How To Start An OnlyFans For Beginners in 2024

How To Start An OnlyFans For Beginners

How To Start An OnlyFans For Beginners in 2024 – More and more people are now looking for new ways to work from home and earn online, and you’ve surely heard of OnlyFans, the blue social network where everything is allowed. Let’s try to find out todayOnlyfans how it works, what it is and how to use it to turn it into a real profitable job.

And if you also want to knowhow much you earn with OnlyFans, read the whole article because we’ll get to talking about salary and techniques to increase earnings!

What is Onlyfans

OnlyFansis a social network born in 2016 and designed to allow influencers and public figures in general to have more direct contact with their followers.

In fact, this is where the name of the site comes from: OnlyFans, that is, only for fans, for aficionados willing topay to get exclusive contentfrom their favorite content creator .

The contents we are talking about are mainlyphotos, videos and live streams, an excellent way to further strengthen the bond with your followers and ensure that they continue to renew their subscription.

We can therefore say that it is the ideal social network for those who already have anestablished communityon other channels, and who can direct to OnlyFans to obtain better quality content, personalized or in any case not usable by anyone.

How Does OnlyFans Work For Beginners?

And so far so good, buthow does OnlyFans work?

Very simple, just follow these steps:

  • Create a creator profile
  • Upload content
  • Set the price for the annual or monthlysubscription

OnlyFans, unlike many other social networks, has the particularity ofnot censoringany type of content. This obviously made it the ideal portal for those who want to share adult content, and this is also the easiest and fastest way tomake money with OnlyFans.

But not the only one! There are many creators who take advantage of the blue site with content of different kinds, such as:

  • fitness: you can find yoga teachers or personal trainers who offer more personalized lessons and videos than, for example, Instagram
  • fashion: the OF profile can be used like Instagram by models or aspiring models
  • kitchen: even chefs or pastry chefs create exclusive content of recipes and preparations for their most loyal fans
  • art: think for example an illustrator . He can use other social networks to show his personal works, but he can use OnlyFans to create personalized illustrations for his fans.

In short, understanding how Onlyfans works is simple, given that it is a very intuitive site; the difficult part is the first, which is to retain a good number of followers so as to be more likely to convert them into subscribers.

Be that as it may, before proceeding, let’s seehow to register with OnlyFans.

How To Start An Onlyfans

Signing up is completelyfreeand also very simple, but a fundamental requirement is necessary:​​to be 18 years old. And the age of majority will be verified, so there’s no way you can get around these guidelines.

Here’s how to create your digital creator profile on OF:

  • Go to the official site
  • Click on:Subscribe to OnlyFansby setting the wording “as creator”
  • Enter your email, password and username
  • Add a bank account (where you want to receive payments)
  • Add youridentity card, which will be used by the site to confirm your age (I told you so!)
  • Wait for the approval of the profile: it shouldn’t take more than 24-48 hours and, if the account is approved, you can proceed with the customization.

At this point, therefore, all you have to do is:

  • Insert a profile and cover imagethat are representative of you and the type of content you want to bring to the platform
  • Add a biography, in which you tell yourself in two lines. A good idea is to enter here the willingness to send personalized content, and also the frequency with which you will publish (example: “1 new post per day”)
  • Upload contentfor your fans: it doesn’t matter what kind, what matters is that they are ofqualityand that they are truly exclusive. Reloading posts that your followers can already see on Instagram is incorrect, also because they will only be able to notice it after paying.

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How to earn money on OnlyFans

Consider that making money with OnlyFans is not as simple as many think and no, anyone could not do it.

The fundamental step to succeed is precisely tohave a community, and creating one takes time, dedication and commitment.

And even when you have many followers it is not said that you are able to convert them into subscribers!

There aretechniquesto put into practice to be able toearn with OnlyFans, such as:

  • Set an honest price: The site allows you to set amonthly subscription costrangingfrom $4.99 to $49.99. Here, perhaps setting the maximum figure will not attract many people, here!
    Try not to devalue yourself but at the same time set a sustainable price for your followers.
    You can also setdeadline discountsto increase the likelihood of conversion: this is calledcreating urgencyin jargon , and it’s an excellent marketing technique that makes the user feel the need to act as soon as possible!
  • Put some free contentto entice you to buy: the site shows all your blocked posts, but you can decide to make some of them public as a preview for your audience. Let’s say that it is advisable to have10% of the content freeand unlocked to get the best results.
  • Take care of social networks: that’s where most of your subscribers will come from – yourfans– so keep them updated, make lots of stories and refer to OnlyFans when you post new content.
    Don’t overdo it, though, and don’t refer to OF too often: uninterested followers will end up getting bored, and even Instagram could penalize you with ashadowban.
  • Use the same usernamefor all social networks: this way you will be more recognizable and it will be easier for your followers to look for you on one or another channel.
  • Generate private content: you can earn with OnlyFans not only with subscriptions, but also thanks to the private chat. There your fans will be able to ask you for specific content,personalized requeststhat you can refuse or accept and for which you can set the price.

Furthermore, if your profile is liked a lot or if private contents are particularly appreciated, subscribers also have the possibilityof sending you tips: just like the waiter in a pizzeria, they can tip youforthe appreciated service.

How much you earn with OnlyFans

And now that we understand how, let’s seehow much you earn with OnlyFans!

The same site already offers us estimates with which to get an idea, based on following on social networks:with 1000 followers -it says- you can earn from $49 to $249 a month, extra content and tips excluded.

Yes, because you have to consider a very important factor: theconversion rate of followers to subscribers is around1-3%,rarely more!

Let’s try an example: you have 10,000 followers on Instagram, and you manage to convert 2%. Your subscription costs €10 a month.

2% of 10,000 is 200, which for €10 each makes €2,000 a month.

Also consider that youwill actually earn 80%, while OF will take a 20% commissionon all earnings. And so going back to the previous calculation, they would become €1,600, again counting only the cost of season tickets and ignoring extras.

In practice, the more popular you are, the closer you can get to earning really interesting figures: take Alex Mucci for example, see how many followers he has and do the math…

But there is one but, which not many think about when they decide to find out how OnlyFans works and start working on it:taxation!

Why yes, obviously a job is a job, and therefore you have to pay taxes on it.

OnlyFans and VAT number

If your earningsdo not exceed €5,000a year, your business will be considered an occasional service, and so far so good.

But if you go further – and it is very likely – and above all you carry it out at aregular pace, you will be considered self-employed.

And self-employed means:you have to open the VAT number.

There are several more or less advantageous possibilities, such as the flat-rate scheme, for example, but to be on the safe side and be sure that you are doing the right things, you should rely on an accountant .

You can choose one near you or you can rely on portals : the advantage is that they are managed by accountants specialized in digital work, and therefore will be able to give you more precise advice on the situation.


Now you know everything you need to know:What OnlyFans is, how it works and what earning opportunities it gives you.

Since it is a more unusual and new activity than others, it is good to get all-round information before starting and finding yourself in something that we do not like or do not suit us!

But now you no longer have these problems because you know the information: all you have to do is decide whether or not this might be the right path for you, and if it is, get to work immediately to grow your community.

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