9 Strongest & Powerful Tekken Characters in 2024

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9 Strongest & Powerful Tekken Characters in 2024 The strongest Tekken character is certainly a plus that appears in the game. 

Tekken is the most phenomenal fighting game in the world. Various Tekken characters are presented in various series that exist to date. 

Even though there are many characters that appear, each series brings out the strongest Tekken characters based on the stories in the game.

This time, the author will share the nine Strongest Tekken characters based on the stories that exist in the entire game series.

Best Strongest & Powerful Characters in Tekken 7

The First Strongest Tekken Character, Devil Kazuya

9 Strongest & Powerful Tekken Characters: Devil Kazuya

The beginning story of the emergence of Devil Kazuya began when Kazuya was five years old, Heihachi brought little Kazuya to one of the peaks of the volcano. 

Arriving there, Heihachi immediately dropped Kazuya in the volcano. Fortunately Kazuya managed to survive thanks to the mysterious power that entered his body.

After surviving, Kazuya made a deal with the demon to avenge Heihachi. When Heihachi became the leader of the new Zaibatsu after overthrowing his own father, Jinpachi Kazama, he founded a tournament called “King of Iron Fist” .

In the tournament, Jin Kazama apparently participated and managed to defeat Heihachi. Kazuya dragged his biological father to the top of the volcano and dumped him there. However, unbeknownst to him, Heihachi survived the incident and fled to meditate to gain more power.

Several years passed, Kazuya finally met Jun Kazama. The evil feeling in him has changed more and more since he met Jun. 

Unfortunately this moment was taken advantage of by Heihachi who came and defeated Kazuya in the King of Iron Fist tournament. 

Heihachi then did the same to Kazuya, dumping him into the mountain lava and being killed. However, his demonic powers managed to escape and make contact with his son.

Kazuya is found dying by the G Corporation. G Corporation regenerates his body and makes a deal to do a test on Kazuya’s body, with the aim of Kazuya wanting to regain control of his demonic powers. Unfortunately this was thwarted by Heihachi by destroying the G Corporation.

However, as time goes by, Kazuya is no longer obsessed with his demonic powers. He chose a symbiosis with the Devil. At this stage, Kazuya can summon the demon whenever he wants (Tekken 5) and can become Devil Kazuya until now.

The Second Strongest Tekken Character, Devil Jin

9 Strongest & Powerful Tekken Characters: Devil Jin
Strongest & Powerful Tekken Characters: Devil Jin

Devil Jin was formed because Jin Kazama, the son of Jun Kazama and Kazuya Mishima, also the grandson of Heihachi Mishima was a descendant who had a demon in his body. As explained above, when Kazuya died, the demon fled and came to Jin who was still in Jun Kazama’s womb.

Fortunately, Jun managed to ward off the demon from entering Jin’s body. Not wanting his son to be seduced by the devil again, Jun finally moved to the mountains and raised Jin there. 

However, over time, after the death of his mother and the betrayal of his grandfather Heihachi and defeating the Ogre, this power enveloped him more and more. Jin, who used to be quiet, turned into a demonic figure who always gave negative power to his body.

Because he still has the blood of the Mishima family, if he turns into a Devil, Jin becomes uncontrollable. The devil in him has his own memories that he can’t control. 

Over time, this demonic power enveloped him more and more until Devil Jin changed drastically into the True Devil Jin that we can find in Tekken 7.

The Third Strongest Tekken Character, Jin Kazama

9 Strongest & Powerful Tekken Characters: Jin Kazama
Strongest & Powerful Tekken Characters: Jin Kazama

As explained above, Jin Kazama is the son of Jun Kazama and Kazuya Mishima. Because he has Mishima descendants, Jin is a grandson for Heihachi Mishima. This handsome character appears in Tekken 3 as the MC we know today.

The beginning of the story begins when Jun Kazama decides to move to the mountain after successfully warding off the demon that escaped from Kazuya’s body when Jin was still in his womb. During his life, Jin spent time studying martial arts with Jun. 

