More than a dozen new features in OneDrive were announced

More than a dozen new features in OneDrive were announced at Microsoft Ignite 2021

More than a dozen new features in OneDrive were announced – As part of the second part of the Ignite 2021 conference, Microsoft has published an extensive blog post in which it describes OneDrive Features the new and upcoming experiences with files in Microsoft 365.

These are mainly a dozen new products in OneDrive – not only for the service itself, but also in connection with Windows 11, ARM devices, Teams, macOS, Windows 365, and more.

Improvements in OneDrive Features for Windows

  • ARM Support: OneDrive will gain support for ARM devices from Windows. Later this year, the preview will be available to Insiders.
  • File Experience in Windows 11: File Explorer gained OneDrive sharing option. It is located on the top ribbon of windows.

Improvements in OneDrive in the browser

  • New photo editing features: The built-in image editor in OneDrive will soon allow you to crop, adjust photo brightness, exposure, shadows, highlights and saturation, and use filters.
  • Installing OneDrive as PWA on Windows and macOS: This year, it became possible to install OneDrive as a PWA application directly on your computer.
  • Universal printing integrated with OneDrive in the browser: thanks to the integration with Universal Print it is possible to print from anywhere – for example when you are at home and printing in the office, without the need to install printer drivers.
Improvements in OneDrive in the browser

Improvements in OneDrive for Teams

  • “Add to OneDrive” in Teams: Files in feeds can now be easily added to OneDrive using a new menu option. Folders can also be added soon.
  • All your Teams recordings in one place: Teams audio and video meetings are now automatically saved to the “Recordings” folder in OneDrive (personal meetings) or SharePoint (channel meetings).
Improvements in OneDrive for Teams

Improvements in OneDrive for macOS

  • M1 Support: OneDrive will be natively compiled for Apple M1 processors. Preview support will begin rolling out to Insiders in December.
  • Known Folder Move (KFM) on macOS: Known Folder Move (KFM) will be available in early 2022, giving you access to desktop folders, documents, and pictures, protected by syncing with OneDrive.

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  • Files On-Demand for macOS: This year, Microsoft redesigned Files On-Demand in macOS Monterey and for macOS 12 based on the new Apple File Provider platform.

Organization of files in the company

  • Quick Access: In 2022, OneDrive’s Quick Access menu will appear with a list of recently visited locations. We will go to the pages of shared documents with one click. We will also be able to pin places visited.
  • Moving shortcuts in “Add to OneDrive”: based on feedback, Microsoft will release the “Add to OneDrive” shortcut organizing feature in its own private folders at the end of the year.

This will allow you to easily move shortcuts to other folders and access them from any device or browser.

Onedrive features Organization of files in the company

Real-time sharing and collaboration

  • Quick permissions and link settings: after selecting “Share”, when entering the recipient’s name / address, we will be able to select them from the intuitive drop-down menu next to their name. 

We can also choose the permission level, and after sending the file we will get a confirmation of sharing. A new point has also been added in the link settings that gives you more granular control over-sharing.

Next year, a new footer link copy experience will begin to be shared, where we will be able to set link permissions and copy it to make it available to recipients.

  • “Shared with” and access management settings: we will be able to see who and how many people have access to a shared file. 

We will also be able to see a visual confirmation of who we just sent the file to. Features will begin rolling out in early 2022.

Onedrive features Real-time sharing and collaboration

Compatibility, protection and file security

  • Improvements for Sync Admin Reports: This year, Microsoft announced the public preview of OneDrive Sync Admin Reports in the Microsoft 365 Apps Admin Center. 

Reports give IT admins better visibility of who is using the OneDrive sync client and what errors they may be experiencing. 

Soon admins will be able to create filters to generate personalized insights. Reports will also be available soon for devices with macOS.

  • Final protection status with Sync Ideal State and Windows 365: Microsoft recommends enabling Sync Ideal State for sync client deployments. This is now the default OneDrive Features configuration in Windows 365.

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