How to Solve Windows Error Recovery 2022

How to Solve Windows Error Recovery 2022

How to Solve Windows Error Recovery 2022 – As a computer or laptop user with a Windows operating system, of course, you have experienced error problems while using your Windows device.

An example is experiencing a windows error the first time it is turned on. There are various types of errors that can occur, some of which appear on the boot manager page, disk read errors occur, inaccessible boot devices, and many more.

Well, of the many error problems that may occur on your windows laptop pc, of course, you have experienced windows error recovery problems.

You need to know that in fact, Windows Recovery is not an error, but a page to perform certain functions when the system has problems.

Things like this are very common, but the problem is when this page keeps popping up.

Sometimes even when Windows has restarted this page appears so it doesn’t enter the windows menu or desktop. For those of you who experience this problem, of course, you are confused about how to solve it.

Well, on this occasion, will provide a tutorial on how to solve this Windows error recovery problem. For those of you who are experiencing this problem, you can follow the tutorial below. list of contents

  1. Causes of Windows Error Recovery
  2. How to Solve Windows Error Recovery
    1. 1. Perform Startup Repair
    2. 2. Using System Restore
    3. 3. Using the CMD App
    4. 4. Reinstall Windows
  3. Conclusion

Causes of Windows Error Recovery

Before we proceed to the tutorial on how to fix it, it would be better if we first know the cause of why this problem can appear.

Generally, this Windows recovery error problem can appear due to various things. The following are some of the common causes of Windows error recovery:

  • Corrupt system data. Namely corrupted data that is not read by the computer, this can cause problems at boot time.
  • Computers and Laptops often turn off suddenly. Have you ever been using a PC or laptop but it suddenly turned off without you turning it off properly. At that time, windows error recovery will usually appear automatically when the computer or laptop is turned on again.
  • Viruses are also one of the causes of this problem, this virus can affect a lot of data. One of them is a system that can give effect to boot.
  • And others. In addition to some of the previous causes, there are also other causes that cause windows error recovery problems.

So, those are some of the causes that can cause windows error recovery problems to appear. If you experience windows error recovery, maybe one of the above causes the problem to appear.

If you experience this problem, please follow some of the following tips so that your computer or laptop can return to normal.

How to Solve Windows Error Recovery

The following are some tips and ways that you can try to repair and solve your windows computer or laptop that is experiencing windows error recovery problems. Please try the following tips one by one from the first method.

1. Perform Startup Repair

The first way that you can use to solve the problem above is to do a startup repair. This startup repair is one of the features that we can use through the Windows error recovery page.

How to Solve Windows Error Recovery 2022 1. Perform Startup Repair

This program can be used to fix system errors that interfere with the boot process. Here are the steps.

  1. Restart your computer or laptop..
  2. Then after windows error recovery appears, select Repair Your Computer. .
  3. After that, if the input method menu appears, please select US and click
  4. You will find the Recovery Options page , please continue by clicking Startup Repair .
  5. Then wait until the recovery process is complete.

Windows will then automatically search for the cause of the problem and fix the problem.

This process is sometimes long and sometimes fast, depending on the capacity of the hardware and the amount of data in it.

After the process is complete, please restart your computer. If successful then the computer will boot normally.

2. Using System Restore

If you have used the first method but it doesn’t work, then you can use this one method.

System restore is a Windows feature that allows system errors to be returned to a certain time. You can try using this feature to eliminate the problem that occurs. Here are the steps:

  1. Just like before, please follow the steps to enter the Recovery Options menu .
  2. Then after that, please select System Restore on the available menu, and select Next to continue.
  3. Then please restore the system using an existing restore point.
  4. Please wait until the process is complete and click Finish .

After all the processes have been done, all you have to do is restart. Loading the first time will usually take a little longer, but most likely this error problem at boot will disappear.

3. Using the CMD App

When your computer has an error while booting, please check on the recovery options page, there is a CMD option that you can choose.

How to Solve Windows Error Recovery 2022

CMD or Command Prompt is used by the user to run certain commands, for example, to repair the system.

Now here we can use CMD, not to repair, but to disable the recovery function earlier so this error recovery window does not appear again. Here are the steps:

  1. First of all, please enter the Recovery Options page as before.
  2. Then select Command Prompt .
  3. Please type the command bcdedit /set {current} bootstatuspolicy ignoreallfailures then press Enter .
  4. If you have please

Please check, later your computer or laptop will immediately force boot.

4. Reinstall Windows

The last way that you can use to solve the problem above is to reinstall your windows laptop pc.

But with a note that you have tried the three previous methods. With this reinstall, the windows error recovery problem will be completely gone. Especially if this is caused by corrupted data.

But with a note that what is damaged is the system, not hardware such as hard drives and so on.


So that’s a short tutorial that techjustify can share with you on how to deal with windows error recovery. With the above method, you can solve or repair your computers and laptops that have problems booting up

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