How to Get YouTube Premium Cheaper in 2024

How to Get YouTube Premium Cheaper

How to get YouTube Premium Cheaper – A world-famous platform, YouTube offers subscription plans for unlimited access to its content and, above all, without advertisements. However, with offers starting from €6.99/month and up to €17.99/month, not everyone can afford it. At Sitegeek, we have found three solutions for you to have YouTube Premium cheap . Thanks to a VPN, the AliExpress site or sharing with friends, enjoy YouTube Premium without delay at an unbeatable price. Follow the leader !

How to get YouTube Premium Cheaper discount with a VPN

Subscription prices vary from country to country

The YouTube Premium service is available in many countries around the world . However, the price of subscriptions varies from country to country . To have YouTube Premium cheap, the solution is to identify your computer in a country where the subscription is inexpensive using a VPN . With this virtual private network, you surf the net anonymously and can locate your computer in a foreign country.

Turkey, India and even Argentina offer particularly advantageous rates. Argentina is currently the country where the subscription is the cheapest . By using a VPN to locate your computer in Argentina, you will benefit from a subscription of only €1.04 . You will thus save €131.40 (calculation based on the standard formula at €11.99/month).

How it works ?

To enjoy cheap YouTube Premium using a VPN :

  1. Install a VPN;
  2. Once the installation is complete, open your VPN and connect your computer to the country of your choice (Argentina, Turkey or India to benefit from the most advantageous rates);
  3. Access YouTube Premium from your account;
  4. Subscribe to the YouTube Premium offer by providing an address in the country concerned.

You are now subscribed to YouTube Premium at a very advantageous rate.


Another solution to get YouTube Premium cheap: AliExpress . The Chinese platform provides its customers with YouTube Premium subscriptions at a price that often defies all competition.

It could not be easier. Just go to the AliExpress website. Then enter your request in the search bar. You will find six-month or even one-year subscriptions at very advantageous rates.

Be careful though, the codes sometimes get blocked after a certain period of use. You will then have to contact the seller so that they can resolve the situation and allow you to benefit from the advantages of YouTube Premium.

There are plenty of ads on the site.

Sharing with friends

Classic solution to reduce the cost of your YouTube Premium subscription : sharing with friends. In fact, a YouTube Premium family account allows the simultaneous connection of six users . With a plan at €17.99/month, you will benefit from unlimited access to the platform for less than €3/person .

Main disadvantage of this method: bad payers. If you are afraid of having to follow up with your friends every month, opt for a co-subscription platform. Services like Spliiit or Sharesub offer quick and easy management of your shared subscriptions.

To share your YouTube Premium account with your friends :

  • Log in to your YouTube account;
  • In the menu at the top right, select “Paid Subscriptions”;
  • Click on “Manage subscription”;
  • Next to “Family Sharing Settings,” click “Edit”;
  • Click on “Invite family member” and add a member;
  • Enter your friend’s email address and click “Send”;
  • Ask your co-subscriber to accept the invitation received by email;
  • Click “First Step”, confirm the account and select “Join Family”.

The benefits of YouTube Premium

With a YouTube Premium subscription, you enjoy the following benefits :

  • Unlimited access to YouTube content without advertising ;
  • Background playback on your mobile ;
  • Downloading content offline;
  • The ability to activate audio only ;
  • Content accessible worldwide;
  • Shuffle mode for downloads;
  • Streaming content to connected external equipment.

With our solutions for having cheap YouTube Premium , you no longer have any reason to deprive yourself of it!

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