How to Improve Domain Authority in 2024

How to Improve Domain Authority

Improve Domain Authority – Websites are an important part of a digital marketing strategy. That’s why marketers also have to know the right metrics to measure the “health” of a website to support the business. In measuring website performance, domain authority (DA) is an essential reference that is widely used by companies or brands. 

Domain authority is very useful for knowing the status of your website, including how it is compared to competitors. Increasing your DA score cannot be done instantly. The number will depend largely on the collection of quality backlinks to your site. Additionally, it is important to note that DA itself is not part of the ranking factors for Google. In this article, let’s understand more about what DA is, its benefits, and what can be done to increase the score. 

Get to know Domain Authority

Domain authority is a metric that predicts how a domain appears in search engines compared to its competitors. This is the trust value that a website has with reference to the number of relevant quality backlinks to the website. This metric was first introduced by one of the well-known SEO software Moz.

Even though Google does not use DA as a ranking factor for a site, a study conducted by Ahrefs states that there is a correlation between DA and ranking in search engines. This shows that apart from being able to help you assess website performance compared to competitors, DA can also be an important metric for measuring how much organic traffic you will receive from Google. 

To find out how much your website’s DA value is, currently there are several tools that can be used for free, although they are limited. Besides Moz, you can also use Semrush, Ahrefs, or others. Authority checker website providers generally use an assessment with a number range of 1-100. The higher the number, the more positive it is for a site to appear in search engines. There are various factors you can pay attention to to maximize results. Starting from domain age, site loading time , content, and backlinks. This is why determining a good DA size will be different for each business. In order to draw appropriate conclusions, it is more important to analyze your main competitors in your industry. 

Domain Authority vs. Domain Authority Page Authority 

As the name suggests, domain authority will measure the possibility of a domain’s overall ranking in the eyes of search engines. Meanwhile, page authority will more specifically assess the possibility of a page or pages. That way it will be easier for you to analyze the performance of each page and then determine the best steps to improve it. For example, you want to specifically analyze your product pages. Page authority can really help develop digital marketing and business strategies. 

Benefits of Having a High DA Value 

After knowing what and how DA works, also know why maximizing the score for your site is important. 

  • To evaluate the “health” of the website. That way, you will have a reference for making improvements that will definitely have a good impact on future business development.
  • When a website has a high score, its value can also increase in the eyes of search engines. This will also help the site get good results on SERPs like Google.
  • The main focus in DA optimization is to be superior to competitors. You don’t have to actually get a score of 100 when you can get a score of 80 which is considered better than your competitors. 
  • To generate more organic traffic. In the long run, it is better to rely on organic results to rank high. That’s why it’s necessary to do a competitor analysis and find out what can be improved so that your site excels. 

How to Improve Domain Authority 

After knowing more about DA, it’s time to get into practical steps to increase its value. Here are some tips you can follow: 

1. Conduct a link audit 

Increasing the DA score is not just a matter of quantity, another requirement is also quality. Check and ensure that the link leading to your website is valid and does not use manipulation or black-hat SEO tactics. Always prioritize relevant and significant backlinks to help increase site ranking. 

2. Follow SEO rules 

If your content writing structure is not optimal because it does not comply with SEO rules, immediately correct and update it. SEO rules themselves are divided into two, namely on-page and off-page . This relates to keyword strategy, meta title and meta description, templates, and backlinks. 

3. Create quality content 

Focus on creating quality content according to your business field or industry. When the site becomes a reference or top of mind for the discussion, quality backlinks will eventually come. Know and create various content that is evergreen (timeless). Get to know and understand your audience, then create content that attracts their attention and interest.

4. Analyze competitors 

Analyzing competitors is an important step to find out what they are doing and how you can be better than them. Also learn what you should not do to improve the quality of your site’s performance and thus increase your online visibility. In this process, you can also find out where your competitors get backlinks from. 

5. Build quality backlinks 

As previously mentioned, quality backlinks are an important factor in increasing the DA score of a website. Building backlinks means expanding opportunities to gain high authority, increase organic traffic, and more. There are various ways to build your own backlinks, such as guest blogging or being a guest on another website so you can insert your website link into your upload. 

6. Maximize various channels 

Distributing content through other channels such as social media and email is another way you can do this. Getting more traffic will also help increase domain authority. Therefore, always focus on improving the quality of your content so that it is liked and continues to be relevant to your audience. 


That’s a brief summary of what and how to increase domain authority to maximize a business website. Building quality backlinks is certainly not easy. This is a long-term strategy that cannot show immediate results. However, through good implementation, it can increase traffic significantly over time, thereby having a positive impact on business development. 

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