Popcornflix Review 2024 : Is It Safe and Legal to Watch Movies and TV?


If you’re sitting on the couch holding a handful of popcorn and getting bored, then you must start streaming on PopcornFlix. Being a free streaming service, PopcornFlix makes sure that “entertainment is just two clicks away”. It is the best platform for streaming the latest movies, TV series, and documentaries because it won’t charge you a penny for its subscription. This alone can attract a massive amount of binge-watching movie lovers because not everyone loves to fill the pockets of paid streaming services.

In this article, we’ll disseminate whether Popcornflix is a safe and legal option in 2024. Also, we’ll guide you with some of its alternatives if you’re not fond of using Popcornflix. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What is PopcornFlix?

It is a website and OTT service owned by the Screen Media Ventures division of Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment that provides free, ad-supported streaming video of full-length movies and webisodes.

Is Popcornflix Safe to use in 2024?

Popcornflix is absolutely safe to use in 2024 in contrast to other streaming platforms. It will never request any personal information or collect a subscription fee. However, the only problem that lies with this is user security.

Due to this secure service, anyone can stream movies and TV series without getting overtly concerned. It is platform where you can view your favourite shows without exposing yourself to malware, viruses or other issues. With that, you will have the privilege to access a library stuffed with millions of movies and TV series.

Is Popcornflix legal to use in 2024?

Nowadays, if a website is allowing users to access free content, then there is a probability of the website being unreliable and menacing for the users. So, what about a service like Popcornflix? Are there no legal concerns associated with it whatsoever?

This is now a million-dollar question many users are concerned with. And here is the answer: Popcornflix is completely legal to use. It is another free on-demand streaming service that can provide access to movies and TV episodes. You don’t need to register or spend a single penny to watch your favourite stuff on Popcornflix.

Popcornflix is the legal owner of the rights to the content that it offers. Practically, you can utilize the service without much hassle. Although, there are factors to consider:

1) It has an entirely excessive advertising budget. Although it saves you money it can cause interruptions in your streaming due to advertisements. Numerous users have already complained about the excessive running of advertisements and constant interruption at inconvenient times.

2) Popcornflix can’t take licenses for heavyweight movies using this business strategy.

3) Popcornflix isn’t available in countries like Germany. Unless you use a VPN, you cannot access the site from any location.

Best Popcornflix Alternatives in 2024

In any case, we’ve already done the hard work for you and gathered a list of alternatives that you can use instead of Popcornflix in 2024.

1) Tubi TV

Tubi TV can be one of your preferred streaming services. Unlike the majority of streaming services, Tubi does not push you to sign up for an account or buy a subscription to access the content. It has more than a collection of 7500 titles. The typical genres include drama, romance, action, and other genres. Therefore, they have covered everything, whether you’re in the mood for a romantic comedy or political thriller.

2) Crackle

Crackle is another streaming service with the best collection of movies. You can get both full-length and short-form entertainment over here. Crackle used to play 30-second pesky ads while streaming movies but now it has been removed completely. So, users can watch movies without any interruption or annoying advertisements.

3) Prime Video

It is a web-based platform that can provide on-demand video services that are accessible via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. It is an app that allows you to uncover a ton of entertainment options frequently used across the world. Their online streaming service is a bit constrained especially when compared to other streaming services. The majority of the services are related to buying and renting movies. The specialty of the Amazon Video app is that it focuses entirely on free movies and videos. Also, it allows you to enjoy top-notch and high-quality movies at fixed prices. While it is not as effective as other streaming sites in terms of coverage Amazon Video manages things with finesse.

4) Hulu

It is the best platform for streaming online movies. If you have the knack to view award-winning movies and TV series, then you should give Hulu a shot. Moreover, it has all the advanced features and tools that every movie lover aspires for in a streaming platform, for which it is regarded as the best streaming service. You will never miss any movie because it covers everything from Bollywood to Hollywood and anime.

