How to Use Patreon App as a Creator

how to use the Patreon app as a creator

How to Use Patreon App as a CreatorPatreon is an online platform that allows content creators to earn money by periodically receiving donations from their fans (who are defined, to be exact, patron , an English word that means “benefactors”). 

Of course, this site is not only useful for creators, but also represents an innovative and interesting source of entertainment for users, who can take advantage, for a subscription, of unpublished content, generally impossible to find on other platforms.

In this guide I will deepen on the functioning of Patreon, taking into account both roles provided by the platform (creator and supporter).

Patreon History

Born from the idea of ​​musician Jack Conte and developer Sam Yam, Patreon was launched in 2013. The company is based in the United States, in San Francisco to be precise.

But the project is now known and used all over the world. also in Italy, with an ever-expanding user base; in fact, while the creators amount to about 200 thousand, the supporters – at the time of writing – are 6 million. In particular, the numbers have grown exponentially since 2020.

Also contributing to Patreon’s success was the decision made by YouTube recently: in 2020, the Google platform changed the rules for monetizing videos, making this process more complicated than it was previously, and many creators have started searching an alternative solution. 

In this way, Patreon has effectively become the “showcase” par excellence, in which artists exhibit their creations, receiving in return the financial support of the people who follow them.

I am speaking of artists not by chance: while on the other channels that are based on a similar business logic (such as OnlyFans, for example)

There are mainly cinema faces or influencers, on Patreon artists are the real stars, emerging or established. , namely musicians, cartoonists, photographers, video-makers, and podcasters. 

There are also writers, comedians, and activists involved in the non-profit.

How does Patreon work

The creator uploads content to his Patreon channel and users, in order to use it, will have to pay a sum decided by the creator himself.

Therefore, Patreon is a sort of pay-per-view media , which offers the possibility to choose between two different payment methods: you can subscribe by paying a fixed amount every month; or, you can decide to pay for any content that the creator will share.

In both cases, the artist will receive a sum on a regular basis and the user will become his “patron”.

How to become a creator on Patreon and Use Patreon App as a Creator

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To become a creator on Patreon you must first register, creating a profile from scratch or logging in from Facebook or Google account.

To do how to use the Patreon app, continue like this:

  • Register your account or connect with an existing profile
  • Once you’ve created your profile, it’s time to choose from three plans: Light , Pro, and Premium . 

The differences consist in the commissions that are given to the platform (ranging from 5% to 12% of the monthly earnings), in the services offered and in the objectives to be achieved;

  • Also in this first phase, it is essential to establish how much to charge your community.

After completing all these essential steps, you can dedicate yourself to customizing your page, just as if it were a blog, by inserting something about yourself and your project. You can then start posting content regularly.

How to support a creator on Patreon

If you want to support a creator, you must first create a Patreon account , by entering the data manually or by logging in from Facebook or Google.

Once this is done, just type the name of the artist you are interested in in the search bar (top right) and select it from the results. 

By doing so, you will find yourself in his channel, where you will find an avatar, a description and a paywall , or a series of blocked content, of which you can only read the title. 

On the same page you will also find the different types of passes , some cheaper and others more expensive. 

Obviously, the greater your investment, the greater will be the so-called “prizes” you will receive, that is the number and quality of the contents to which you will have access.

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There is also the possibility that the artist has not established different rates ; in this case, just select the “ Become a patron ” option . 

The next step will simply consist in entering and confirming all the data to make the payment.

If the payment is successful, you will have officially become a “benefactor” of the artist and will be able to enjoy his exclusive content through Patreon.


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