7 Best Kodi Adult Addons in 2024: Watch Porn Movies on Kodi

Best Kodi Adult Addons

Best Kodi Adult Addons – Nowadays, adult entertainment is on the rise. Those days are gone when adult content fans used to buy magazines for adult content. Today, you can stream it directly from the web.

In this article, we will evaluate a wide variety of adult Kodi-Addons. We have compiled a list of adult Kodi add-ons that may help you enrich your experience while streaming adult content on the web. 

How to Watch Porn Videos on Kodi Safely with a VPN?

You must download a VPN and connect to one of its secure servers to anonymize your traffic and stream porn in a hassle-free manner. You must take the following actions:

1) Obtain a reliable Kodi VPN Suggest NordVPN.

2) You need to install the VPN app on your smartphone after downloading it.

3) Open the VPN application and enter your login information

4) You need to select a server in a secure area.

5) Open Kodi and you can stream the content of your choice. That is all!

Is It both safe and legal to Watch Porn on Kodi?

Yes. It is legal and safe to stream adult content from Kodi. It remains safe only when you use specific Kodi addons that scrape content from freely available websites. Unknowingly, experimenting with dubious addons and repositories can infect your device with malware.

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The 7 Best Kodi Adult Addons (Porn) in 2024

The fascinating feature of Kodi addons and apps is that they scrape content from other adult entertainment sites.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at the 7 best Kodi Addons of 2024.

1) Cumination

It specializes in scraping through different adult sites to offer a variety of genres, including adult movies, Short Videos, Live Webcams, and long scenes. It is a part of VideoDevil repositories.

Repository: https://dobbelina.github.io

2) VideoDevil

VideoDevil is a Kodi Addon popular for its dedication to the adult entertainment industry. It has a large number of adult websites with live webcam videos, adult movies, extended scenes, and short videos.

3) Emplix

Another impeccable addition to the list of the best adult Kodi addons is Emplix. It offers several categories, each enhanced with high-definition videos. It also features over 80 categories, such as Interracial, Gothic, and Cartoon.

Repository: https://fusion.tvaddons.co

4) FapZone

The Kodi-Addon FapZone may be found in a stream Army repository. To utilize this add-on, users will require a free PIN. It has an extensive collection of free movies, clips, and cam videos.

Repository: http://streamarmy.co.uk/repo

5) JizzPlanet

It has an extensive collection of short videos, extended scenes, live webcam videos, and adult movies. JizzPlanet is a popular add-on that users can get in the Crew Repository.

Repository: https://team-crew.github.io

6) Adult Hideout

Adult Hideout is an add-on that can scrape content links from other adult entertainment sites. It functions as a search engine for Kodi-explicit content.

Repository: https://github.com/tvaddonsco/tva-adult-repo


It is popular Kodi porn add-ons for its extensive content library. It has a plethora of content such as videos, scenes, whole movies, and live cameras. It also offers you some specialized categories such as virtual reality, which appears to be exclusive to XXX-O-Dus.

Repository: http://streamarmy.co.uk/repo

Few Other Working Kodi Adult Addons

Working Kodi Adult Addons

A list of other functional adult Kodi addons that you can use to stream your favorite adult content:


Ultimate Whitecream

Devil Wolf

Cum With Me: (http://streamarmy.co.uk/repo)

The Crew Repo (http://team-crew.github.io)

7of9 (Repository:- http://diamondbuild.xyz/ )

Panty Raiders (Repository:- bit.ly/sarcrep)

How to Install Kodi Adult Addons

The installation procedure for Kodi addons is fairly simple. To start the installation, we will require some specific repositories for each add-on. The procedure has to be completed once if two or more add-ons are located in the same repository.

The add-ons can then be installed at once. The steps you should take have been listed below. There are three steps you need to comply with only if you’ve not enabled “Unknown sources” before.

Enabling “Unknown Sources”

1) Switch on your “VPN”.

2) Fire up Kodi, and select the Settings icon located in the upper left corner of your Home Screen. It looks similar to that of a cog.

3) A screen will appear. Click on the “System settings” option.

4) Set the “Unknown Sources” as enabled under Addons. Next, confirm the modification by selecting “yes” in the alert window that displays.

Adding the Repository Source

1)Turn your “VPN [like Nordvpn]” on .

2) Click the settings icon (a cog-shaped icon) in the upper left corner of your Kodi home screen.

3) Double-click “Add Source” after selecting the File Manager to bring up the panel.

4) Enter the repository URL in the window that appears. You can also click “OK” after copying and pasting it from there if that is possible.

5) You’re going to put a name in the box behind that one. Next, name the source: ideally this should be the repository name listed beneath each addon. After that, select “OK”. You’ll need to use the name you write here in a later step, so keep it in mind.

Installing the Repository

1) Go back to the Kodi home screen and choose add-ons from the menu on the left.

