What are the currently most played online racing games on console and PC?

Best car racing games for Computer/PCBest car racing games for Computer/PC

The driving genre has always been one of the most popular among players, but over the last decade, action games like Battleroyale or MOBA like Fortnite have surpassed popularity. But many of us enjoy most played online racing games on console and PC, driving games, arcades,, or simulations, as they allow us to compete and compete with vehicles we couldn’t in real life. A pleasure for all motorcyclists.

The current variety of titles and frequency of publications is lower, but we still have an extensive catalog of games of this rich genre. Poor players tend to look for games that are dominated by the feeling of speed, ease of handling, interaction with the environment, and the possibility of destroying an opponent. with direct blows. On the other hand, purists are looking for a simulation where the player is rewarded for performing perfect braking to improve times. In this article, we will propose to you what are the most played online racing games on console and PC.


  • 1 Racing simulation games
    • 1.1 Project Cars 3
    • 1.2 Competition Race Layout
    • 1.3 Forza MotorSport 7
    • 1.4 iRacing
    • 1.5 RFactor 2
  • 2 Arcade driving games
    • 2.1 Forza Horizon 4
    • 2.2 4. CORRECT
    • 2.3 Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered
    • 2.4 Burnout Paradise Remastered

Most played online racing games on console and PC

Project Cars 3

This is the third part about one of the most successful video game racing series in the industry. It is capable of conveying lively sensations, emotions, and great fun in the lively world of motorsport through major changes from previous submissions.

Untitled design 12 1 4

The control has been completely redesigned and as a result, the driving system is fast, fun and very precise. We find skill settings for pilots of all types, from the most veteran and expert to the most skilled and temporary. The weather changes in real-time which will add a lot of richness to the interaction with the environment and give importance to the choice of settings and tires for our race cars. In this edition, we will have a wide choice of game modes, such as a completely reverse and deep trajectory mode that will delight most role-players.

Competition Race Layout

Definitely another big name in the racing and car simulation genre, the Black pain GT series license. This exciting competition allows us to live with a dash of realism and depth never seen before. We can compete with you with real-life official drivers, all official teams, and all online car races.

Untitled design 11 1 3

The graphics engine allows us to find many real circuits regenerated to the millimeter by the best engineers Unreal Engine 4. Definitely one of the best driving simulators on the market, because if we enjoy all this we enjoy a good steering wheel, which can detect asphalt defects, making the driving experience much more realistic.

Forza MotorSport 7

The Microsoft Turn simulator, developed by Turn 10, has managed to maintain this playback requirement and the realism that has characterized it since its first part. The main novelty of this part is the deeper way the campaign is to mention competitive races and artificial intelligence opponents, with much better control over handling with command.

Untitled design 10 1 7

Another point of praise is the technical aspect if we play something impressive at 4K and 60 FPS. At the content level, it is not far behind, with over 700 min and 32 circuits available, a very complete multiplayer full of temporary events. Definitely, one of the references of the genre, even if playing with the controller is enjoyment for improved control We always recommend playing with the steering wheel.


One of the most demanding simulators of the driving genre, realistic and focused on online competitions. It has wonderful control, a tremendous level of realism, which allows the biggest driving fans to enjoy difficult driving. As we commented earlier, it will be essential to have a good steering wheel as in the previous games, iRacing can transmit everything that happens on the asphalt through the steering wheel.

Untitled design 9 1 5

Undoubtedly, the most striking feature of this simulator is its competitive online approach, as there is a competitive license that examines our driving level and our behavior on the track to find the right opponents in front of us. The title has an extensive repertoire of cars and plenty of tracks for racing. Official licenses include 24-hour LeMans, Indicate, or Nascar. Definitely one of the most complete and demanding PC simulators.

RFactor 2

To conclude with this list of realistic simulators, let’s go with this one that is closest to the professional simulator, a proposal that will attract those who want to live a similar experience of running on a real circuit. The downside to all of this is that less skilled players can be frustrated when it comes to getting behind the wheel with this simulator, in addition to a fairly precise interface and not a bad look but less polished graphics than the competition. The developers have certainly paid more attention to the physics and realism that the steering wheel and its designs provide.

Untitled design 8 1 5

The strongest points of this simulator are certainly its realism, as we have commented, and the number of configuration parameters in our care settings. The weather changes that will completely change the control of our vehicles , force us to reconfigure everything and demand even more from the wheel. Certainly, the online mode is not far behind, as its community is huge and it is a lot of fun to compete to improve every day.

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Arcade driving games

Forza Horizon 4

Aimed at a more ordinary audience, Microsoft took out of its sleeve what is now the most popular driving game. In a game that places us in an open world , we can move freely in our vehicles while meeting all kinds of challenges or goals , as well as racing with online opponents. Many strongest points are certainly the open-world mentioned, with impressive graphics and the level of personalization of the vehicles it has. Control is also something we can’t forget is located between the cleanest arcade and the most demanding simulation.

Untitled design 7 1 10

No doubt this game was marked before and after, taking references from Need for Speed ​​or Midnight Club, where we enjoyed a great map where we could run freely with tasks, missions, or races. Nice game. In addition to competing, we can rest easy on a ride, taking on speed challenges by blowing up all the highway radar. The variety of vehicles is huge, usable, offroad, or super sports cars.


In the list of the best driving games, we can not forget the fun world of rallies and it is certainly one of the most spectacular and exciting ways to drive. This edition maintains a great balance between the rigorous and the fun, allowing any player with practice to be fun without getting too frustrated.

Untitled design 6 1 8

Online modalities have increased considerably with a strong league and challenge system, although the campaign mode has been in the background due to lack of depth. DIRT 4 is a fun and rigorous experience alike. This makes it an essential game for those looking for a car game to play alone and have fun online.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered

The king of the arcade driver couldn’t be missing from this list and certainly Need for Speed ​​is one of the most important sagas of the genre on its own merits. This video game conveys all the essence that the saga conveys to us since it was created 20 years ago. With great gameplay for any kind of gameplay and outstanding graphics, it becomes a pleasure to be behind the wheel of car actors.

Untitled design 5 1 16

The game is spectacular as police chase along long long roads along with a giant map . It’s just as much fun as the first day to get on the wheel and do a lot of missions accompanied by a frantic and enjoyable soundtrack. If you haven’t done so yet you should try the game, taking advantage of restarting it.

Burnout Paradise Remastered

A saga to drive another legendary saga that could not be on this list. The latest version of this saga, with a change of face, which makes it more attractive if possible, even if it is far from the current graphic standard, has a very attractive visual section and retains its excellent gameplay intact. Crashing our supercar and leaving it completely insidious has never been so much fun.

Untitled design 4 1 12

Very simple manipulation of fun games, we just have to worry about finishing in the first place, trying to bite the dust through opponents. The soundtrack has unforgettable themes and reversals that demand more speed along with its frenetic pace of play. 

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