8 Robust Metaverse Projects with the Capacity to Rise

8 Robust Metaverse Projects with the Capacity to Rise

8 Robust Metaverse Projects with the Capacity to RiseIncreasing pressure on the crypto industry has brought many metaverse coins to the point of buying! Launched as the world of the future and succeeding to find more and more space in every portfolio, metaverse projects contain great growth potential in 2022 and the following years. 

But there are some metaverse coins that, according to experts, will be able to outperform their competitors.

Top Robust Metaverse Projects According to Experts

Experts have brought together the metaverse projects that need to rise for you. Here are the 8 most robust metaverse projects with the capacity to rise!

The Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox (SAND) Coin, which became a favorite of the crypto industry in a short time with the tremendous price increase it caught in the last quarter of 2021, is the third metaverse coin with the largest market value, right after ApeCoin, according to its current price. 

The decentralized virtual universe that users can design was highly appreciated and experts also approve of the potential of The Sandbox, which is among the most valuable metaverse projects.

There are different ways to earn in The Sandbox universe where users can buy land . Completing missions and challenging different users to earn rewards are just a few of them. 

Having a downloadable client makes the quality of Sandbox unbeatable, while the token’s 85% discount from its peak price puts it at the top of the list of the most potential metaverse projects.


Although this metaverse project, preferred by Universal Music, is not yet listed on Binance, it quickly gained popularity and became the 14th most valuable metaverse project. 

CEEK VR, which brings together digital content producers, artists, musicians and even athletes in the metaverse world with their fans, peaked at 1.59 USDT by November 2021. 

CEEK VR , which includes Lady Gaga, Ziggy Marley, Demi Lovato and many other artists, is expected to increase its value by further developing itself in 2022.

Besides new artist collaborations, CEEK Coin’s biggest motivation is new exchange listings! It is not known whether it will be listed on Binance in the coming days.

But the increasing liquidity of CEEK Coin, which is listed on more and more exchanges every day, its patented VR and AR devices and the unique experiences it offers are interpreted as the most important developments that will support its rise in the coming days.

Verasity (VRA)

Verasity, which enables content creators to earn for their work and advertisers to gain value through their ad spend, uses blockchain technology to achieve its goal of creating a fair system.

Defined as a protocol and product layer platform for e-Sports and video entertainment, Verasity is built on the Ethereum network, like almost all metaverse projects.

The Proof of Value (PoV) protocol is used to enable users to earn tokens and can be easily integrated into the metaverse. 

The local token VRA Coin, which reveals the growth potential of the project with its innovative services such as Verasity TV, is the 45th most valuable metaverse coin, and according to experts, it can increase its market value and increase its ranking in the list this year.

Wilder World (WILD)

Built with Unreal Engine 5, Wilder World is an Ethereum-based 5D metaverse. Aiming to be the first NFT market that is liquid, decentralized and community-led, apart from its immersive structure, 

Wilder World project has increased its value in a short time with the popularity it has achieved and has become the 49th most valuable metaverse project.

In the project where development work continues, users; can buy various cars, buildings, sneakers and different digital items. It is thought that interest in the project, which is known to be completed with the ultra-realistic Unreal Engine 5 in 2022, will also increase. 

It is stated that WILD Coin, which is expected to have a more liquid structure with new stock market listings this year, has a rising potential.

Decentraland (MANA)

The popular 3D blockchain-based metaverse project Decentraland is the most valuable metaverse project with its current market value. The project, which has been open to the public since February 2020, has managed to increase its popularity in previous years with land sales and platforms built on it. MANA Coin.

Which has a daily trading volume of $ 600 million, is directly supported by Decentraland and a good rise is expected from it this year.

Decentraland’s biggest motivation is the platforms to be built new to its universe. It is currently listed on almost all cryptocurrency exchanges, indicating that MANA is highly liquid. 

Experts, who think that the Decentraland project will grow and attract more users with the new platforms to be added, included MANA in the list of metaverse coins they expect to explode in 2022. 

Chromia (CHR)

Developed to facilitate the creation of decentralized applications in the real world and attracting attention with its unique architecture, Chromia is the 15th most valuable meverse project after CEEK VR with its current price, according to CoinMarketCap. 

CHR Coin, which is listed on Binance as well as on all high-volume exchanges such as Bithumb, FTX, Gate.io, KuCoin and Huobi Global, is the native token of the metaverse project.

Offering developers 7 to 10 times faster coding, Chromia has many advantages to grow its ecosystem. Its listing on major exchanges gives confidence to developers and investors, and has the potential to trigger more purchases. 

According to experts, Chromia is among the metaverse projects that can mark the year 2022 with its rise.

Alien Worlds (TLM)

Listed as the most popular game on the WAX ​​blockchain, Alien Worlds is a play-to-win metaverse game that allows its users to earn money by mining Trillium. Developed based on NFT, Alien Worlds is the 24th most valuable metaverse project.

There are different planets in the game and players earn in TLM Coins by mining Trillium on different planets. 

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Alien Worlds, which is shown among the most popular metaverse games with over 1 million users per month, can achieve a tremendous growth that will affect its price this year, according to experts.


WAX project, designed to make e-commerce more reliable, simple and fast , gained popularity in a short time and turned into the 8th most valuable metaverse project. Founded in 2017 and using WAX as an acronym for The Worldwide Asset eXchange, the project is recognized as the eco-friendly blockchain for NFTs, collectibles and video games. 

The native currency of the WAX ​​network, which embodies a popular metaverse project like Alien Worlds, is WAXP. WAXP Coin continued its rise, which started in September 2021, up to 0.9828 USDT, offering high gains to its investors.

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WAX continues to grow by hosting dozens of play-to-win metaverse games. Experts think that future interest in metaverse projects and games will reflect directly on WAX, and they think that WAXP may increase its price right after this year’s correction. 

The WAX ​​project, which does not require its users to pay gas fees, stands out in the lists of experts as a metaverse project that can make a big leap in 2022.

In summary

Metaverse projects, which have left their mark in the last two years, have suffered significant losses due to the declines in the crypto industry due to monetary tightening. 

Although the industry is in the process of recovery, many large companies continue to invest in the metaverse space. Players, on the other hand, are getting used to metaverse games more and more, and it is widely stated that the metaverse will be popular again in the coming years. 

Experts think that 8 metaverse projects will come to the fore in this usual popularity; They feature SAND, CEEK, VRA, WILD, MANA, CHR, TLM and WAXP coins.

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