The Major Upcoming Trends in Cybercrimes

The Major Upcoming Trends in Cybercrimes

The Major Upcoming Trends in Cybercrimes – There are many advantages of having an internet connection; You can stay connected with your distant friends, and even make new ones online. You can find information regarding literally everything, and you can even earn a handsome income.

Technology is a queer thing. It brings you gifts with one hand and stabs you in the back with the other.

And with the widespread of the internet, thanks to ISPs like AT&T, Spectrum Internet, and others, you can get a good internet plan for yourself anywhere you go. Spectrum in particular covers more than 41 states with its superfast service.

You can subscribe to Spectrum Internet service by contacting Spectrum Customer Service and asking for the required plan.

But although this all seems pretty amazing and it sure is, some major cybercrimes are on the rise. That is because not only are the ISPs and online service providers improving their services, but cybercriminals are also improving their ways of attack.

According to a report, around $6 trillion has been lost this year due to cyber crimes. Following are some of the major upcoming trends in cybercrimes you need to be aware of:

The Major Upcoming Trends in Cybercrimes

Ransomeware is Still on the Rise

Ransomeware has been with us for decades but it is only rising. According to last year’s FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center report, there has been a drastic 62% year-over-year increase in ransomware attacks.

With organizations shifting more of their activities online, cybercriminals have started taking advantage of this digitization. And with everything going online during the pandemic, it just added fuel to the fire.

Ransomware involves the criminal getting their hands on the important corporate data and then encrypting it for the company. The criminal then asks the victim company for ransom in return for their precious data.

Ransomeware is on the rise as it is an easy way for hackers to earn a huge amount without even being exposed.

Cyberattacks Associated with Crypto

As cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular with a lot of national and international organizations adopting it, crypto-specific crimes can be seen on the rise.

One of them being cryptojacking. Cryptojacking involves a hijacking of a computer and then using it to mine cryptocurrency without the user’s will.

Crypto is a very lucrative market with values ranging in millions. The process is simple and it is easy to withdraw money and also to launder the stolen money. That is why there is a highrisk of this digital money being a revenue stream for criminals.

Cybercrimes Taking a 3D Turn

3D printing, also known as Additive Manufacturing (AM), has become quite popular recently. Some of the major manufacturers, like Airbus, are adopting 3D printers to develop and build aerospace components. While the technology will bring simplicity and innovation to the manufacturing sector, it brings along some major threats.

Cybercriminals may hack these printers resulting in flawed parts. Some of these defects may be large enough to be visible before assembly and use, while others can be small but significant. Such flaws can result in major accidents if not noted during assembly.

A Rise in BEC Attacks

Business Email Compromise, or BEC, is a type of attack where the attacker sends the victim an email, usually disguised as an authoritative figure like a company’s employee, and asks for information such as bank account information, or asks for a money transfer like payroll transfer.

The attacker makes the victim believe that the email is coming from an authentic source and thus asks him for money or sensitive data without even being caught.

BEC attacks have been on the rise, with $2.4 billion lost in 2021 alone, according to FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Small businesses are more vulnerable to this kind of attack and even though many solutions are being adopted to resolve this issue, it is only expected to increase as criminals are becoming smarter every day.

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CaaS: Anyone Can Become a Hacker

CaaS, short for Crime As a Service, is a serious kind of cybercrime as it is aimed at spreading cybercrime in general. It is the act of professional criminals offering their expertise to others for carrying out cybercrimes.

CaaS aims to make crime so common that the possibility of successful crime becomes larger and the chances of catching all cybercriminals lower even more. Some of the most popular cyber criminal software tools include Spy-eye, ZeUs builder, and Bugat.

These tools make use of advanced technology to carry out a variety of destructive and illegal operations, such as stealing information and compromising bank account passwords


Technology is improving every day. Today, we use digital tools and methods for almost all our important tasks. While this has improved our life a lot, there are threats associated with mainstreaming of some technologies.

Ransomeware, Cryptojacking, 3D Cybercrimes, BEC attacks, and CaaS are among the most common and major upcoming trends in cybercrimes that we need to be aware of. We have mentioned some details about them so that you can stay informed and secure.

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