How to Position Laptop for Video Call

How to Position Laptop for Video Call

How to Position Laptop for Video Call – In this modern decade, where everything is internet-based, like your classes and meetings, it becomes essential to utilize video calls. Suppose you’re an experienced one, then you might already know how to use lights and background setup. But when you’re a newbie, do you really know positioning your laptop at a different angle can make you look better?

When you position your laptop for video calling like a pro, you can easily host your meetings or attend your classes. Try to arrange the laptop according to your face level, and for that, you need to use a stand under your laptop. Here, in this write-up, you’ll get some tricks to position your laptop for video calls.

How to Position Laptop for Video Call?

How you will look on your video calls will definitely depend on how you position your laptop or camera. Your camera angle is essential for looking great in the video call. When you position your laptop at low angles, your double chins will look at the video.

If you have a laptop for zoom video conferencing, then position it at the same level as your face. For this, you’ll need a laptop stand that will help you raise your camera. A laptop stand will also assist you with better posture and reduce the risk of the neck as well as eye strain.

If you don’t want to invest in a laptop stand, you can use a box or stack of books for positioning your laptop camera. The best thing at this point you can do is that you have to take care that your laptop does not move and stay stable. Don’t put your laptop on the dining table; otherwise, it’ll be too low to get the exact position.

If you can’t move your laptop, then try to move your chair at the camera level. While using a desktop, make sure you position your webcam at the top of your monitor, depending on your eye level.

Position your camera far from your face; otherwise, people will only look at your head and neck on video calls. A little bit of distance will improve the quality of your video.

Start the Conversation by Not Looking at the Camera

Before starting the video call, take some time to test if the camera is ok and make yourself comfortable while in the room. Most of the video platforms have a preview option which will assure you how you are looking on the video call.

On the other hand, you can use your laptop’s photo feature to get a preview. It will help you to fix your hair and surroundings for a perfect video conference. You can clean your camera with a microfiber cloth to look better.

When you’re in a video call on your laptop, don’t get distracted by your own beauty. However, while you’re looking at yourself on the monitor, the other people will feel like you are not paying attention to them.

It’ll be a less flattering angle when you’re looking in the down position. Focus on the camera hole to make a closer connection. When you’re in a conference video call, this type of eye contact can make a real difference.

In case you’re uncomfortable with it, you can turn off your video preview. Simply click the “hide myself” option simply.

How To Improve Your Video Frame And Background?

How to Position Laptop for Video Call
Position Laptop for Video Call

Make sure that you’re positioning yourself in the middle of the frame along with filling up the ⅓ of the frame with a smiling face. Positioning your frame is as essential as the camera angle.

Don’t select the wide-angle lenses as these can fit lots into view even if you are in a small room. They can cause image distortion and build an unnatural look which makes things unevenly large. 

In the video, call set your position as it looks most natural. Make a position in the middle of the laptop screen as well as your eyes should be ⅓ of the way down, as we said before. You can divide your frame into three columns or utilize the rule of 3rd grid from above. Now adjust your head to span most of the central columns.

When you have an open house background, your video will look better. You can add some natural environment like trees on the table or room corner to have an esthetic look. Ensure your video conference background is clean and neutral.

Change off the gaudy wallpaper for a sleek, neutral-colored paint job. Organize your walls: Adding one or two items to the walls behind you, such as a framed photo or artwork, adds visual interest without being distracting.

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A little natural look will be the best option. Add a fern, succulent, or hanging plant to the shelf or window ledge behind you. Working from home can be difficult, but you can reduce the number of background wanderers by informing your family ahead of time that you’ll be on a video chat.

Wrapping Up

Nowadays, video calls are becoming a new norm in this busy world. By maintaining all these facts, you can make your video calls a perfect one. While using a laptop for a video call, you don’t need any extra camera or webcam unless your laptop has a built-in camera.

You can also set up your meeting or video calling space and give a good vibe too. Attending virtual meetings and calls is not a big deal now when you know how to present yourself and position your laptop. Hope this write-up will help you for your next meeting hosts or general video calls.

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