Is WeChat Safe to Use in 2024?

Is WeChat Safe to Use ?

Is WeChat Safe – Wechat is a smart application chosen by many people to contact others. However, besides the advantages, there are also many questions about whetherWeChat is safe? In this article,Techjustifywill focus on introducing the application and answering questions.

What is WeChat?

Wechat is known as a super application, helping users perform multiple operations such as texting. , make voice calls, send images and videos on the same platform. Not stopping there, Wechat can also integrate smart features such as transactions, shopping, payments,… very conveniently.

In a country with billions of people like China, it is not surprising that this application is growing at breakneck speed, to date, there are more than 1 billion Wechat users. And also because of the convenience this application brings to users, easy installation regardless of country, meeting almost all basic needs of users.

Although it is considered “late-born” compared to big players in the industry such as Facebook, Twitter or Weibo, Wechat still captures the love of many users because of its integrated features to access information and transactions. , easy shopping with simple operations.

Wechat is an application used for messaging and conducting transactions.Developed by Tencentcompany , China, widely launched in 2011. The application has so far had a large number of users with smart features that are continuously updated.

You can install and use WeChat to text, call, send pictures and videos to others quickly. At the same time, the system also integrates convenient transactions, shopping, and payments. Currently in Vietnam, there are many people using this application. Shows many practical benefits.

Is Wechat safe?

Besides using the utility for many different purposes, there are also some concerns. Specifically, is itsafe to use WeChat? This application is also designed to have multi-layer authentication built in to try to increase the security of customer information and transactions when used.

2. Evaluate the pros and cons of the Wechat application

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a super popular and convenient application like Wechat? Is this the right platform for users around the world to use? Please find out in the content below.

Advantages of Wechat application

Wechat was originally born as a messaging application, but later integrated countless different useful functions for users. So what are the specific benefits of Wechat? How can users take advantage of these advantages? Below are 4 outstanding advantages of this application.

Super application integrates many functions

Like most other applications, each application has a different utility. When shopping, we choose Taobao, 1688; When you need to move, choose Grab, Be; If you need to learn English, there are word search applications, etc. There are countless applications to serve everyone’s different needs, but is there any application that meets the requirements of daily life? Wechat is an application that integrates many functions

Understanding this desire of users, Wechat is constantly developing, increasingly integrating many different functions to suit the daily needs of Chinese people. From buying movie tickets, making medical appointments, shopping, booking cars,… all are minimized in Wechat. People just need to download an application to get a lot of work done.

Diverse sources of goods

Products on Wechat have many products from 1688, Tmall or Taobao, even products that have never been sold on the market. These products are extremely diverse, with many designs and classifications, giving users many options to consider. Sources of goods on Wechat are extremely diverse

Affordable price

When shopping on Wechat, you will not need to worry about the price as the prices here are always at a reasonable level, even much cheaper than many other suppliers. Partly because shops selling on Wechat do not have to pay advertising or sales fees like e-commerce platforms. The selling price on Wechat is more affordable than other units

Easy to negotiate quantity – price of goods

Unlike buying on other platforms, buying on Wechat is mostly bought directly with the manufacturer and not through any intermediaries. Therefore, negotiating quantity and price becomes more convenient than ever. Users will easily close a good deal at the best price when purchasing.

Quantity and price can be easily negotiated on Wechat

Disadvantages of the Wechat application

In addition to the above mentioned outstanding advantages, the Wechat super application also has certain disadvantages. Before using, consider a few disadvantages below for a better experience.

Easy to reveal personal information

Wechat’s control mechanism puts users’ personal information at risk of being stolen. According to Diplomat, for this application to work, Tencent had to allow China’s Ministry of Security and Security Bureau to intervene and access user data. There are also other oversights to prevent politically sensitive issues from appearing on the app. Users may be at risk of having their personal information disclosed

Risks when trading money

This is especially noteworthy for those who intend to purchase via Wechat, who need to clearly determine the seller’s reputation before transacting. Because Wechat is personal and there are no clear regulations on refunds or complaint resolution between buyers and sellers. Therefore, when transacting, risks easily arise when one party fails to fulfill its obligations and the other party will suffer losses.

Risk of buying fake goods – poor quality goods

Wechat does not have any regulations prohibiting counterfeit goods, so the source of goods here is quite mixed, making it easy for new users or those without experience in buying and selling to buy unsafe goods. Buyers need to know how to select products from reputable, well-rated units, and thoroughly understand product information before deciding to purchase.

Personal information may be exposed

However, like other applications, after a period of operation, there will be some loopholes. Some people have found usage problems that can be detrimental to users. Therefore, you must understand the rules and how to use WeChat wisely to avoid information disclosure or unauthorized access.

In fact, for the information collected, in order for this application to operate, the parent company Tencent has allowed the Ministry of Security and the Security Department of China to intervene and access user data. This is to prevent access to sensitive or politically problematic data. So in some cases user data may be provided by the system.

Risks when trading

When using wechat, many people make buying and selling transactions. However, there are many cases of risk when trading because WeChat currently does not have clear regulations on refunds or complaint resolution between buyers and sellers. Therefore, if you are not careful and investigate, it can be risky and difficult to resolve. If the party does not fulfill its responsibilities, the other party must bear the loss.

There are no regulations to determine the source of goods

At the same time, wechat also has no regulations prohibiting counterfeit goods, and the source of goods traded on the system is not verified for authenticity or quality. Therefore, people who want to find or buy goods must verify for themselves to buy good products. This is an open market mechanism, so if you completely trust good WeChat products, you will be at a disadvantage for yourself. It’s better to look at customer reviews to carefully review the information before deciding to make a purchase.

Things to pay attention to when using

To ensure effective and safe use of WeChat, each person needs to research carefully before using it and avoid some problems. Specifically, detailed notes will be given below:

  • You should download wechat application from official source such as google play, apple store, official website. So the new downloaded application is safe for you to use.
  • Do not use a virtual phone number to register an account because the system will detect it and block the account at any time. There is a verification password feature that is sent by SMS from wechat so the virtual phone number cannot be used for a long time.
  • Do not use an emulator or VPN as an account, the detection system thinks your account is not safe, use it abnormally. It may be detrimental to the wechat account you are using.
  • You should not log in to WeChat on many different devices. This may create an opportunity for bad actors to collect your data to use for harm, theft or fraud. Every time you finish using it, you should log out of your account.
  • When using a wechat account, you should use it regularly and not leave too little information or transactions blank. If you do not use the application continuously for about 3 months, your account may be blocked.
  • Buying and selling on the system is direct payment, and there is no high guarantee. Therefore, you must clearly understand the transaction unit, source of goods, and know about the product to buy high quality products. Avoid the risk of losing goods and money.
  • You need to check carefully and choose a trustworthy store. If you want to import large quantities of goods, you should order test products first.
  • Contact a reliable freight company in China and Vietnam in advance to be able to transport the goods safely. This is very important because there are many cases of goods being lost for unknown reasons when purchasing via wechat.


The question of whetherWeChat is safe or notis thoroughly answered in this article. When installing, you will be able to take advantage of many of the application’s functions, but you must pay close attention to outstanding issues. So you don’t have to worry too much about information leaks or unjustly losing money.

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