Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It in 2024?

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It?

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It – If you are looking for a job, Linkedin could be the right platform for you. But not only the search for a suitable job is the focus of this platform, because further training is also possible here. You can also network with people from the same profession to exchange knowledge. Roughly speaking, Linkedin is a social network for professionals. There is a premium access for this platform, which attracts with some additional functions.

Let’s take a closer look at whether it’s worth it and what needs to be considered.

What Services does Linkedin Premium Include?

Linkedin has a variety of premium memberships, each with different benefits.

If you are looking for a job, Linkedin Career is recommended. You pay 34.41 euros per month for this access, so that you are specifically displayed to those who are currently looking for employees.

In addition, you can then compare yourself with other applicants and see whether they have better qualifications. If this is the case, you can acquire new knowledge with Linkedin in order to become more attractive to employers.

The self-employed can consider business access for EUR 39.33 per month. It allows you better contact search and promotion for your business and also a tool with which you can learn new skills.

Recruiter Lite access is for anyone looking for new employees. For EUR 122.92 per month you can search specifically for people who fit your company and contact them directly.

If you work in sales and are looking for contacts who fit your area, Sales Navigator Core access is right for you. This costs EUR 104.71 per month and enables you to carry out a targeted search for your acquisition.

Is there a Discount for Linkedin Premium?

Sometimes Linkedin offers promotional subscriptions where you can try premium access for free or at a discount. However, these are not permanent and only available occasionally.

Under certain circumstances, it is therefore worthwhile to wait until there is another such promotion before purchasing the additional functions.

Incidentally, students have 12 months of premium access free of charge. All you need to claim this is the email address you use at your college or university.

What Alternatives to Linkedin Premium are there?

Xing is a platform similar to Linkedin, which also offers premium access. However, there are only two types of additional subscriptions, namely Xing Premium for 12 euros per month and Xing ProJobs for 30-42 euros per month.

Paid access to this platform gives you extensive design options for your profile. It also gives you an overview of who has viewed your profile and shows you statistics from which you can see what needs to be improved.

If a search is made for requirements that you meet, your profile will be displayed before those of the free accounts with Premium.

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My Experience with Linkedin Premium

Linkedin Premium enables you to network even better and thus already has a huge advantage. This is made even better by the fact that you can deduct the cost of paid access from your taxes if it is proven to help you in your career.

However, if you are frequently recommended, you also have to fight a lot with spam. Some emails come from other countries, but they don’t look like serious job offers.

That being said, the smallest little things are sometimes made into a huge problem by customer service.

An example of this is changing the billing address. Customer service doesn’t answer and so months later the bill still flutters to the old address if you haven’t submitted a forwarding request to the post office.

In my opinion, the termination of the premium access is also unnecessarily difficult for you. Considering that Linkedin is the absolute market leader in business networks, something like that is totally unnecessary for me. Are you well versed in certain topics and would you like to share them with others? We are looking for experts in various fields as copywriters. Completely from home and of course with free time management.

Conclusion: For Whom is Linkedin Premium Particularly Worthwhile?

In itself, the premium access to Linkedin is very useful. It offers you many useful functions that make networking easier for you.

However, if you consider that you sometimes have to deal with spam and poor customer service, you should consider more carefully whether Linkedin Premium provides sufficient added value for you.

You should logically keep in mind that you still have no guarantee of being successful in your search, regardless of whether you are a premium member or not.

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