How to take dynamic photos with TikTok Trend 2022

How to take dynamic photos with TikTok

How to take dynamic photos with TikTok Trend 2022 – Remember the moving photographs in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, where people came alive within the shot?

There is a filter on How to take dynamic photos with TikTok that allows you to achieve a very similar effect by animating a person’s face in a photograph.

Here’s how to make a dynamic photo on TikTok and the different uses of this amazing filter.

How to take dynamic photos with TikTok Trend 2022

What is the “Dynamic Photos” filter and how does it work?

kung fu panda animation character with dynamic photo TikTok lights
How to take dynamic photos with TikTok Trend 2022

Dynamic Photos is one of the most popular filters on TikTok. It allows you to create static photographs, creating dynamic portraits in which the eyes, mouth, and expression of the person photographed come to life. 

Together with the filter to cartoonize faces on Snapchat, this lens is among the hottest trends of the moment on social media, because it allows you to create fun and attention-grabbing shots starting from selfies or family photos.

Dynamic Photos allows you to create real animations starting from the black and white photos of your grandparents and great-grandparents, animate shots of famous people, give life to toys and action figures.

The artificial intelligence at the base of the filter recognizes the facial features of the subject and plausibly animates them: the eyes move and blink, the mouth smiles, the gaze is turned in various directions.

The animated loop lasts a few seconds and then repeats. If the photograph has a good resolution, the effect is quite realistic.

Where the filter can be applied

Where the filter can be applied dynamic photo
Take dynamic photos with TikTok Trend

Dynamic Photo is a filter that can be used on any photograph that portrays one or more people. The only requirement is that the facial features to be animated are sufficiently clear for the filter to recognize them. 

It is, therefore, preferable to use shots in which the person is portrayed frontally or in three quarters, and not in profile.

However, this filter can be applied to any type of shot, namely:

  • Old black and white photographs;
  • High definition color shots;
  • Photographs are printed in newspapers and books.

The only requirement is that the framed subject has human or humanoid features.

The filter also works in the case of illustrations and portraits (characters drawn on banknotes, comics, drawings, paintings, sculptures) and with toys, dolls, and action figures

It is, therefore, possible to animate a large variety of subjects, as long as they have human traits.

How to Use the Filter on TikTok

take dynamic photos with TikTok Trend and use TikTok dynamic photo filter
Take dynamic photos with TikTok Trend

1st method :

  • Open the TikTok app , press the button +in the middle of the bottom bar. 
  • Click on “ Effects ” at the bottom left and then select the Trends category ;
  • Look for the gray face icon on a green background with an orange rectangle;
  • Select the filter, frame the shot you want to animate and wait a few seconds until “Dynamic Photos” recognizes the face of the framed subject and begins to animate it;
  • At that point, simply press the red button (bottom, center) to register a TikTok.

2nd method (to be used especially if the “Dynamic Photo” filter is not found in the Trends):

  • Open the TikTok app , press the second button from the left of the bottom bar, that is the magnifying glass, Discover option ;
  • On this page you can search for filters and effects on TikTok. Write Photo dynamics or dynamic photos in the bar at the top: you will see the same wording appear in the suggestions below;
  • Select the suggested result : TikTok will show you a series of videos made with the same lens;
  • At this point you just need to open one, touch the name of the filter (present above the name of the user, creator) to access the page of the same;
  • By choosing the “ Add to favorites ” option , this lens will always be available to you in the dedicated tab.

Sharing animated photos on TikTok

TikTok’s made with the dynamic photo filter can be saved as drafts on TikTok and published later and shared immediately.

Once you have made your TikTok, press the round red button with the white checkmark (bottom right). If you are satisfied with the result, on the next screen press the red Next button.

You will access a screen that will allow you to enter a comment text, hashtags, and tag friends. By clicking the red Publish button (located at the bottom right) the TikTok will be immediately visible to your followers.

If you’d rather share it later, press the white Drafts button (located at the bottom left).

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You could share the video made with the “dynamic photo” filter also on Instagram and/or on your other social accounts (eg Facebook).

How to take dynamic photos without using TikTok

Don’t have a TikTok account but still want to take animated photos? You can use some free apps and sites that allow you to create this kind of effect by downloading them to your smartphone/tablet.

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