List of Best Search Engines 2023 in the World

List of Best Search Engines 2022 in the World - 11 Popular

List of Best Search Engines 2023 in the World – 11 Most Popular Search Engines in the world Search engines (or search engines) are software programs designed to search for information by phrases or keywords.

You know when we want to know the meaning of a word or the address of a certain restaurant and “Google”?

When we do this, we use a search engine – in this case, Google, the most used in the world. But there are many other search engines available to the user besides Google.

List of Best Search Engines 2023 in the World

1. Google

Where it is most used: worldwide

Who doesn’t know Google? The Search Giant is so famous that it has already been incorporated into common parlance. When we recommend someone to search for something on the internet, we say “Google”.

It is estimated that more than 90% of internet users use the Google search engine, which makes it almost hegemonic in the world market of internet search engines.

2. Microsoft Bing

Link:Microsoft Bing
Where it is most used: worldwide

Microsoft’s search engine is the second most used in the world, although it is still far from the first. Launched in 2009, Bing underwent a revamp at the end of 2020: in addition to gaining a new logo, it was renamed to Microsoft Bing.

It is a very complete and easy-to-use search engine (those who are used to Google will see that it is very similar).

3. Baidu

Where it is most used: China

Baidu is China’s largest search platform, surpassing all other competitors in that country, including Google. Although it is not widely used in other parts of the world, the fact that it dominates the Chinese market (which has about 1.4 billion inhabitants) is enough to place Baidu in 3rd place in the ranking. The name Baidu, in Chinese, means “innumerable times”.

4. Yahoo! Search

Link:Yahoo! Search
Where it is most used: Worldwide

The Yahoo! presents the user with more than a search tool: there is an e-mail service, weather forecast and lots of news. Created in 1994, it was one of the most popular websites in the world in the 1990s.

The company was acquired by Verizon in 2017. In 2021, it was sold to investment management firm Apollo Global Management.

5. Yandex

Where it is most used: Russia

Yandex is the largest search engine in Russia and has a strong presence in other Eastern European countries, such as Ukraine and Belarus. Like other search engines, Yandex has the basic tools to search for information in text, images and videos, as well as other services, such as a transport application and an electronic payment service.

6. DuckDuckGo

Where it’s used most: Worldwide

“Tired of being tracked online?We can help.” This is how DuckDuckGo sells itself.Created in 2008, this search engine promises the user continuous privacy in their browser. In the midst of controversial discussions about sharing data on the internet, DuckDuckGo appears as a very interesting option for those who want to protect themselves.

7. Ask

Where it is most used: United States

In addition to being a search engine, Ask has a series of content on culture, entertainment and travel on its page. One downside for those who are used to Google is that Ask doesn’t offer image and video results.

8. Ecosia

Where it is most used: Germany

Ecosia is a search engine known for its social engagement. One of the flags of the German site is the ecological cause: part of the company’s profits goes to planting trees in various regions of the world. The company publishes monthly financial reports to show its users the percentage of earnings that are going to the environment.

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On the Ecosia page, there is a scoreboard with a real-time count of the number of trees planted by the site’s users. The more searches are done, the more trees are planted!

9. AOL

Where it is most used: United States

AOL is a North American portal that offers the user, in addition to the search engine, entertainment services, news, finance, e-mails, games, etc. As a search engine, it’s quite complete, with an easy-to-use toolbar that lets you, for example, filter images by color and select videos according to their resolution.


Where it is most used: worldwide

Privacy is the motto of the moment. And StartPage is yet another research site that promises the user a safe experience without tracking personal data. In order to be “the most private search engine in the world” (as it advertises on its page), StartPage provides encrypted connection and guarantees not to sell or share user search data.

11. Swisscows

Most Used: Worldwide

Swisscows is a Swiss search engine created in 2014. Like other search engines such as StartPage, Swisscows guarantees maximum respect for privacy and ensures that it does not collect, store or trade user data. The company really takes principles like freedom and privacy seriously, ensuring a safe experience and neutral (not manipulated) results.

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