However, after meeting Heihachi, Jin chose to stay at the Mishima residence to learn martial arts that he got from Heihachi.

Some time passed, when Jin turned 15 years old, he had to face the fact that his mother died at the hands of the Ogre. The ogre absorbed Jun’s power because Kazuya had touched him and thought that Kazuya’s Devil had entered Jun’s body. 

Jin’s appearance in Tekken 3 is to avenge the Ogre, the cause of the death of Jun Kazama, his mother.

However, after defeating the Ogre, Jin fled to Australia. The reason other than Ogre, Heihachi betrayed him because of Heihachi’s obsession who wants to get Ogre blood in order to live eternally. After returning, he used Kyokushin Karate as his new fighting style to date.

Strongest Fourth Tekken Character, Azazel

Tekken players are certainly no stranger to this one character. Azazel is a demon who managed to give his power to the body of the Mishima family. When this family is given the power of Azazel, they can become the incarnation of an uncontrollable demon.

Jin Kazama, as the possessor of Mishima’s lineage and this evil power, intends to want to stop the curse that haunts him. 

This curse, although it makes them stronger, but it is very painful because it is able to swallow the goodness and conscience of human beings who are overwhelmed by this power.

Because of this curse, Jin Kazama is hated by almost the whole world. Because the whisper of this curse made Jin almost kill the challenger of the tournament he was facing. Not only that, he also destroyed organizations in the world.

His cruel treatment of the organization made Jin Kazama a world threat that could spark a third world war. The negative energy of the humans who blasphemed Jin made Azazel’s shackles, the strongest demon loose just like that because he absorbed the negative energy. 

Azazel is predicted to become stronger because of that energy, even Devil Jin’s class can’t beat this creature.

To face Azazel, Jin Kazama is willing to travel quite a distance and face the strongest enemies. When facing Azazel, Jin vented all his anger against the creatures. 

Then, after he defeated Azazel, Jin did Kamikaze, which was to crash himself full of demonic power into Azazel hoping that the power would be destroyed along with Azazel.

The Fifth Strongest Tekken Character, True Ogre

4. The Fourth Strongest Tekken Character True Ogre 1
9 Strongest & Powerful Tekken Characters: True Ogre

True Ogre is another form of Ogre. Previously, before Jin defeated a True Ogre, it was Paul Phoenix who had managed to defeat an Ogre for the first time. 

Unfortunately before changing form, he was again defeated by the Ogre and died on the spot. In his defeat, at the King of Iron Fist tournament , the Ogre changed and revealed his true form, namely the True Ogre.

The appearance of the True Ogre is described as a truly horrible figure. It has a bull -shaped head, long horns, sharp teeth, and glowing red eyes. Not only that, he also has snake -shaped hands, big body, and creepy.

This form is what Jin Kazama fights to avenge his mother’s death. Jin is really brave, brott. The author may have run wild to see a True Ogre with such a shape in front of his eyes.

Kazuya Mishima

Who doesn’t know Kazuya? This one character became the main character before Jin appeared to replace his role in the game. Kazuya became evil and cruel in character due to the actions of Heihachi, his father who threw him into the mountain lava after defeating him in a tournament. 

Because of Heihachi’s actions too, Kazuya is willing to make a deal with the devil to become stronger in order to defeat his father.

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After defeating Heihachi, Kazuya took over his father’s company called Zaibatsu. Unlike his father, Kazuya is known to be very cruel during his reign over the company. So cruel, he dared to conduct illegal research on two animals in order to have great and invincible powers (Roger and Alex).

Again holding the Iron Fist tournament, Kazuya returns to fight Heihachi who is revengeful for losing to his own son. The fierce battle made Kazuya defeated by Heihachi and was thrown into the hot lava that burned him slowly.

However, because he was saved by the G Corporation, Kazuya came back alive and was willing to become a guinea pig in order to get the demonic powers that possessed him.

