7 Best Free NFT Games to Earn Money

5+ Best Free Money Making NFT Games 2022

Best NFT Games to Earn Money – Along with the growing popularity of cryptocurrency in the investment world, Non-Fungible Token (NFT) based games seem to be a new trend for those of you who want to get digital money easily.

Especially now that games are like a secondary need for people to entertain themselves when stressed.

Seeing the rapid development of this trend has made some game developers more enthusiastic in developing games with blockchain technology .

Well, for those of you who are curious. This time Smart Tips will provide a list of the 7 best money-making NFT games that you can try to play.

Best Free NFT Games to Earn Money

When it comes to money, who doesn’t want it? Especially if the way to get it is quite easy, one of which is by playing some of these best money-making NFT games.

1. Neon District

The best money-making NFT game that you can try is Neon District . Yep, this Free to Play game with a Cyberpunk theme is one of the best Role Playing Game (RPG) games that you can play.

This game offers a reward in the form of NFT that you can get from various missions that you successfully complete. Well, NFT in this game itself is a collection of characters, equipment, or achievements .

Simply put, all the elements in this game are digital collectibles with blockchain technology where you can turn them into assets in the form of NFT.

Not limited to collecting characters, in this game you can make buying and selling transactions with other players.

The essence of this game itself is to build a team to be able to compete with other players, both in completing missions or in real-time battles .

Well, one of the modes that is quite popular in this game itself is Neon Pizza, where players can compete with each other for prizes.

How about it, it’s quite interesting to play, isn’t it? With a fairly simple gameplay , the prizes of this game are also quite tempting.

Visit the Neon District here .

2. Splinterlands

In the next sequence, there is the game  Splinterlands . Yep, this game is one of the best crypto games on Android and iOS which was previously known as Steem Monsters . This card game gives you the opportunity to earn crypto coins on the  Hive (HIVE) blockchain  .

Well, for those of you who like trading-card- themed games, then Splinterlands is the right game for you to try playing. This is because Splinterlands offers NFT in the form of cards with a predetermined rarity level.

In contrast to card games in general, Splinterlands is known as a trading card game (TCG) with a total of more than 280 cards registered as  Non-Fungible Tokens  (NFT).

With the collectible card game concept , you can collect various cards that are divided into 4 levels of rarity. This means that the rarer the card, the higher the price.

Visit Splinterlands here .

3. Gods Unchained

Next up is the Gods Unchained game . Yep, this game is a game with a TCG theme that you can play for free.

Well, to get NFT in Gods Unchained, you can do it by winning a match between players, or what is known as PVP.

Or you can collect these cards by buying them from other players.

At first glance, this game is similar to Splinterlands, but this game uses a ranking system, it certainly makes this game look more competitive.

So when players enter the match round , they will automatically look for opponents with the same rank as the rank that the player has.

Well, if you’ve ever played a similar game, such as Hearthstone or Splinterlands, you certainly won’t have any trouble playing this game. The process of buying and selling assets in this game is also not as complicated as you think.

You can make the transaction through the NFT marketplace they have provided.

Visit Gods Unchained here .

4. CryptoKitties

For those of you who like cats, it feels obligatory to try this best money-making NFT game on this one. Yep , CryptoKittties is a game that has a virtual pet concept, where the animal is a cute and adorable cat.

How to get NFT in this game is also fairly easy, even almost like the Neon District game, the difference is that CryptoKitties uses a cat as the main character.

The unique thing in this game is, you can breed the pet cats that you have and will later become an asset in the game.

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In addition, you need to know that every cat character in this game has a variety of different characters, and that is the selling point in this game.

How, are you interested in trying to play this game?

Visit CryptoKitties here .

5. Evolution Land

Well, for those of you who like games with the simulation genre, Evolution Land is the right option for you to try playing.

This game is one of the best virtual simulation games with blockchain technology where this game already supports cross-chain interactions .

In this game itself you can play together or beat each other in things like construction, mining, even PVP.

Later, players will be presented with 1-26 continents, each of which will be placed on a different blockchain . Among them are Atlantis (Ethereum) and also Tron (Byzantium) which are examples of the two continents that the community has built in this game.

The unique thing about this game is that players will be given the freedom to manage their tariffs and local governance.

Well, the NFT form of this game is the KTON coin, where the buying and selling process will be determined by the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). So the players will get a share of 70% of the revenue of this game.

Visit Evolution Land here .

6. Axie Infinity

It doesn’t feel right if Axie Infinity is not included in this list of the best money-making NFT games. Yep, this game itself is by far the most prominent NFT game compared to other NFT games.

The game, which has a similar theme to CryptoKitties, is built on the Ethereum blockchain  and features the concept of turn-based strategy.

To be able to win the battlefield in Axie Infinity, you must be able to develop logical tactics and skills in making decisions.

Also, Axie Infinity is a  Play to Earn based NFT game,  with the Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) as the  crypto  asset used in the game.

Axie Infinity itself is a virtual pet fighting game where players can breed and raise these pets to fight the competition.

Well, you can enjoy two modes in this game, namely Adventure Mode (PvE) and Arena Mode (PvP), both of which still generate Smooth Love Potion  (SLP) tokens and AXS tokens as prizes.

You can also experience the opportunity to trade collectibles and pets in this game to increase your strength against enemies.

Not only that, all the collections that you have can also be traded for profit.

Visit Axie Infinity here .

7. ChainZ Arena

Finally, there is the ChainZ Arena game. Yep, this game is one of the best NFT games played with a role playing game  (RPG) theme .

Players in this game can collect characters or heroes to fight enemies in a virtual space called Legendary Arena.

NFT gamers also have the freedom to sell heroes in order to earn more.

ChainZ Arena is played on the basis of mining crypto coins such as Ethereum, EOS, and also Tron.

Visit the ChainZ Arena here .


Well, those are the 7 best money-making NFT games that you can try playing. Well, about the eight games that caught your attention, didn’t you?

Actually there are many best money-making NFT games that you can try to play! So, if you have a list of other NFT games, you can share them via the comments column of this post!

Hopefully this information can be useful for you! Don’t forget to like, comment, and share this article to your relatives who are also following this NFT trend.

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