How to Watch All the Hulk Movies in Order

How to Watch All the Hulk Movies in Order

How to Watch All the Hulk movies in Order – One of the most interesting, controversial, and at the same time recognizable characters in the Marvel universe is the notorious Hulk in the world, Dr. Robert Bruce Banner.

The scientific luminary himself, unlike his numerous colleagues, imagines himself to be nothing but a genius, which, alas, they could not appreciate. As a result, the professor creates a unique gamma bomb. Unfortunately, his development turned out to be unclaimed among the military, and therefore the doctor, upset and embittered by the whole world, decided to try to make an experimental explosion himself in his home laboratory.

How to Watch All the Hulk movies in Order

As a result, the man, stunned and stuffed with radiation, is taken to a nearby hospital, from where he escapes, being an incredibly strong and invincible creature. This is exactly the canonical story of the birth of the Hulk, who later became the favorite of filmmakers who shot a huge number of films about him, which the average person can get acquainted with below. So, we present you a list of all the films about the Hulk in chronological order. 

Lou Ferrigno as Hulk

Incredible Hulk (1977)


Back in 1977, the first film project was released that tells the difficult fate of Bruce Banner during the experience turned into a huge and incredible strong green monster.

After some time, the man again acquired a human appearance and suddenly realized that, mutating into a monster, he cannot control his own state, and as a result, in the form of a monster, he cripples the father of his girlfriend, and inflicts various kinds of injuries on his beloved.

Realizing that having done it, he escapes into the jungle, not knowing that Major Emil Bronski is already on his trail, along with his squad hunting for Bruce. However, it’s not easy to catch a man, and then, obsessed with the idea of ​​​​grabbing the Hulk, the major takes a special serum that turns him into a monster named Abomination …

The Incredible Hulk (TV series 1978-1982)


Few people in the domestic space know that in addition to feature films, there was also a series about the adventures of the Hulk and part-time physicist Bruce Banner.

During a failed experiment, he is exposed to radiation and becomes a huge green monster Hulk. The city, and especially local reporter Jack McGee, believes that the underrated doctor died during the experiment, not realizing that Bruce, in the form of the Hulk, found shelter with an unfamiliar girl, whom he helped get rid of hooligans. And as it turned out, after he found his niche in the extermination of various kinds of intruders …

Incredible Hulk: Return (1988)


A few years after the events that took place in the previous part of the film, Dr. Bruce Banner lives happily with his beloved woman.

For two years now, a man, even during a strong, indescribable anger, has not turned into the Hulk, which Bruce is more than happy about.

But one day his calm, peaceful life ends when an old friend of the professor returns from a distant northern expedition, inviting an old friend to participate in the unique experiments he conducts…

Incredible Hulk: Trial (1989)


In 1989, a completely different film about the adventures of the Hulk was released with a completely new cast and a slight change in the storyline. So, the plot of the picture tells the audience about nuclear physicist Bruce Banner performing certain experiments for the benefit of science.

And then one day during the next experiment, due to his own mistake and impatience, he experiences the strongest radioactive training and from that moment, angry, he turns into a gigantic green monster.

Realizing that he can no longer live and work, as before, Bruce, on the advice of his girlfriend, decides to offer his services to the police in catching criminals.

Death of the Incredible Hulk (1990)


After Bruce Banner gained incredible strength and agility in the face of the Hulk, in which he turns into a man when angry, he became incredibly popular with his hometown police officers using his abilities to catch delinquents.

However, the man longs to live a normal life with his girlfriend without any transformations. And so, in search of getting rid of his second “I”, they bring the hero to the secret government laboratory of the scientist Ronald Pratt, who promised Bruce that he would save him from the essence of the Hulk.

True, Bruce did not even guess that soon, in the guise of the hated Hulk, he would have to save the doctor and his ideas from some beautiful spy…

Eric Bana as Hulk

Hulk (2003)


In the new millennium, namely in 2003, a new picture about the adventures of the Hulk came out on the big screens, continuing to talk about Dr. Bruce Banner exposed to radioactive radiation due to his own exploded bomb.

