100% Unblock KickAss Proxy Sites 2024 [KickAss Alternatives]

100% Unblock KickAss Proxy Sites [KickAss Alternatives]

100% Unblock KickAss Proxy Sites 2024 [KickAss Alternatives] – Torrent sites have been turned down because of government bans and piracy cases, still Kickass Torrent persevered despite so many trials and tribulations. But now many are finding it difficult to access torrent sites like KickAss due to legal issues. In this article, we’ll guide you with everything you need to know to access blocked KickAss Torrents.

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Quick Overview- Short on Time? Here are the 3 top VPNs for torrenting

1) PrivadoVPN – It is a mediocre VPN although it is quick, simple to use, and decent for torrenting with many advanced features.
2) Windscribe – It has servers supporting up to 60+ countries. It is a feature-rich VPN by a company with a free package.
3) NordVPN – It is a highly sought-after VPN with advanced features like lightning-fast servers, built-in Threat Protection, and a VPN protocol called NordLynx.

KickAss Proxy: What exactly is it?

A server that acts as an original Kickass torrent is known as a Kickass torrent proxy. To display actual, up-to-date material on the website these proxy servers retrieve the page for the primary server. This torrent proxy aids in successfully unblocking the Kickass server. The majority of the torrent mirror sites generate the official URL via external links although there are numerous Kickass torrent Mirrors.

How to unblock KickAss torrents via Kickass Proxy and Mirror Websites

To prevent the distribution of copyrighted content, the government decided to shut off numerous Torrent websites.  Large files can be shared over the internet with the help of torrents. So, you can utilize any of the amazing proxy sites mentioned below to access the Kickass Torrent website.

KickAss Torrents: Proxy List

A list of working Kickass torrent Mirrors and proxy services that will help you unblock Kickass torrent websites from any location.

1) cutt.ly/E2Utz6r
2) proxyindex.net
3) kickasstorrents.pw
4) theKat.info
5) kat.am
6) kickass.cd
7) katcr.to

Why KickAss torrents are not accessible?

There are a few possible explanations for which you can’t get access to Kickass. The first reason could be that the website has been prohibited in your nation due to content and copyright regulations. Secondly, it might happen that the website has been restricted on the network by your neighborhood internet service provider (ISP). It is also possible that your anti-virus or firewall software is preventing you from accessing Kickass. Finally, the site could be unavailable due to maintenance.

Top Kickass Proxy List for 2024

We’ve outlined the top kickass mirror sites that offer users kickass torrent proxy content are mentioned here:

1) Kat.sx

It is a proxy site with a simple-to-use interface. It has a sizeable search bar to search for the content. Beneath the search, there is a category of various torrent files. If you wish then you can browse and download anything necessary from this file.

2) Kickasstorrent.cr

It is another popular site ready to entice users with an appealing but intuitive and simple-to-use layout. It is easy to search for the file on this site because it has a sizable search box.

3) Bitsonwheels.com

bitsonwheels.com has taken a special place in the users’ hearts. Users can access and upload many torrent files over there. It has dedicated categories you may look up to. The search bar can help looking for something very specific. The interface of the website is brown.

4) Kickass.cd

It has a massive search bar is available to help you type your queries. It also has various file categories where you can have the file you’re looking for. The interface of the site is also brown.

5) Proxyindex.net

It is an excellent site consisting of a suggestion box, trends, and language modification. However, it also has a search bar where users can enter many keywords similar to other torrent sites. It is mandatory to create an account before you start downloading torrents.

6) Kat.li

Kat. li is one of the torrent sites that is listed in the top 100 proxy websites of Kickass. It emerged after Kickass torrent was taken down. The interface of the site is succinct and well-structured. You can also type your search queries in the search box.

How to Access Kickass Torrents When They’re inaccessible?

Unlike before, it is difficult to access torrents nowadays for various reasons. The first possible explanation is that Torrent websites are prohibited in your nation, thus making it impossible for users of that nation to utilize kickass Torrents. Also, your internet provider may’ve blocked the Torrent websites without your knowledge.

However, you can employ a few working methods to reach kickass in the most hassle-free manner.


You can conceal your location and official IP address by using a VPN. In this way, you can stay both anonymous and protected from ISPs and unauthorized parties who are trying to intervene in your data. In this manner, you may effortlessly search for stuff on KickAss torrent without letting your ISP know about your location and online behavior.

Proxies and Mirrors

Torrent users can use this amazing method for getting access to KickAss torrent sites via mirror or proxy websites. You can view the KickAss torrent content via the mirrors or proxy sites. A successful connection is established between the Kickass server and you by the mirror or proxy sites. Consequently, downloading content from Kickass is hassle-free and simple.

Tor Browser

You can use the Tor browser to keep your anonymity intact over the web while browsing. The tor browser conceals the user’s current location while transferring the internet traffic between nodes.

