How do you reach your target audience on LinkedIn?

How do you reach your target audience on LinkedIn?

How do you reach and activate your target group on LinkedIn?

Many companies that come to us for LinkedIn training indicate that they want to learn how to reach and activate your target group. A good foundation is everything. Think of a good target audience on the LinkedIn group, a fully completed company page, and interesting posts. In addition, there are a number of useful tips & tricks that can help you grow your LinkedIn company page. We take you to step by step so that you too can lead a successful LinkedIn company page.

Reach your target group step by step via LinkedIn

Determine your focus audience.This sounds easier than it is. If you haven’t figured it out yet, you can use handy exercises such as filling in a persona. For example, look at the top 50 of your customers. In which industry are they active? How big are the top companies? What is the job title of the person within your top companies that you deal with the most? What does he/she find really important as a person? All information does he/she find important and interesting? How does he/she get this information?

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Complete your LinkedIn company page.It sounds so obvious, but regularly a number of basic things are forgotten when it comes to the company profile. Make sure you have entered your company name, placed a profile photo and header photo, and have entered all address details. Can the number of employees, industry, and a short description of the company be found on the page?

Strategy to target groups

Use keywords.You should now have a clear picture of your target audience. What information are they looking for? Make sure that certain keywords appear in, among other things, the description of the company and the posts you place. Use tools like the keyword planner in Google Ads, Ubersuggest, or Google Trends to find out which words are popular among your target audience.

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Post relevant LinkedIn updates.You have now clearly mapped out what your target group is looking for. This can be information about the services you offer, industry news, vacancies, tips & tricks, a look behind the scenes at your organization… And so on! Alternate between text and images/videos, link to your website or other relevant websites, and use hashtags. The most important thing is to postrelevantupdatesregularlyandconsistently. This way you stay interesting for your target group and they have all the more reason to keep following you.

Get into the interaction.Has anyone responded to an update on the company page? Join the conversation and like or add a comment.

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Expand your reach on LinkedIn

We’ve got the basics down now. We know what the target group is, which keywords and updates are relevant to them and we have the company page neatly organized. Now we’re going to work on increasing your reach.

LinkedIn change its ads Policy to allow targeting by group membership

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Promote the company page:

  • Place a LinkedIn ‘follow’ button on your website (in a clearly visible and permanent place.
  • Make your LinkedIn page known in your email signature
  • Indicate in your news items or blogs that people can follow the company page.
  • Promote your LinkedIn page from your other socials
  • Invite people through your newsletter to follow the company page
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Invite your colleaguesto link the company page to their personal profile (under theExperienceheading ). Also, motivate them to share posted updates with their own network.

Put the link to your company page in messages (“discussions”) in groups.Participating in Discussions in relevant LinkedIn groups helps you gain more visibility with your target audience. Put a link to your company page under your contribution to the discussion, but do not always do this in the same group.

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Boost the company page

Respond to relevant posts in your network and in groups.Stay active on LinkedIn – also with your personal profile – and interact. Respond to posts in your network, to articles or to discussions in relevant groups. In this way you build authority and reliability and indirectly the company page is also brought to the attention.

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Advertise on LinkedIn. Did you know that on average only 5% of the updates are seen by the followers of your company page? Promote updates to your followers and their network to increase their reach. If you want to go bigger, you choose a well-thought-out advertising campaign. You choose to fish outside your network by using LinkedIn’s smart target group targeting tool.

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