11 Best Photo Collage Apps for iPhone in 2023

Photo Collage Apps for iPhone

11 Best Photo Collage Apps for iPhone in 2023 – We are going to see the best applications to make Collage on iPhone and iPad . Accustomed to taking pictures on every trip, short visit or even going out to dinner or out with our friends, we are used to editing images as if we were born for it.

We know all the filters, frames and turns that we can perform to get our best profile and whose final result is a photo to remember. On other occasions, it is required that it not only be a photograph, but that several must be taken in order to form a collage .

Top 11 Best Photo Collage Apps for iPhone

PicsArt Photo Editor – Collages, Stickers and Filters

PicsArt # 5 of the most downloaded apps in photo editors and collage maker for iPhone or iPad. It has incredible tools to edit images and draw, with filters, effects, collages, a camera, emojis and more than 5 million stickers created by the users themselves.

PicsArt is an excellent tool for perfecting your selfies and creating stunning works of art, collages, and memes. It has a large number of free frames and frames; In addition to those shared by users in the PicsArt community, which can be used as backgrounds.

PicsArt contains a great pack of tools to: crop, clone, add text and even perfect your selfies with the beauty tool. It also has a huge gallery of artistic filters, frames, backgrounds, borders, and more. It also offers hundreds of fonts to add text to your images and create memes.

Custom sticker creator and free stickers created by other users and available for you to use in remixes and messages.

PicsArt Camera allows you to take photos with live effects and filters for great selfies. This and many more things that you will have to discover when using this application. An app to make iphone collage to consider.

No. 5 in Photo and video – . Ratings and reviews: 4.6 – 15.8 thousand ratings

Download PicsArt Photo Editor 

Layout from Instagram

Application created by Instagram to create very funny compositions with your images uploaded to the most famous international photography social network. It allows you to make a photo mosaic with images from your gallery or with new snapshots created with Photo Booth.

Layout gives you absolute freedom in your creations, letting you mix up to nine images in each collage. And offering you facilities in the subsequent search through its search options by ‘Faces’ or with an automatic memory of the last thirty photographs. Number 2 in the list of free iPhone collage apps .

No. 15 in Photo and video. – Ratings and reviews: 4.3 – 1.3 thousand ratings

Download this collage maker app for free:  Layout from Instagram

Pic Collage

Pic Collage is possibly the best iPhone collage app and one of the most famous; It is a free app and very easy to use .

Ideal to take indelible memories of your vacations or those special celebrations. Thanks to its web search function, your collages will be made up of the perfect photos for that occasion.

With simple clicks you can modify the composition, create new collages from the beginning or add fun accessories such as GIFs, stickers or texts.

In addition, it has the ‘School Settings’ option with which parents and teachers can disable both advertisements and the social functions from which to share your creations.

An app to make collage iphone that, as you can see in the image below, you can make collages in the shape of a heart or any other shape and size. You can also print your collages on phone cases directly from the app!

No. 19 in Photo and video. – Ratings and reviews: 4.6 – 43.8 thousand ratings

Download PicCollage


One of the applications to make collages of photos and videos. Tool with which you can create video collages with up to 4 videos or, if you like to mix photos and videos, you can randomly combine a total of 9 photos and videos to make collages with both.

The organization of the images is automatically generated by the app, so all you have to do is apply filters such as color or texture, add stickers or other decorative elements.

Another of the  applications to make photo collages, in just a few minutes you will be able to have quick and quality compositions with which to impress family and friends.

No. 55 in Photo and video. – Ratings and reviews: 4.7 – 13.6 thousand ratings

Download PhotoGrid


Photo editor developed by Munkee Apps that offers you a simple and fast way to share your images. You can choose between standard filters or create your own custom filters to create photo collages (it offers you more than twenty different collage types).

It allows to modify the images through changes of color, brightness, contrast or saturation. Each photo mosaic or collage that you create will be saved in high resolution and will give you the option to share it on social networks with your friends.

