5 Best Spy Software For Windows PC

Best Spy Software For Windows PC in 2022

Best Spy Software For Windows PC – After seeing what are the best spy apps for mobile and tablets, in this article, we list the best Spy Software for Windows PC.

The “spy Software” is not always intended as the tool used by malicious people as it can also be a very useful tool to defend their privacy and monitor the use of their computer (PC or Mac) by our children or employees (in the case of a company). 

The important thing is to be aware that using these software is at your own discretion and it is absolutely not legal to spy on other people or devices not owned by us without your knowledge.

Best Spy Software For Windows 11 & 10

mSpy (for Windows and Mac)

mSpy has been classified by us as the best spy software for mobile phones, but also from the “desktop” point of view it offers a valid solution to monitor everything that happens on our computer. Once you have downloaded and installed mSpy on your computer here is everything it will do:

Screenshot : mSpy automatically captures screenshots of the PC / Mac desktop so that you know exactly what the user in front of the computer is doing.

Keylogger : mSpy allows you to check every letter typed on the keyboard, even if deleted immediately.

User activity : mSpy monitors how long a user remains active on the computer by tracing the times between login and logout

Application usage : mSpy lets you know what programs and applications are used on your computer

Webmail and Skype monitoring: all emails (sent and received) and all messages exchanged through instant messaging programs such as Skype will be tracked by mSpy

All these data are made accessible and visible by accessing a control panel on the web (see image above to understand what it is).

A very important thing about this spy program and that makes it among the best on the market is that it does not slow down the monitored computer and does not interfere with the user’s normal activities, always remaining invisible and well hidden.

Total Spy  (for Windows)

Total Spy is a small spy program that is very simple to use. It hides on your computer and is therefore INVISIBLE in the eyes of the computer user. Here are the main features of Total Spy:

– captures everything that is typed with your PC keyboard (email, chat, msn…);
– monitors all applications that are opened and used on your PC;
– track all the URLs visited on the web;
– creates snapshots of your screen every xx minutes (you decide how often) and saves them in a hidden folder on your PC
– stores used passwords and read emails sent and received



Another very interesting “keylogger” program that mainly allows you to monitor children’s PC activities is KidLogger

This tool (for Windows PC) tracks everything that is typed on the PC keyboard, stores the programs used and monitors the websites visited. It also gives you the ability to spy on some Windows PC accounts only.

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SpyScreen is another great program to spy on PC  by capturing screenshots of what happens on the PC screen. It is a free program that hides very well on your computer. It’s not perfect, but it’s hard to find better for free.

Refog Free Keylogger

Refog Free Keylogger is a free keylogger for Windows. Its interface is very beautiful and allows you to quickly view the logs relating to the activities carried out on the PC: keys typed on the keyboard, the websites visited, the applications used and much more. 

The more advanced functions are only available in the paid version (such as sending the traced logs directly via email)

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