Mark Zuckerberg the Most Famous Entrepreneurs of the 2000s

Mark Zuckerberg: the most famous entrepreneur of the 2000s

Mark Zuckerberg the Most Famous Entrepreneurs of the 2000s

The origins of the inventor of Facebook

Mark Zuckerbergwas born in 1984 in White Plains, a town in Westchester County in New York.From an early age he was interested in computer science and during high school, he devoted himself to programming small video games, such as a digital version of Risiko, communication programs, and service tools for his father’s office.

One of the first particular creations was the Synapse Media Player , a multimedia reading software. This program memorized the musical habits of those who used it, innovation for those times that were of interest to Microsoft.

The origins of the inventor of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg the Most Famous Entrepreneurs of the 2000s

In 2002 he entered Harvard, despite being part of a brotherhood he spent many hours in solitude in his room and it is from there that in 2004 he started Facebook.

The idea was born out of the habit of American schools to publish photos of enrolled students and teaching staff. Together with his roommate Dustin Moskovitz, Mark, he spread the program within his own college.

Over time, the two friends also involved other colleagues and the social network was increasingly successful so as to reach other universities such as Stanford, Columbia, Yale, Brown, Dartmouth, and many others.

The exponential success of the platform

During that summerthe friends moved to California where they met Peter Thiel who liked the idea so much that he invested in it. The team rented a house that became the operations office andMark bought the domain.

Mark Zuckerberg the Most Famous Entrepreneurs of the 2000s

The following year all the American collages were connected on the social network, but soon profiles were opened by high school students and various professionals.

In 2007, Facebook ranked first as the most visited website in the United States and was among the top ten worldwide.

Demand for advertisements increased exponentially, Bill Gates and Microsoft acquired market share at dizzying rates. Google made an offer to buy the site which Mark turned down.

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In 2008 Zuckerberg was named by Forbes as the youngest billionaire in the world,in 2010 his assets were estimated at 4 billion dollars; in the same year, Facebook had 500 million subscribers and was the most used site in the world after Google.

TheFacebook Inccompany today is worth 229.14 billion dollars, Mark confirms himself as an entrepreneur capable of capturing the needs of the market.

Among the latest moves there was the acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp, so he can be officially defined as the king of social networks.

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