List of All Superman Movies in Order

Superman Movies in Order

List of All Superman Movies in Order – One of the most popular, famous comic book superheroes, who later became such a face of America and brought her great fame, is the very same Superman (Clark Kent).

It is this character that is unofficially recognized as an icon of American culture, having surrounded even the famous Captain America and Uncle Sam with her face.

List of All Superman Movies in Order

First appeared on the pages of a comic book in 1938, in half a century he acquired the status of a cult hero, who rightfully deserved to be associated with the cultural space of the United States.

It is not difficult to guess that the ubiquitous cinema, together with DC Comics, which owns the rights to Superman, could not just bypass this hero and his entourage. Here is a list of all Superman movies in chronological order. 

Atomic Man vs Superman (1950)

To be fair, the first Superman cinematic product was the 1948 television series, forgotten in movie reference books.

This film is its real continuation and tells about Superman’s attempts to frustrate the insidious plans of his eternal enemy and rival Luthor, who is hunting for a mysterious coin that gives unlimited power over the world to its owner.

Of course, Superman cannot allow this, and therefore he is trying in every possible way to prevent the villain from carrying out his own plans!

Superman and the Mole People (1951)

Exactly one year later, another movie was released on the big screens, where the role of a brave superhero was played by the notorious, cult actor of the 50-70s George Reeves.

The plot of the film tells how Clark Kent, and that is the name of Superman before gaining superpowers, together with reporter Lois Lane, leaves for a small oil town.

It was here in one of the wells that the oil workers stumbled upon the underground home of the race of mole people, who are of genuine interest to the public, but the mutants themselves do not at all want to be in the spotlight…

Superman (1978)

A recognized classic of superhero cinema that has become the basis and a kind of textbook on how such films should be shot.

So, the plot of the picture takes place on the planet Krypton, distant from our galaxy, which is faced with the threat of the complete destruction of its own civilization.

The local professor and luminary Jor-El, in order to save the life of his only son, sends the boy to us on Earth. The boy grows up and soon realizes that he has unprecedented strength. From now on, he is Superman, who has incredible unique superpowers,

Having acquired these opportunities, the young man sets about protecting the humiliated and offended, and also challenges the insidious villain Lex Luthor…

Superman 2 (1981)

About six months have passed since the events that took place in the previous part. It would seem that the world can live in peace, for evil has been defeated.

However, Superman soon learns that he is far from the only one so unsurpassed and strong from Krypton. It turns out that in his small homeland, there are several personalities like him, who, as it turned out later, are sent to Earth in order to enslave its inhabitants.

And so our hero will have to not only prevent their predatory intentions, but also meet his love in the form of a charming reporter!

Superman 3 (1983)

This film about Superman differs from the first two parts in that it is a kind of superhero comedy, which even now looks easy and with interest.

So, the plot of the picture introduces the viewer to the unemployed programmer Gus Gorman, who got a job by profession in the campaign of a major entrepreneur Ross Webster. By order of the chief, the guy reprograms the satellite that changed the weather in all of Colombia.

Of course, Superman soon appears, quickly bringing order to the city and starting a war with a despotic, eccentric businessman who does not want to just put up with the imposition of justice from Superman.

Supergirl (1984)

This fantastic children’s movie is a kind of offshoot from the main storyline about Superman.

The same movie tells about the cousin of the aforementioned character Kara Zor-El, and just a Supergirl who arrived on Earth in order to return the priceless omegahedron to her property.

It is thanks to this substance that her planet survives. However, on Earth, an unpleasant surprise awaits her in the form of an arrogant, ambitious sorceress Selena, who does not want to give the life-giving omegahedron …

Superman 4: Fight for Peace (1987)

The plot of the picture again tells the audience about the eternal, irreconcilable enemy of the Supreme Man – Lex Luthor, who now decided to end his enemy once and for all by creating an extremely dangerous and remarkable Radioactive Man.

Unfortunately, this film is the last in which the role of Superman was played by the actor of the previous trilogy, Christopher Reeve, who survived the tragedy in 1995 that chained him to a wheelchair and crossed out his brilliant acting career.

Return of Superman (2006)

In 2006, a new picture about the adventures of Superman was released along the storyline, continuing the second part of the original tetralogy and ignoring the next two films.

So, according to the plot, after a long absence, Superman returns to Earth. Upon arrival, he finds out that his once beloved journalist girlfriend Lois is already dating another guy, and Lex Luthor has practically crushed our hero’s hometown under him.

And then Superman decides to show everyone who is the real boss in the city!

Man of Steel (2013)

But this film is a complete reboot of the Superman franchise.

So, an ordinary journalist Clark Kent, alas, feels like an outright alien and a renegade in his hometown, and all because of his unique superpowers.

