What are Decision Making Skills? Why it is Important?

What are decision making skills

Decision Making Skills – In life or at work, there are times when you have to make important decisions yourself. At every stage in life, we have to make decisions or choose methods or directions. Depending on the skills each person has, they can make the right decisions and develop themselves. Therefore, this article will introduce you to some useful information to understand what decision-making skills are? Why is it necessary to have this skill at work? We invite you to follow the article!

What are decision making skills?

Decision-making skills are one or more conclusions and actions that one makes in response to a certain situation. And those decisions can ensure you achieve the results you desire.

When you encounter a problem that needs solving, you may be invited to make a decision. Or your own problem is having to make your own decisions, from which decisions have the potential to cause negative or positive effects on your problems or can affect others.

Successful people rely on their confidence as well as the practice of skills, combined with their wisdom or knowledge to make quality and correct decisions. Therefore, you should practice your decision-making skills along with improving your understanding or experience to be able to make decisions that help you succeed in all matters of life.

Classification of decisions

Classification of decisions
Classification of decisions

Common decisions are divided into 3 main types, which are:

Decide according to standards

Often your daily decisions are repetitive in nature. The answer to these decisions is to follow existing procedures, rules, laws or policy regulations.

For example: when you see a red light, you decide to stop, or when you see a green light, you decide to continue,…

Decisions according to this standard are often relatively easy because they have a repetitive nature and there are rules for you to refer to to choose the right decision. And when you deliberately make a different decision, bad problems can happen to you.

The decision is immediate

These decisions often happen suddenly, requiring you to make quick and accurate decisions, and they are unannounced. These immediate situations don’t allow much time to plan and involve others.

Decisions have depth

This type of decision requires specific planning and time to make the right decision. Decisions include processes such as selection, adaptation, creation and the decisions made must achieve good results and the effectiveness of decisions depends on the ability, expertise or experience of the person. Friend. Or the decisions are chosen the most by the collective and this decision is chosen to develop a good direction for the problem. In-depth decisions are important decisions that determine the success of the work and show the abilities of you or a team.

Why is Decision Making Skill Important at work?

Why is Decision Making Skill Important
Why is it necessary to have decision-making skills at work?

When working, you need to solve many tasks and provide direction for the development of your work. When choosing between different directions or between different opinions, you need to have decision-making skills to choose the right direction, a great solution to develop your work and come up with solutions. Development direction for your company or business.

Important skills that make up decision-making skills

Decision-making skills help you come up with the most optimal solution for a certain problem, helping to achieve the best possible results. When you are a leader, decision-making skills are even more important to you because it helps you come up with the best solution to help you move your company or business forward.

The more correct your decision is, in addition to your skills, you need to combine the skills you have, improve your analytical ability, and determine which opinions are not good to eliminate.

Here are 7 important skills that make up decision-making skills:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Teamwork skill
  • Emotion mastery skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Organizational and planning skills
  • Effective time management skills
  • Creative skills

Here are some examples of decision-making skills that you can refer to to gain experience:

Problem-solving skills

In this skill, the leader needs to understand the company’s problems, then find optimal solutions to help the business move in the right direction.

For example: The company is considering signing a delivery contract for an order that needs to be delivered urgently in a short time, but there is not enough human resources, limited overtime, machinery is not at full capacity, and raw materials are not available. There are enough materials.

With the above situation, the decision maker’s solution is to meet with the human resources department and recruit more seasonal employees to compensate for the lack of personnel. After resolving the personnel issue, you begin to sign a contract with the terms of a slightly higher price but guaranteed completion time.

Leadership skills

Leadership skills
Leadership skills

When you as a leader, in addition to making your subordinates trust you, you should know how to make the parts coordinate together in the best way to promote a collective development for the common goal of the organization. company or enterprise.

For example: A company has a team of employees who always work hard and are always immersed in work. You know that if this situation lasts for a long time, the quality of employees will decrease, leading to poor work. decline, over time employees will be stressed and depressed. Therefore, as a leader, you should solve the problem by dividing days off for employees during the week and ensuring that everyone has a day to rest and relax. Organize travel on holidays or holidays or you can support regular money as spiritual food for your employees.

Group skill

When making an important decision, sometimes it is necessary to have some suggestions or synthesize the opinions of the group to make the right decision. Therefore, the ability to gather opinions and filter information from group work is extremely important. You must have teamwork skills to help connect people together, thereby promoting the strength of the collective.

For example: The company meets with Marketing departments to discuss market development strategies and exploit potential customers. In this matter, you cannot give your own opinion and force everyone to follow as a leader, but must have opinions from the collective of employees and managers. With market experience and regular contact with customers, they will give good ideas. You only choose the most beneficial ideas and combine them to create a solution that helps the company grow and thereby connects everyone together.

Emotion regulation skills

You can’t let your personal and professional emotions mix when you’re a leader. Emotions are the foundation for making dependent opinions, or the more positive and comfortable the emotions are, the more correct and wise decisions will be made.

For example: When you are having something difficult or unhappy from the outside, entering a meeting as a director, you should limit letting those negative emotions take over. You must be calm and regulate negative emotions, which will help you think of positive directions or a great plan to help your work develop. Then you should give yourself a day to relax to reduce negative emotions

Creative skills

A bold and unique solution to a difficult problem will create breakthroughs and creativity in your work, helping you save more time and money. That creative idea may come from you or an employee and you, as a leader, must promote such good ideas.

For example: Instead of introducing its products through forms such as flyers or marketing products, with a creative idea, the company decides to invite a famous singer or an influential person. benefit to advertise your company. This helps products be selected and developed more in the market.

Time management skills

With a certain problem, if you do not know how to manage and arrange your time properly, when the problem is due, you will be confused and the results will not be as expected. As a leader, you should have a specific plan for a problem that needs to be solved in order to develop and bring good results to all problems.

For example: When you want to recruit suitable personnel for a certain position, recruiting and interviewing each person to find the right candidate is very time-consuming. Therefore, you should recruit a number of interns and hire them as seasonal employees, from there train and during the working process, select a few bright employees to train and officially hire. companies, helping to save time and select the best candidates.

Organizational skills

You must have good organizational skills to be able to arrange appropriate work for each person and create appropriate processes for the apparatus to help the company develop.

For example: In a company, when buying and selling goods and printing invoices, customers need the company to have a quick procedure while still ensuring safety. Instead of purchasing information having to be sent from the company’s phone operator to the receiving room and then to the warehouse to pick up the goods, the company should apply computer technology and use software. So when the operator receives the customer’s application, all he has to do is fill in the information and the information will be transmitted at the same time so others can make a faster purchase.

Above are 7 examples of decision-making skills you can refer to. Hopefully, through sharing about decision-making skills above, you will have more useful information to practice and improve this skill to help you develop better at work. If you have difficulties or need more information, come to Good Jobs blog, we will provide the information you need. If you need to find a job or recruit teammates, come to the Good Jobs page , you will surely have a satisfactory experience.

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