15 Job Search Linkedin Mistakes to Avoid in 2023

Linkedin Mistakes to Avoid

Linkedin Mistakes to Avoid – 15 mistakes that you should avoid when it comes to knowing how to look for a job on Linkedin employment

Linkedin Mistakes to Avoid

  • Not staying active and visible

It is very important that you are active and visible on this social network if you want to have a strong and appealing personal brand . Today there are thousands of invisible profiles, which have no movement or update, and that means that recruiters are not interested in those profiles.

  • Take credit for the work of others

You should only mention your achievements and not use those of other colleagues, as it will be seen by many people and even by former colleagues. Taking credit for the work of others and getting “caught” will make you appear dishonest and damage your reputation. Do not make this serious mistake if you want to look for a job.

  • Lying about who you have worked with

Many times we make the mistake of saying that we have worked with someone or in a company that we have never seen, just to improve the chances of being hired. When you want to look for a job, it is always better and more advisable to be honest and sincere.

  • Do not detail professional experience

You must always indicate the places where you have worked with their dates and duration, as it is essential when a recruiter seeks a user experience. It is important that the information in the profile matches that of the CV . It is another basic mistake that you cannot when you go to look for a job.

  • Send the Curriculum to your network of contacts 

It is another of the mistakes that often happen on LinkedIn. Who hasn’t accepted a contact request and the first thing they find is a message from that person with their resume.

My advice is that if you want to send your CV to someone you find interesting, first try to build a relationship with that person by having conversations about topics that may be of interest to both parties. When you feel that you have gained their trust is when you can send your resume in a natural way.

  • Professional experience to complete

You should never stop completing your professional experience, it is one of the most important sections to fill in, since it is what demonstrates your professional experience.

Do you think it is important, if you want to look for a job, to complete your professional experience?

  • quantity is not quality

Another very common mistake, when looking for a job, is trying to connect with as many people as possible, without any selection criteria. You have to be able to connect with people from your sector, location, profession, etc., in order to add relevant profiles to your network of contacts.

  • Don’t mention your skills

Recruiters search for profiles on this platform by skills or keywords. If you want to look for a job and be found, you must place them in your LinkedIn job profile.

  • Do not participate in groups

Interaction is essential to gain visibility in this medium. Therefore, if you want to capture the attention of other professionals, recruiters or companies, do not forget to actively participate in groups on the topics that interest you.

With this you will gain relevance within the platform and you will be able to achieve your goals in a faster and more natural way.

  • use unreal image

Avoid putting unreal photos or photos that are not yours on your profile as it will give an unprofessional air to your profile. Another serious mistake when looking for a job.

  • Using an unprofessional profile photo

It is a mistake to use an unprofessional profile photo, that is, with more people in the image, a poor quality or blurry photo. Always keep this in mind and more when you decide to look for a job.

  • fake recommendations

Recommendations are a very valid option, as long as they are true and from colleagues, managers, clients, etc. No using fake or made up recommendations.

  • Use predefined messages

Not personalizing messages when you want to connect with a person is an activity that is highly frowned upon on social media.

Nowadays, with automations, many people fall into this mistake and lose the opportunity to stand out from other users simply by creating a personalized message.

Currently, personalized invitations are highly valued to gain the empathy of other users.

  • show your despair

Something that you should never do is show that you are desperate to look for a job and that you do everything that is necessary to find a job, as this usually leads many employers to ignore your LinkedIn profile as a job.

  • Not taking care of your online presence

It is very important that you take care of your image online since today it is a determining factor in the selection process. You should also take care of the language of your blog and social networks because the way of expressing yourself is a highly valued factor when it comes to finding a job.

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