New Google engines to provide you also control over your privacy and security

New Google tools to give you more control over your privacy and security
control over your privacy and security

News arriving with all the news that will have to do with Android for this year. From what’s yours Android M and its commitment to performance or what are the new apps like Google Photos or news about Google Now. Quite a declaration of interest from Google to show that it is the tech company of the moment and that it is going strong.

If He almost left us on the canvas with all this news in Keynote hand in hand with Sundar Pichai, today returns to the fray with a series of tools that provides the user with Security and Privacy . A fundamental problem for today where we are used to using our identifiers in different services with our Google account. For this reason, we can access a new website to have the maximum possible control in this regard.


  • 1 Control the confidentiality of your account
    • 1.1 What “My Google Account” offers
  • 2 A little about “My Google account”
    • 2.1 Connection and security
    • 2.2 Personal information and confidentiality
    • 2.3 Account preferences

Control the confidentiality of your account

Google has introduced a new way to manage security in an effort to help the user have more control over how information is shared. The new “My Google Account” tool offers quick access to security and privacy settings, giving you good control over what information Google accounts provide, the type of ads seen, and much more.

Control the confidentiality of your account

What “My Google Account” offers

  • Take control with a series of privacy and security controls with a simple guide to navigate the most important settings in these two categories.
  • Manage information that can be used from Google Search, Maps, YouTube, and other services that improve your Google experience. For example, you can enable certain settings such as web and app activity , which picks up the most relevant and fastest search results, or location history, which turns on Google Maps and Google Now for give advice for a faster return home.
  • use the ad settings tool to take control of ads based on your interests and the research you have performed.
  • Controls apps and websites connected with your account.

Google is also introducing a new website for simple security and privacy questions. This will dispel the doubts of many users who are often unsure of what kind of data Google can collect on a daily basis.

A bit about “My Google Account”

The goal is to control and protect your account , and what could be better than providing the user with all the information it contains. If we know what we’re sticking with, we can close and open doors with access to total control and knowledge.

A bit about "My Google Account"

Connection and security

Here we can find out when was the last password change , whether we have enabled two-step verification or account recovery options such as secret question, phone or alternative mail.

Connection and security

The second category is to control which devices have accessed the account and their activity . The third category for connected apps and sites and have full control over them, since we can remove them here.

Personal information and confidentiality

All data relating to basic information, account history, ad settings , account overview and content control. Noteworthy is the possibility of search history and the sites you have visited locations.

Since the last option of content control We can even download the data and make a copy of it, even assign a person to download it in case we cannot manage it for a while.

Account Preferences

Google Drive Storage

You Google Drive Storage, account deletion or certain services or accessibility are the options that we will find in this last category and that puts an end to everything that has to do with this new series of tools that will be useful to us for the management of our google account.

You can now access My google account .

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