How to Install TeaTV on FireStick in 2024 [Easy Ways]

How to Install TeaTV on FireStick

How to Install TeaTV on FireStick – If you’re a fan of movies and TV shows, then you must have heard of TeaTV. It is a wonderful app ready to help you with streaming shows and movies online. In this guide, we’ll explore the app TeaTV and its installation process. Let’s get right into it.

What is Tea TV?

TeaTV is relatively new. It can help you watch free episodes of TV shows, movies, and live channels. No registration is required. It has intuitive and user-friendly design, easy to navigate.

Features of Tea TV

The TeaTV app is amazing because of its modern design. The features of TeaTV include:

1) Massive Content Library

TeaTV has a massive collection of movies and television series. It is ready to allow users to access practically every upcoming and classic movie.

2) Quality Videos

It brings quality videos for its users by scrapping through links on the web. Also, you have the chance to choose either SD or HD quality based on your preference.

3) RealDebrid Integration

It makes it easier to stream and download your preferred content by offering basic RealDebrid Integration that gives you additional links to 720p and 1080p media.

4) Integration with Trakt. TV

Users can easily sync their favorite content across several platforms and devices by integrating this app with your Trakt.TV account.

Is Tea TV Safe and Legal?

The safety and legality associated with TeaTV is controversial. It is usually safe to download streaming apps like TeaTV. The app was found virus-free, so it can be used safely. If you’re downloading the file from the official website, then there should not be any issues. However, downloading the app from unofficial sources can open room for viruses and other malware.

Is it legal to use TeaTV?

It is against the law to stream content without proper consent from the owner. The media and entertainment sector has been incurring losses due to the dominance of piracy nowadays. It is strongly recommended that you use a VPN while using free streaming services like TeaTV because most countries’ copyright laws forbid streaming copyrighted content.

The majority of the nations are perfectly lenient when it comes to prosecuting unlicensed streaming services while others are strict. If your nation has strict copyright laws, then you might end up in legal trouble.

Why do you need a VPN for TeaTV?

It is always the best choice to get a VPN for streaming movies on these apps. It can only protect your privacy by encrypting all incoming and outgoing data. A VPN will make sure that no ISPs, government authorities, enforcement agencies, or hackers can monitor your online behavior. Also, it will mask your real IP address while you’re browsing on these apps.

Only legitimate web services or Networks can enable you to stream videos for free. If you’re using some other sources, then you might tread on the path of piracy or copyright violations.

Download TeaTV for FIRESTICK

TeaTV is a third-party application. So, you must sideload it with your FireStick. Firestick operates differently. It will prevent you from downloading the app TeaTV APKs directly using popular browsers. Firestick will require some specific programs for sideloading. Next, we’ll cover the installation process of the Downloader app.

How to Install TeaTV on Firestick

Follow this installation procedure:

1) The app settings panel on the home page of your FireStick device should be your priority.

2) You must choose the “My Fire TV” option from the app Settings

3) Then select the “Developer Options”

4) Toggle on the Applications from Unknown Sources by scrolling down. You can now install the TeaTV app on Firestick.

5) Next, open up your web browser to download the most recent TeaTV apk file to Install TeaTV on Firestick.

6) Open the file after it has finished downloading to install the TeaTV app on your FireTV stick.

How to Install TeaTV on Firestick Using Downloader

1) Press and hold the Home button on your remote for almost five seconds to launch the downloader. Then, select Apps from this menu.

2) The Downloader can now be opened from Your Apps & Channels Window.

3) During the first run, expect a few prompts to appear. The Downloader will first request authorization to use your device. Press Accept. Click “OK” to proceed.

4) The Downloader window should now be visible to you. To begin, click on the address bar as seen in the following image.

5) Enter 15748 as a code.

6) This will take you to the official TeaTV website. Select “Download” from the menu.

7) On the following page, click on the download button

8) Hold off until the “download” is complete.

9) Begin by clicking on “Install” after the software has finished downloading.

10) The installation of the app will begin and will take a few seconds to complete.

11) There are two options available to you after the installation is complete.

12) Click “Delete”. Now you may remove the TeaTV apk app you downloaded earlier. The file is of no use since you’ve already installed the software.

13) Select “Delete” once more. Now, we will install the TPlayer.

14) Click the text/ URL when you’re back in the Downloader home window.

15) Enter as the URL.

16) Give the app time to download.

17) Click Install.

18) Press “Done”

19) Click Delete.

20) Once more, click on Delete.

Ways to Install TeaTV on Firestick Utilizing ES File Explorer

1) Launch the ES file explorer home screen.

2) Type the TeaTV download URL in the window that opens, then click the GO button.

