Is Uptodown Safe in 2024? User Reviews & Safety

Is Uptodown Safe

Is Uptodown Safe – Google Play does not always reach every possible corner, which has led to an increase in the search for Uptodown reviews in 2024, is it safe? The repository of applications for Android devices is having an undeniable boom in recent months, but many users still have certain misgivings, possibly because it is a parallel store to the official Google Play store that is installed on Android devices.

Taking a look at the most frequent searches on Google about Uptodown, we see first-hand how there are still certain reluctances. Is Uptodown safe? Is Uptodown reliable? Is Uptodown a virus? At techjustify we compile some explanations offered by the website itself and by some users to provide answers to all your concerns.

The nature of this article is purely informational. only collects testimonials from users found on third-party websites, so it does not align with the opinions expressed by them as well as the criticisms leveled at Uptodown.


Reasons Why Uptodown is Safe

The website emerged in 2002 as a website to download software and desktop programs for PC, but it has become the main alternative to Google Play by providing reasons why Uptodown is Safe . The main question that arises, not being under the umbrella of Google, is whether it is a secure website, something that they want to highlight on their own blog.

Emphasis On Safety

Uptodown claims that it uses more than 70 antivirus programs to analyze all the files that developers upload to its servers, and if an application does not meet Uptodown’s security standards , it is quickly removed from the catalog.

On websites like Trustpilot , some users have left their impressions about Uptodown , also focusing on the issue of security. A user named Anthony assures that “ it is a very good but underrated website. It is a secure download website. I use this website to download most of my programs. I recommend it for downloads on Android, Windows and Mac .”

End to Intrusive Advertising

For a time, software download websites like Uptodown or Softonic were invaded by annoying advertising that ended up trying to install annoying extensions and toolbars in our browsers. Although advertising remains one of Uptodown’s main sources of funding , its nature has been fundamentally modified to make the user experience more pleasant.

When consulting opinions about Uptodown on WOT , a website that collects user opinions about other pages, you can see how the presence of malware and intrusive advertising services were common several years ago. Despite everything, there are still users who warn that there are still applications within the catalog that contain this type of advertising: “ Good website but there is still some malware. Make sure to scan each APK with an antivirus ,” recommends the Windows7 user:) to avoid negative surprises.

Alliance With Unity

Another reason why Uptodown can be considered a Safe website in 2024 is its alliance with Unity . This agreement allows video game developers who use this engine to upload their creations to the Uptodown platform to start making themselves known. This alliance has been a great boost for Uptodown in terms of international recognition outside of all the world.

Some of these developers have reported some errors when uploading their games to Uptodown in the Unity forums , something that the moderators of the Unity platform are responsible for. On Uptodown there is also a support section that developers can consult to answer their questions about the process of uploading their video games to the platform and the configuration of the billing systems on it.

Reviews of the APK Installer App from Uptodown

In addition to the website, Uptodown also has an application on Google Play that allows you to install APKs . Many users regret that they cannot install applications through it, like this user: “ I really don’t know what I would use it for. I thought I could download an app, but I can’t .”

From Uptodown they usually respond to this type of criticism and comments on Google Play, clarifying that the “ APK Installer is a universal package installer, but it is not an app store .” This means that from the application you can install the APKs of different applications (with old versions, for example), but not download them , something that is done from a third party.

Conclusion: Is Uptodown Safe to Use in 2024?

Uptodown’s previous experience as a first software download and application download website is currently an indicator of its solvency and its ability to adapt to new technological scenarios. Their commitment to security is notable, removing some applications that do not meet their standards, and the policy change they made regarding intrusive advertising and the installation of services not desired by the user has been a great step forward.

Favorable opinions about Uptodown tend to be the majority, while the most negative reviews are usually related to a misconception of its philosophy or come from users who have very old devices.

Its role as an alternative to Google Play is more than proven and its statistics (more than 130 million monthly users) indicate that its use is increasingly established. However, caution when downloading applications will always be an important factor that falls on the user, whether they are using Google Play, Uptodown or any other app store .

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