How to Translate PDF Documents Online Scan

How to Translate PDF Documents Online Scan

How to Translate PDF Documents Online Scan – Many materials and journals that use English make many people reluctant to study it. 

But it turns out that after I searched, there is a way to translate PDF so that the text. PDF can speak English without changing the appearance of the PDF.

Generally translating a file will take only the text data and this is very inefficient. Other supporting components such as photos, images, and graphics will not be included in the new PDF file.

After I found out, it turns out that there is a site that you can use to translate . PDF into the language we want for example into english. What is the name of the site and how do I use it?

If you want to translate it online you can use the online site. Meanwhile, if you want to use the application, you can use the PDF Document Translator application from Brewers Infotech.

And in this article I will explain how to translate PDF documents online. Meanwhile, the PDF Document Translator application is quite easy because the navigation is clear and I’m sure you can.

The resulting PDF after being translated is like a new PDF file that initially uses a different language will change according to the language you choose. This is very suitable and you can use to translate documents and PDFs that you have.

Without further ado, I’ll just explain how to easily translate PDF files online. Previously, if you don’t know how to save important files and documents to Google Drive, you can read articles about how to save and backup data to Google Drive.

Online PDF Translating Tutorial

Step 1: You visit the DocTranslator site first then select Translate now

Step 2: Press Upload file

Step 3: Next you find and select the PDF document you want to translate

Step 4: Wait for the language detection process to complete

Step 5: After language detection is complete and appropriate, you can directly press Translate

How to Translate PDF Online

Step 6: Wait for a while until the PDF document translation is complete and look for the “ Download your translated document! ” to save and view the result

Step 7: Here are the results of translating the PDF file that I did

How to Translate PDF Online

From the translation results that I display above the PDF file you will get exactly the same as the original. Unlike some other translation sites that only display the translated text.

In addition to online via DocTranslator you can translate PDFs with similar results through the application I mentioned earlier. Which one is easier? because I’ve tried both I think through the application is easier.

Enough of my explanation on how to translate a PDF file, hopefully, it will be useful you can see the solution in the article I’ve discussed.

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