2)Select “Package Installer”, which is now situated in the screen’s upper left corner. It appears to be an exposed box.

3) Click “Install from Zip File” after that.

4) The source file that you’ve added before will start to become visible. It appears with the name that you typed. Give it a click.

Now, the repository containing the specific addon should be visible to you. Look through the different directories if it’s not there, you should be able to view it.

Installing the Addon

1) Keep on looking at the screen after installing the repository. Simply select “Install from Repository”.

2) The repository you installed will be now visible. Choose it.

3) Go to the submenu and choose “Video Addons”

4) A list of every addon accessible under that repository will now be displayed in front of you.

5) The “install” button will appear. Click on it and the extension should now be installed.

6) Go back to the home screen to view the installed addon. Go to Video Addons under Addons.

7) To open the addon, click on it.

Why is a VPN required to view adult videos on Kodi?

You may watch any live stream content, including the newest movies and sports and adult content by using the right plugins of Kodi. A few of these add-ons can significantly expose you to hazardous illegal content. To avoid that, we need a VPN.

1) Prevent unauthorized parties from accessing information

A VPN can re-route your traffic to prevent your personal information from being accessed by ISPs or other unauthorized third parties.

2) Access to regional content

You’ll be able to connect to servers located across the world when you establish a connection with the best VPN for Kodi. It will appear to your Kodi Addons as if you’re from that nation. As a result, you can easily access previously prohibited content.

3) Supports anonymous streaming

You can easily download, stream, and browse anonymously if you use a VPN. Your IP address will be completely invisible to the cybercriminals and hackers.

4) Stop hacking

Hackers and scammers will always hunt for security loopholes in your device. Before you realize it, your smartphone will be infected with viruses or you might face credit card fraud or identity theft. The top VPNs for Kodi can shield your private data and stop hackers from accessing your system.

Can I use a free VPN to watch Porn on Kodi?

Let us now explore some of the setbacks of using a FreeVPN to watch adult content on Kodi:

1) Security weakness – FreeVPNs won’t give you robust security features like encryption, leak protection, and a kill switch that puts your system security at stake.

2) Data Gathering – Your browsing history, Internet activity, and personal information may be gathered by FreeVPNs to sell to other businesses or advertisers.

3) Malware – A FreeVPN can inadvertently infect your device with malware or spyware, jeopardizing your online privacy and security.

4) Bandwidth Limitation – You may find it challenging to stream adult content on Kodi because FreeVPNs will restrict your Bandwidth.

How to Remove Adult Addons from Kodi?

Adult Kodi addons can be removed straight from the content library. You must perform the following actions:

1) Locate the addon that has to be removed.

2) Click and hold the icon.

3) Click on “Information”

4) Select “Uninstall” by clicking the button in the lower-right corner.

5) Verify your decision by clicking “Yes”.

Are Adult Kodi Addons Not Working?

You may run into issues while using Kodi Addons. We’ve mentioned some of the common problems with their solutions:

1) ISP Block

It is possible that Kodi’s streaming requests are being blocked by ISP. By using a VPN, you can defeat the issue.

2) Kodi Stopped functioning

Although a rare issue, still users can solve it by reinstalling Kodi on their devices.

3)  Buffering

The “buffering” issue can be tackled by using a few ways such as removing the cache, increasing the cache size of the video, using a VPN, or using any special code.

4) Repository unavailable

The error might appear as “Failed to install a dependency”. In this case, the repository might not be accessible so check for the repository URL.


In this guide, we’ve featured a variety of Kodi addons that can enrich your adult content experience. They update their portfolio with new content regularly. It’s simple to use and offers a reliable experience. However, it can still expose your behavior of watching adult content. The safest way to view this content is to use a VPN.

Tips: Porn’s Effect on Your Life

Watching porn can have severe detrimental effects on your life. These are the 4 ways by which porn use can affect your life:

1) Pornography can wipe out your capacity to love, communicate, and form a physical bond with your partner.

2) One loses the ability to self-control when they regularly give in to watch porn.

3) One who regularly engages in porn will soon start to perceive other human beings as objects to be taken advantage of. 

4) Porn is not truly acceptable. If you’re caught using porn, it will cost you not only your relationships but your career as well.


What are the best Kodi Porn Addons?

The top Kodi Adult add-ons include VideoDevil, JizzPlanet, FapZone, and Cumination.

Which VPN is finest to Watch Adult Content on Kodi?

NordVPN and IPVanish are the two best VPNs to watch adult content on Kodi.

Are Kodi Adult Addons Legal?

Kodi Addons are usually legal. But if your country does not permit it, then it might be considered illegal.

Note: – You may land up in legal trouble if you stream adult content using Kodi from a country where there are copyright restrictions on adult content. Be aware of the laws in your country before streaming content.

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