3) After the download is finished, click the Open File Button.

4) Click on the Install Button and after the installation is over, head on to the Open Button

5) You’ve now successfully installed the TeaTV app.

Setting up FireStick with Downloader to Sideload TeaTV

You have to install Downloader from the Amazon app store. Follow these procedures:

1) Select Find > Search from the FireStick home screen. Next, search for the Downloader and select it. Next, click Get/Download to access the Downloader’s dashboard.

2) From the Firestick home screen, select Settings using the menu bar at the top. Click My Fire TV after that. Next, open the Developer option. Choose and install “unknown apps”. Activate the Downloader application.

Streaming Content on Tea TV Safely

TeaTV can connect you with various video repositories for an extensive collection of movies and TV series to choose from.

You may run a significant security risk when you utilize TeaTV for streaming because the website does not host the video content on its own. Moreover, it can compromise your privacy by logging your IP and personal data. So, to stream content safely, you must use a reliable VPN.

How to Setup and Use TeaTV on FireStick

Now, let’s understand how to set up and use TeaTV on FireStick after its successful installation. Here are the steps involved:

1) You can locate the home button on your FireStick remote somewhere. To proceed, you must long-press it and choose Applications.

2) It will take time to locate the TeaTV app amidst the various loaded apps. Choose the app after you’ve located it.

3) Next, a window will appear where you’ve to choose your preferred language. To complete the step, choose your preferred language.

4) You’ll be asked to join their Reddit community. Select “Cancel”

5) Now, TeaTV has been set up and you’re good to go.

How to Connect Trakt with TeaTV

1) Register for Trakt with TeaTV

2) Go to the TeaTV main screen’s Side Menu Bar.

3) Select Settings.

4) Choose Trakt TV login.

5) A code for verification will appear.

6) Open the URL on a different device.

7) After entering the verification code, Click Continue.

8) Click Yes to connect Trakt to TeaTV.

How to Make TeaTV Connect to Real Debrid

1) On the Home screen of TeaTV, click on the menu icon.

2) Next, select settings

3) Select Real-Debrid Login

4) Enter the permission code that appears on your screen by visiting

5) After permission is successful, the Real-Debrid status will change to Connected.

Select the episode or title that you wish to stream now. There should be a ton of fresh Real Debrid links visible.

How to Screen Mirror TeaTV on Firestick

1) Join the same Wi-Fi network as the Firestick and Android phones.

2) Download the TeaTV apk by clicking on the aforementioned link.

3) After the app is installed, activate it and grant it access to the necessary rights on your phone.

4) To access the Shortcut menu, hold down the Home button on your Firestick remote until it appears.

5) Active Mirroring option by tapping it.

How to Fix Firestick TeaTV not working

You can troubleshoot TeaTV glitches by following these steps:

1) Either force close or erase the cache or data and re-open the app.

2) In the original download source, look for app updates. Apply any available updates.

3) Verify that your Wi-fi connection is strong.

4) Restart your Android TV or FireStick to resolve app bugs.

5) Try again as servers could be temporarily overloaded.

TeaTV Alternatives

Let’s have a closer look at the alternatives of TeaTV alternatives:

1) Pluto

Pluto TV offers viewers with over 250+ channels where you can view on-demand TV episodes and movies.

2) Stremio

You may watch, find, and organize a variety of video content with Stremio. You need to install a few necessary app extensions. Stremio relies on add-ons. It offers addons for movies, TV series, and live TV stations.

3) Nova TV

NovaTV locates stream able links to movies and TV series by utilizing state-of-the-art scrapers.

4) Film Plus

The Film Plus app is a free on-demand video streaming service. It offers free movies, TV series cartoons, and shows in over 15 languages.


In this article, we’ve outlined the steps to install TeaTV on Firestick. Although the app is good, sometimes you may experience technical glitches with the TeaTV app. For alternatives, you can refer to our list of alternatives mentioned. For safety, use a VPN with the app.


Is TeaTV available on the Amazon App Store or Play Store?

It’s not available on the Amazon App Store or Play Store. So, the app has to be sideloaded.

Which sections are available on Tea TV?

It has sections like Top Rated, Popular, On the Air, and Airing Today.

Is TPlayer required to use Tea TV?

Yes. Tplayer is an external player mandatory to be used for accessing TeaTV.

Is TPlayer safe and legal?

It is not available on Amazon Store. Before downloading, it is best to check its safety. The legality is based on what you stream on the app.

How to download movies from TeaTV?

Follow the steps below:
– Get TeaTV open on your phone
– Choose a source and the movie you wish to watch
– Wait until the movie loads.
– Use MX Player to launch it and view the movie after it gets loaded.

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