much advertising, and not always in the best taste. I agree with the uTorrent opinions on the fact that it is perhaps a little too present. The problem can be resolved by purchasing premium access to the service or by manually disabling certain advertisements.


Official uTorrent is designed to work with both Windows and Linux and also works great for mobile operating systems like iOS or Android. Its low memory consumption makes it ideal for tablets or small computers with low capacity hard drives.

Concerning MacOS, it is unfortunately not compatible with Catalina , the latest Mac operating system. However, you can use it on Mojave or earlier versions. For those who have Catalina, an extension for the Chrome browser exists. It can help you work around the incompatibility with your operating system.

Comparison and alternativesu Torrent

qBitTorrent or uTorrent?

I’ll spare you the name and color differences for these two. Coming from the same house, they are indeed very similar in design and interface. But otherwise, yes, there are other differences! u Torrent is much lighter than its competitor and is compatible with Linux while qBitTorrent is not.

It also offers more innovative features. The downside is that these features are sometimes a little unstable, compared to qBitTorrent which never releases a beta version. qBitTorrent is also ad-free in its free version, which is not the case with its competitor.

uTorrent or Vuze?

Vuze is the most beginner-friendly torrent client . But given that getting started with torrent software does not require a doctorate in computer science, you will quickly realize that Torrent can be mastered just as easily.

Heavier than official uTorrent, it uses 50% more memory . A flaw compensated by superior performance for heavy consumers of torrents, because it can manage 3000 at a time. But who has 3000 downloads in progress?

Finally, you must download and install Vuze : you cannot use it via the site or a browser plug-in.

Emule or uTorrent?

Coming from another time, Emule is unfortunately nothing more than the ghost of torrent sharing. Essential in the 2000s and praised by uTorrent reviews, the software was gradually replaced by BitTorrent . We’ve all had a weakness for the little donkey of downloading, but its performance is now far behind that of u Torrent.

Frequently Asked Questions

what is uTorrent ?

It is a small software allowing you to share files in torrent format which are not supported by other exchange software. This allows for very quick sharing from one user directly to another. According to uTorrent reviews, the torrent system is the most efficient sharing system these days.

how does uTorrent work?

You must either install it on your computer or download a browser plug-in. Opinions differ on the superiority of one or the other and I didn’t really detect any difference.

Once installed , you search for torrents via search engine . When you open them with the software, they appear in the main window and you can monitor their loading.

Is uTorrent dangerous?

Not if you download official uTorrent. The uTorrent reviews, which I agree with, advise sticking with an official version so that it doesn’t give you any unpleasant surprises.

On the other hand, if you are careful about what you download, there should be no problem. Still treat yourself to the services of an antivirus. You will avoid malware infection!

Why is uTorrent not downloading?

Several reasons are possible:

  • Your connection is not good (check your box or your network)
  • The software has an option enabled and it automatically disables downloads for some reason (go to options and see what can be enabled and disabled that doesn’t suit you)
  • The torrent you are loading doesn’t have many sources. If these sources are inactive , loading cannot take place, but there is not much you can do about it other than leaving the software asleep.

Which VPN for uTorrent?

Currently, none are better than ExpressVPN . After doing my own tests, this is the one I recommend. It will protect your data, hide your IP address and give you access to torrent content that might be difficult to find in some countries.

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My uTorrent review… is very positive. For me, it’s one of the best torrent clients on the market for several years, and it keeps up. It is customizable, easy to use and its performance is unmatched.

Be careful with ads, which are sometimes inappropriate for certain audiences. You can’t disable all ads in the free version, but these ones in particular can. Go to the options on first startup and manually disable these ads.

If you are ready to forgive this advertising largesse to the software, I guarantee that your opinion will soon be like mine: won over!

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