As a result, the man turns into the Hulk – a huge creature with incredible strength and power. Moreover, a man becomes one only when he is in a state of aggression. He will have to go through many adventures and dangers in the form of persecution by General Ross, and also meet that one and only in the person of the general’s daughter Betty…

Edward Norton as Hulk

Incredible Hulk (2008)

the incredible hulk

This time, instead of Eric Banna, who left the project, the famous film actor Edward Norton tried on the role of the Hulk. The story shown in the film is practically no different from the events shown in the 2003 film.

However, there is still a slight difference in his enemy Abomination, who, judging by the plot of the film, has been his longtime adversary since his student days. And so the plot of the film repeats the canonical story, showing Dr. Banner as an incomprehensible genius who suffered because of his own unfulfilled ambitions …

Mark Ruffalo as Hulk

Avengers (2012)


The plot of a large-scale wonderful film unfolds at the moment when Thor’s half-brother – Loki, who is distinguished by malevolence and bloodthirstiness, returns to our planet in order to enslave it.

Of course, this cannot be allowed in any way, and therefore the head of the international community of SHIELD. Nick Fury collects under a single wing all the available superheroes, including the hero of this article, the Hulk. It should be noted that starting from this film, the Hulk acts as a friend and comrade of Tony Stark, a champion of goodness and justice.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)


This time, the Avengers, along with our hero Hulk, faced danger in the form of artificial intelligence Ultron, once specially created in order to protect the human race from all sorts of threats.

But it must happen that Ultron reasoned that the danger to the Earth comes directly from humanity, and therefore takes the first steps to destroy people. SHIELD International Community again unable to cope with a sophisticated opponent, and therefore again asks for help from superheroes, where of course, the Hulk enters!

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Thor: Ragnarok (2017)


Returning home to Asgard, Thor discovers that the actions of his brother have led to the fact that soon the kingdom and the planet Earth will face a terrible event called Ragnarok.

According to ancient legend, this event means the last large-scale and, unfortunately, bloody battle, which marks the complete destruction of Asgard. It is not difficult to guess that Thor will do everything to prevent this catastrophe, and therefore, having resorted to the help of an old friend of the Hulk, the great warrior is trying to eliminate the greatest demon Surtur. It is this ancient deity, according to the prophecy, that should destroy Asgard and all nine worlds, including the human one …

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)


The next part of the Avengers franchise tells the audience about the treacherous, cunning supervillain Thanos, who decided to capture the infinity stones scattered throughout the universe.

If the villain captures these stones, then he will be able to get the glove of time, the owner of which will be able to change reality as he wants. However, the all-powerful Thanos does not even suspect that the Avengers already know about his plans, which includes the notorious Hulk, who are ready to stop the presumptuous enemy…

Avengers: Endgame (2019)


As a result of the fight with Thanos, which took place in the recent past, the world lost half the population. People who only yesterday walked the earth turned to dust. And for this, Thanos needed one single click.

The surviving members of the Avengers squad are subdued. They have long lost hope that the situation can be reversed.

But the superhero Ant-Man , who has returned to our world, finds a way that can turn the course of history. Superheroes are waiting for a journey through time, in which they will try to prevent the destructive actions of Thanos. The Hulk, along with his comrades-in-arms, is ready for the decisive battle for the Earth…

She-Hulk (2022)


Bruce Banner, known by the nickname Hulk, is able to transform into a giant green man who controls incredible physical strength. Having received a strong dose of gamma radiation, he turned from an ordinary person into a real monster, unable to control his reincarnation. As soon as anger began to boil inside him, the body of the scientist instantly began to change, bringing terrible suffering to its owner. Over time, Bruce was able to adjust his abilities, and control the release of adrenaline, which affects bodily changes. Now he is a hero and helps the Avengers team to overcome difficult missions and save the world of people from the evil and insidious thoughts of criminal elements.

Once he had to transfuse his blood to his cousin Jennifer Walters, after which she gets all the abilities of her brother. A lawyer can, like Bruce, transform into a huge green creature, and manage incredible strength, lift heavy objects, turn cars into a pile of metal with one click and throw objects at incredible speed. At first, the girl was stunned by such abilities, but gradually she began to get used to, and learn to manage them so as not to harm others. Jennifer works in a department of superhuman rights, which was recently created to protect extraordinary people in the world of ordinary inhabitants of the planet.

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