No. 65 in Photo and video. – Ratings and reviews: 4.6 – 160.2 thousand ratings

Download Instasize Ai Photo Editor

Pic Collage Maker PerfectImage 

Perfect Image is a very easy to use photo editor with powerful features. Fascinating special effects for photos can be easily created with this app. One of the photo collage maker apps that you should try. It has thousands of positive ratings from its users and it is Free.

Features Collage Photos – Perfect Image:

Function to create mosaics or compositions with high definition support images. Innovative filters, supports self-defined filter zones. Fancy text supports automatic composition, color gradient, multicolor, 3D effects, stroke, shadow, and hollow effects. It comes with plenty of stickers, no download required.

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Lots of cartoon styles that make your photos different and interesting. Built-in artistic frames from various categories. Real-time coloring, real-time keying, and blending of a variety of color parameters including brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, sharpness, vignetting, exposure, and hue. A free collage maker app.

No. 62 in Photo and video. – Ratings and reviews: 4.6 – 3.6 thousand ratings

Download Photo Collage – Perfect Image

Bazaart Photo Editor

Application to make collage  One of the most laureate and loved image editors by users and photography professionals. With this application you can make collages using techniques that are more complicated than simple compilation such as layering or cropping photos.

In addition, it also allows you to play with each image using filters and tools with which to add a new touch to each snapshot, such as removing the background or the possibility of making both vertical and horizontal collages.

It is one of the best apps to make professional iphone collages.

No. 98 in Photo and video. – Ratings and reviews: 4.7 – 2.8 thousand ratings

Download Bazaart Photo Editor


Moldiv – Photo Editor to edit collage and retouch photos. It is a multi-functional photo editor that allows you to make collages on iPhone and play with the images in a creative and very professional way. Thanks to the possibilities that it offers you with its functions of frames, magazine or with the realization of collages.

In addition, it also contains an option called ‘Beauty Camera’ with which you can take selfies that are as natural as they are attractive. It offers you more than 180 filters with more than twelve developed themes and the possibility of combining up to 16 photographs in your collage.

Live video filters with gorgeous animated graphics: particle effects, vintage light leak; fun animated stickers, video magazine covers, polaroid designs and much more.

Available widgets for the notification center: video, selfie, edit, collage. EXIF data. Save at full resolution on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch device. Share the photos on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.

Download Moldiv Photo Editor – Edit Collage and Retouch Photos.

Split Pic Collage Maker Layout

Split Pic creates and edits photo collages for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Divide the chamber into several sections with 7 free layouts of your choice. You can combine these images together creating a flawless special effect; or create a collage with different images. New original clone function and many more possibilities.

How to make a photo collage with Split Pic:

  1. Select a design
  2. Take photos or import the images from your camera.
  3. Mix the images making it look like one, to fool your friends; or keep it strong contrast and show your artistic side.
  4. Conveniently adjust your images. Zoom-in or zoom-out, move splitter bars, move images around, and choose from different photo edits.
  5. Choose from 14 custom photo filters to get your Split Pic.
  6. Save it to your camera or share it with your friends. Share directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, email or SMS.

Download Split Pic Editor Collage Photos

Other apps to make collage iPhone

If you still haven’t found out how to make a collage on iPhone; Here are some more applications:

LiveCollage Classic – Instant Collage Maker

Application developed for the creation of image collages with more than 5,000 options with which to modify your photographs. You can create compositions in the form of a puzzle, calendar, diptych or with polygonal shapes.

Impossible to get bored! It also includes stickers, a text editor, multiple frame options or thematic touch-ups to congratulate on birthdays or Christmas parties. You can also touch up previously made collages, a feature that puts it ahead of other apps in its branch.

Download LiveCollage


Application that allows you to make collages with both your iPhone and iPad by means of grid patterns and the use of specific visual filters. One more of the apps to make collages.

App created for the iOS system that works quickly and simply. First you select the type of pattern you want your compositions to have; then you add the photographs from your gallery, your camera or from the repository of your social networks (adjusting it to your liking).

You modify the size at will, apply the effects you want such as rounding the corners or a greater luminosity, and finally you export your collage.

Download Diptic

There are hundreds of apps to make collage iphone, the easiest thing is to review among a small selection, rather than having to try all the ones that exist.

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