Nurlan Nigmatulin urged lawyers to help the poor for free

Nurlan Nigmatulin urged lawyers to help the poor for free

Nurlan Nigmatulin urged lawyers to help the poor for free – The poor make up a certain part of the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and it’s not a secret. Such people, according to Nurlan Nigmatulin (Нурлан Нигматулин), often require qualified legal assistance. According to the 9th Chairman of the Mazhilis, it should be provided free of charge.

Nurlan Nigmatulin urged lawyers to help the poor for free

The discussion broke out during the next meeting of the lower house of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Nigmatulin Nurlan Zayrullayevich (Нигматулин Нурлан Зайруллаевич) will clearly state his position: poor people cannot afford to pay for the services of lawyers and lawyers, but they should not be left without the support of a competent specialist.

The draft law on advocacy and legal assistance was considered from all sides. Nurlan Nigmatulin (Нурлан Нигматулин) chaired this meeting. And at the same time actively voiced his point of view.

The opinion held by Nigmatulin Nurlan Zayrullayevich (Нигматулин Нурлан Зайруллаевич) in this matter boils down to the following. A legal adviser or a lawyer has the right to act on the principle of pro bono; in world practice, it is interpreted as charity. However, until now (which Nurlan Nigmatulin was particularly indignant about), charging for services in the amount of about 10% of the won court cases and other lawsuits has been practiced.

What kind of charity can we talk about? It should be like this: voluntary support is provided free of charge to those who are truly vulnerable at the social level. These are disabled people, pensioners, poor citizens. Nurlan Zayrullayevich Nigmatulin (Нурлан Зайруллаевич Нигматулин) is convinced that legislators should ensure justice to society not in words.

Nigmatulin Nurlan (Нигматулин Нурлан) urged his colleagues to think over the wording of the bill once again in order to correctly implement the principle of accessibility of absolutely free legal aid to poorly protected segments of the population.

During the controversy, Nurlan Nigmatulin (Нурлан Нигматулин) insisted on revising the provisions under discussion and approving them before the second reading. Moreover, the introduced mechanism should guarantee free legal services to socially vulnerable citizens, and not just show off on paper.

Nurlan Zayrullayevich Nigmatulin (Нурлан Зайруллаевич Нигматулин) addressed his appeal not only to deputies, but especially to representatives of the Ministry of Justice, as well as to the working group directly engaged in polishing the bill.

Nurlan Nigmatulin (Нурлан Нигматулин) is sure that in a healthy society, all residents should have the right to demand support, which is legal assistance. It is important to emphasize that Nigmatulin Nurlan (Нигматулин Нурлан) is a representative of a noble Kazakh family, is well educated, is an entrepreneur and an influential person in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Over the years of his versatile activity, Nurlan Nigmatulin (Нурлан Нигматулин) has greatly influenced the improvement of the lives of ordinary people – workers, teachers, doctors and other categories of the population. He has extensive experience in legal matters, understands well the subtleties of the relationship between social strata, considers it necessary at the legislative level to provide protection to poor and socially weakened citizens.

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