5) MovieTube

It is fantastic entertainment service that offers the users to view the latest movies, TV shows, dramas and episodes. It features a promising selection of movies in a wide range of genres, from comedy to science fiction. Additionally, it offers an advanced search feature that enable you to hunt for your favourite content by country, category or keyword.

6) iFlix

It allows viewers from across the world to get their preferred content. It provides high-quality content including movies, complete seasons of TV shows, and other interesting shows. Any viewer can access their services by using a reliable internet connection. Whether you have a smartphone, PC, laptop or Smart TV, you can access their streaming services for both online and offline purposes. With that said, you can also download videos to view whenever and anywhere you like. You have to opt for a trial before you can use their premium service.

Why should you use a VPN to access Popcornflix?

Although Popcornflix is accessible in 50 different nations, it does not guarantee that users will have access to recent content. So, by using a VPN users cancel and connect to a US server to get the best Popcornflix streaming movies.A VPN can enhance your streaming experience in addition to getting over geo-blocks that are disguising your activities from your internet service provider so that they won’t cut your connection.

Your anonymity is ensured by a no-logging VPN since it hides your activities from everyone, including the VPN service provider, and masks your IP address.

There are many benefits of accessing Popcornflix using the best VPNs:

1) Geo-restrictions can be avoided by connecting to servers in different locations by masking your IP address to begin streaming Popcornflix in incognito mode.

2) It will provide complete anonymity from hackers and scammers.

3) It will help to prevent bandwidth restrictions to ensure ongoing streaming.

3 Best VPNs for Accessing Popcornflix

A) NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the best and most affordable options available in the marketplace. You can utilize the service on Windows, MacOS, Android, and Linux, and you can connect up to six devices at once. Several security techniques are employed to secure your online behaviour. For guaranteed security, it offers the privilege to the consumers to install the VPN directly into the Wi-Fi router. 

Best Features

1) Threat protection: It can dismantle viruses, trackers, and advertisements. An additional degree of security will be incorporated.

2) Dark Web monitor: Users can be notified by the feature if their personal information gets exposed to the abyss of the dark web.

3) Meshnet: It enables direct connections with other devices via private encrypted tunnels, helpful for gaming and file sharing.

B) ExpressVPN

It is a dependable VPN service offering premium plans for users. It can set up connections between the Indian users and its virtual servers, that are spread throughout 94 nations outside of India. You should choose an ExpressVPN-compatible Wi-Fi router that can protect each device and deliver high-speed dependable connections.

Best Features

1) DNS protection: 
It uses a private DNS that can perform its own encrypted DNS requests to shield users from unauthorized parties and boost internet connections with ease.

2) Unlock websites: It can conceal IP addresses and network data with AES-256 encryption. It enables VPN users to download and stream their preferred content, including international channels, TV shows, and trading cryptocurrency.

3) Split Tunneling: Indian banks do not permit users to access their accounts using computers that are linked to a VPN. Split Tunneling enables you to choose between devices that need VPN connections and those that do not.

C) Surfshark

Surfshark conceals your local IP along with incoming and outgoing data once you browse the Internet at home or on a public Wi-Fi network to stop businesses, hackers, and data brokers from monitoring your online activities. Additionally, it safeguards your online transactions in a public Wi-Fi network.

Best Features

1) Multi-Hop: SurfShark’s multi-hop function bifurcates your traffic between two servers rather than one, thus improving security. However, because traffic is traveling further, you might be experiencing some lagging speed.

2) Split-Tunneling: Surfshark’s Bypasser enables you to specify which websites you want to access through a VPN server and which ones can be accessed locally.

3) Anonymous browsing: Surfshark’s VPN masks your true IP address and enters what it terms “camouflage mode”, making it appear as though you’re connected to your Internet provider’s VPN.


Popcornflix is a popular internet streaming service that always provides you with top-quality video for free. It has a sizable content library of TV series and movies without paying any unforeseen subscription fees. However, geo-restrictions can make it difficult for you to access Popcornflix. We have reviewed the best VPNs to bypass such geo-restrictions. If you’re not fond of using Popcornflix, then our article has outlined some of the best alternatives you may use.

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