Paul Phoenix

9 Strongest & Powerful Tekken Characters: Paul Phoenix
9 Strongest & Powerful Tekken Characters: Paul Phoenix

Unlike the characters mentioned above, Paul Phoenix is ​​just an ordinary human being that we can call a comedian. techjustify presented by this character can be said to be funny and full of jokes.

In the story, Paul is one of the participants who was able to defeat the Ogre in the Iron Fist Tournament. He is one of the strongest Tekken characters in terms of his abilities. 

Although he himself admits that he is weak and has many shortcomings, in fact he is able to defeat this terrible creature.

Because he always has a positive vibe , Paul always participates in the tournaments held by the Mishima family. Prior to entering the tournament, Paul was the strongest MMA fighter and was known to be arrogant. 

It is evident that he always says “I’M NUMBER ONE” every time he wins a championship. However, that victory ended after he participated in the Iron Fist tournament , because those who participated in this tournament were people who had special abilities, genetically modified humans, as well as mysterious creatures.

Even though he is only human, Paul feels facing the Mishima family is an honor for him. He got this wisdom when he met Forest and Marshall Law, the Jeet Kune Do expert who taught him the skill. From there Paul’s arrogance slowly faded, and he understood that the best victory was being able to beat himself.

But, that includes Paul winning a victory that he absolutely has, you know. That is destined never to win in the Iron Fist tournament championship. Poor~

Heihachi Mishima

We can put this Heihachi in the category of ungodly father. Why? Because he had the heart to throw Kazuya who was only 5 years old into the mountain lava. In addition, he also had the heart to depose his own father, Jinpachi Mishima in order to occupy a leadership position in Zeibatsu.

During his tenure as leader of the Zaibatsu, Heihachi always rioted. He founded the Tekken Force under the pretext of “world peace”. When this elite force went on an expedition to an Aztec temple, Mexico and was destroyed by an Ogre.

Heihachi instead made this army a sacrifice in order to get Ogre blood which is believed to be able to give people who consume it eternal life.

This strong desire made him meet Jin Kazama, the son of Jun Kazama and Kazuya Mishima. During his stay at his residence, Heihachi taught his grandson the martial power he had until Jin became strong in order to avenge Jun’s death on the Ogre. 

Unfortunately, because of his obsession with Ogre blood, Heihachi is willing to betray Jin by making him a “shield” to defeat the Ogre.

For parents who already have children, it would be better if you do not apply the excessive obsession that Heihachi has in your daily life.

Jinpachi Mishima

9 Strongest & Powerful Tekken Characters: Jinpachi Mishima
9 Strongest & Powerful Tekken Characters: Jinpachi Mishima

Jinpachi Mishima is the grandfather of Kazuya Mishima and also the great-grandfather of Jin Kazama. This character appears in Tekken 5. To unlock this character, we usually use the game shark to be able to play Jinpachi in Tekken 5.

Jinpachi Mishima was the first Zaibatsu leader in the Mishima family. In his 50 years of leadership, he was known to be wise during his leadership, so he had almost no enemies when running his business. But unfortunately, he has a very evil son named Heihachi.

Heihachi challenges Jinpachi Mishima to overthrow his position as leader of the Zaibatsu. In that fight, Jinpachi realized that Heihachi’s obsession was enormous in overcoming him. In addition, he also realized that Heihachi has a greedy nature and is also greedy for power.

In short, Jinpachi Mishima lost his battle against Heihachi. Regardless that he is his real father, Heihachi takes Jinpachi to Hon-maru (Mishima shrine) and locks him there forever.

Best Strongest & Powerful Tekken Characters

Devil Kazuya
Devil Jin
Jin Kazama
True Ogre
Kazuya Mishima
Paul Phoenix
Heihachi Mishima
Jinpachi Mishima

Well, those are the 9 strongest Tekken characters in the Tekken seriesWhat do you think is the strongest character that catches your eye? Or do you have your own strong character in this game series, brott? You can play Tekken on the Playstation platform and also via PC.

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