Twenty-five years ago, a guy was sent to us from a highly developed, technologically advanced planet called Krypton. True, the young man still did not understand: why? However, soon the young man had to, as they say, use his abilities for the benefit of mankind, or rather, to save him ….

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

A wonderful, exciting, fantastic blockbuster tells about the resistance of two great superheroes Batman and Superman who, by the will of circumstances, became rivals.

And all because Batman condemns the methods of struggle used by his friend in the rescue shop.

And while the famous hero of Gotham is fighting against Clark Kent, the human race is facing impending danger in the form of a skilled villain ready to use the enmity of Batman and Superman for his own purposes ….

Justice League (2017)

Realizing that in their unstable, often changing world, there are enemies and threats that Batman and Superman are not so easy to deal with, former rivals, and now supportive comrades-in-arms, decide to create a unique combat-ready squad.

In their brave team there is a place for Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and the Flash with whom friends challenge the presumptuous villain Darkseid from the planet Apokolips, who intends to enslave, as it seems to him, the gullible inhabitants of the Earth.

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Series about Superman

Now let’s go directly to the presentation of the series about the hero of this article, which, believe me, a huge number have been collected over the years.

However, we will not rant for a long time, but will immediately move on to a review of fascinating, artistic serial projects about Superman and his environment.

The Adventures of Superman (1952-1958)

In parallel with the feature films about Clark Kent, who received superpowers, multi-part prime-time films began to appear on the big screens, that is, in simple language – serials.

This television series about the adventures of Superman and his friends was one of the first to tell about his struggle with his nemesis Lex Luthor.

It is noteworthy that the role of the all-powerful Superman, as in the film of the previous year, was played by the already mentioned theater and film actor George Reeves.

Superboy (1988-1992)

This television series from the creators of the original Superman trilogy was the first sign in overseas cinema in showing the childhood and youth of Clark Kent, who is trying to realize and control his own unique abilities.

The series tells about the studies, passions, friends and enemies of the future world rescuer, showing the kid as such a daredevil and trying to live like an ordinary American teenager, albeit with certain positive deviations!

Super Friends (1980-1983)

This animated series became popular in Western culture back in the 80s.

He came to domestic open spaces in the early 90s, where he also gained incredible popularity. So, the plot of the cartoon tells about Superman and his superhero friends in the person of Bemen, Aquaman and others with whom he hunts insidious villains who are trying to harm ordinary people.

Each episode of the series is one complete story about one or another incident by organized criminals, which our heroes skillfully eliminate.

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993-1997)

Not afraid of difficulties, the curious correspondent from the newspaper “Daily Planet” Lois tries to find out the reasons for the impending disaster of the space ship “Messenger”.

In this pretty newspaperwoman, a novice columnist Clark Kent, who arrived from Kansas, helps, with whom the girl soon falls in love without even realizing that the guy actually has unique abilities.

It is with the help of them that he not only prevents a catastrophe, but also punishes the villain Lex Luthor, who wanted to destroy the ship and the people on board!

Smallville (2001-2011)

The series, which has become cult both in the USA and in the CIS, tells about the youth of Clark Kent, the future Superman, who is trying to realize who he really is and how he can cope with his own superpowers.

And it all started in 1989, when a large and unprecedented meteor shower took place in the small, provincial town of Smallville, which brought significant destruction.

After that, the local childless spouses Kenta saw a baby on the threshold of their house, whom they began to raise as their own son. And as we have already said, becoming a young man, he began to notice that he could do what his other peers were not able to do. And soon the boy discovered in himself those very superpowers.

At the same time, the guy falls in love with the first beauty of the school, Lana Lang, gets friends with Chloe Sullivan, and also saves a large, wealthy businessman Lex Luthor from certain death, thereby gaining friendship with him.

It should be noted that the project is notable not only for the duration of the show, but also for the fact that the sworn enemy of Superman Lex at the beginning of the series is presented as a friend and ally of Clark, who only then eventually switches to the side of evil.

Supergirl (2015)

Again, in addition to the film of the same name mentioned in the top, in 2015, the pilot episode of the series about Kara Zor-El from the planet Krypton was released.

However, the series, unlike the original film, tells its own story and tells that the girl arrives on Earth after the destruction of her own planet, where she, like her cousin, first hides her superpowers.

But after an innocent person is humiliated before the eyes of the girl, she decides from now on to save people from such villains, thieves and other intruders.

Krypton (2018)

The fantastic television series of the same name, which is being prepared for release on the big screens, will tell the viewer about those fascinating, exciting events that took place on the famous planet Krypton, the Motherland of Superman.

According to the assurances of the writers and creators of the grandiose project, the plot of the series will take place approximately two hundred years before the birth of Superman and will tell about the adventures of a local hero, a young man named Sag-El, trying to maintain order and stability on his so unstable and restless planet …

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