MiniTool MovieMaker Free 5.0 Video Editor

MiniTool MovieMaker 4.0 Free Video Editor Review

MiniTool MovieMaker Free 5.0 Free Video Editor – free and easy-to-use video editing software that allows you to edit your movies quickly and intuitively. It is the perfect program for those who want to approach video editing without purchasing a software license.

MiniTool MovieMaker Free 5.0 Video Editor

Video editing is not a simple activity, especially for those who have never used dedicated software, always rich in features, and sometimes tied to expensive licenses. It is true that this is the best way to practice but to start it is preferable to rely on an economical solution within everyone’s reach. 

For example, you can choose MiniTool MovieMaker Free 5.0 , a free video editor that’s easy to use and packed with great tools for making quality edits. Without any difficulty, it will allow you to insert transitions between clips, add animations and titles, apply professional effects, divide videos into portions, adjust their speed and much more.

Furthermore, to use it it is not necessary to have a particularly performing computer from a computational point of view. However, it must comply with some minimum requirements set by the manufacturer to avoid annoying slowdowns during editing operations. 

MiniTool MovieMaker Free 5.0 Video Editor Requirements

In particular, to use MiniTool MovieMaker Free 5.0 at its best you need a Windows PC (from Windows 7, 10, 11 ) that has at least: 8GB of RAM, 10GB of storage space (preferably SSD), 2GHz Intel Core i5 processor (from 6th Gen up), Intel HD Graphics 5000 GPU, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700, or AMD Radeon R5.

Before starting to use this interesting video editor, you need to download and install it. You can do this quickly by going to the official page, clicking on the red Download Now button, and double clicking on the downloaded executable file. 

The installation procedure is very fast and will be completed in a few seconds, after which you can start the program by clicking on Start Now from the appropriate screen.

As you will notice from the first start, the MiniTool MovieMaker interface is the typical one of video editing software: at the top left there is the section for importing multimedia content, on the right we find the preview window and at the bottom, it is placed the Timeline . 

MiniTool MovieMaker 4.0 Free 1

Through the menu at the top it will be possible to apply effects, transitions and insert text elements in the montages, observing the results in real time through the preview. 

On the Timeline, on the other hand, the actual composition takes place: it is possible to divide the videos into clips, add music, adjust the playback speed and apply transitions on each scene change.

After starting the program, import all the multimedia content you want to edit. For example, you can choose a movie and a music track to put in the background. Doing so is very simple: just click on Import Media Files in the upper left pane and select the files from the PC memory.


Once you have everything you need, drag everything (with drag & drop) into the Timeline, that is the space at the bottom. Here there are three lines marked with three symbols: the upper one is used to insert text elements in the movie, the central one contains the video part and the lower one is dedicated to the audio part . 

You will have to arrange the multimedia files in their respective spaces, together with the effects of your interest available in the menu at the top left.

All that remains is to move along the Timeline using the blue slider, break the movie into multiple clips using the scissors button, insert transitions between clips and change settings via the small menu at the top right. 

You can adjust contrast, saturation and brightness, apply 3D LUT effects, rotate the video, change its playback speed and manage the audio.

In the meantime, you will be able to observe the results of each modification in real time through the Preview window.

Finally, just click on Export to save your work. MiniTool MovieMaker Free 5.0 will allow you to save the file at the maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD), adjust the bit rate, and choose the preferred format from various options available.

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