Tor users can also access a secret location virtually on the web without the ISP knowing about their online behaviour. Consequently, if you cannot access the original Kickass website, then you may use the Tor browser to download your preferred content.

Disable Firewall

Another fascinating method of accessing Kickass Torrents is by disabling the firewall and Internet protection. However, employ this strategy at your own risk because it can expose your device to viruses or malware as the internet protection will be completely disabled. Also, the torrent website will not offer you any security or privacy. This could be a lot risky, but you can still use the method for accessing KickAss torrent.

Best Alternatives Sites like Kickass Torrents

There are many popular alternatives to KickAss Torrents that you can use. The current working substitutes for kickass Torrents are mentioned below:

1) Pirate Bay

With millions of daily visits, Pirate Bay has become the boss of the torrenting realm. It has surpassed many popular torrent sites as well. It is another great option for torrent users.

2) 1337x

Another fantastic alternative to Kickass torrents in 1337x. It provides users with the ability to share files using the BitTorrent protocol. It is a decent option for its easy-to-use interface.

3) YTS torrent

It is a popular torrent site for providing users with access to movies. It only provides movies and does not offer any other content. Users can find their content easily due to its aesthetically beautiful and thoughtfully designed interface.

If you’re looking for a torrent that specializes in movies, then look no further than YTS.


It is another antiquated torrent site with an unattractive appearance. However, it has largest selection of TV series including NetFlix. Also, it boasts of an engaging and lively community of users

5) LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents can be a good option over KickAss torrents. It has a smooth interface with a good seeder and leechers ratios. Also, it has a download speed of 3 to 4 MB/s. Along with that gives a plethora of search choices.

6) Nyaa

It is a great niche-specific torrent site. ISOs, generic movie torrents, and game torrents are not available. It only offers anime-related content. If you’re a dedicated fan of anime, then you must consider Nyaa.

7) ExtraTorrent

Another excellent free KickAss substitute is ExtraTorrent, where you can get a variety of content. It has an extensive collection of content ranging from books, TV episodes, movies, and software. It has an easy-to-use interface that is straightforward and uncluttered, allowing users to swiftly access the features of the site.

Top VPNs for KickAss Torrents

If you suspect that KickAss Torrents have been blocked in your region, then you’ve to use a VPN to bypass these restrictions. We’ve mentioned some of the top VPNs you can use for KickAss torrents.

1) PrivadoVPN

Although PrivadoVPN is safe, fast, reliable simple-to-use, and also effective for torrenting, it is still considered a mediocre VPN. There are industry-standard VPN security features like 256-bit encryption, a strict no-logs policy, and a kill switch that are all included in the package.

Additionally, it can support up to 10 simultaneous connections. It offers DNS leak protection along with IPv6, making it an impeccable choice for those users who have numerous devices or large homes

2) Windscribe

WindScribe is a compatible VPN supporting more than 60 nations, although the number of servers it possesses is hidden. It is a more feature-rich VPN for a company with a free package.

It is a VPN more suited for seasoned users. Some of the features included are WireGuard and OpenVPN (TCP/UDP) protocol. Furthermore, it has an integrated kill switch and firewall that is constantly active. There is a “stealth protocol” integrated with an open-source “stunnel” algorithm. Also, the data is “wrapped” in an SSL encryption layer on top of the VPN encryption.

3) NordVPN

One of the best VPNs is NordVPN you can consider for torrenting. No other VPN at its price range can match its features, including lightning-fast servers, built-in Threat Protection, and a VPN protocol called NordLynx that warns you about viruses. Although not affiliated with any data-sharing organizations, it provides some of the greatest VPN protection.

It also has some advanced features such as AES 256-bit protection, a Kill Switch, dedicated P2P servers, and protection against DNS and WebRTC leaks are all included in this premium VPN.


So, we have already outlined the torrent alternatives to use instead of Kickass Torrents, as it has been shut down. These alternatives are Pirate Bay, EZTV, LimeTorrents, and others. Before downloading torrents, make sure you comply with the local laws. Always use a VPN to safeguard your data, and conceal your identity. It is better to be safe while torrenting.


Why Kickass Torrent is inaccessible to some users?

There can be many reasons why Kickass is inaccessible to some users. It can be prohibited due to location, inadequate internet connection, or some other issues.

Is the Kickass proxy or mirror site necessary?

Yes. Proxies are indispensable as they can grant access to unblocked contents of KickAss. The original content is available on the proxy sites.

Is KickAss torrent secure?

The authenticity and security of uploaded files on KickAss torrents or other P2P sites is difficult. Users may contract viruses or malware if they’re not careful with the torrent file they’re downloading. They can also face legal issues if they download content that is protected by copyright law.

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