9 Best Sudoku Apps For Android in 2024

Best Sudoku Apps

Best Sudoku Apps for Android – Mobile games do not always have to focus on the competition, since there are many users who prefer them casually, for entertainment. And in this area, without a doubt, one of the best options is the Sudoku games for Android. These are excellent pastimes, but which, in turn, offer us many benefits, just like any other puzzle and riddle game.

Currently, we have hundreds of Sudoku games available for Android, but not all of them are fun and have differentiating characteristics. Therefore, we took the time to test the vast majority to create this list with only the best. And if you are interested in more casual titles and even that you can enjoy with your family, we have a post with the best mobile board games .

If something characterizes Sudoku games for Android, it is that, in addition to being a source of entertainment, they are also an excellent exercise for your neurons, since they will make you think to find the correct answer, which is positive, since your brain it will age better . That is why these types of hobbies are recommended. But if questions and answers are more your thing, we invite you to read our post on this .

Best Sudoku Apps for Android

In case you didn’t know, Leonhard Euler is recognized as the father of Sudoku , because during the 18th century , he designed a probability system in which numbers could be represented in the form of a series and without repeating themselves. Then, in 1970, Math Puzzles and Logic Problems published this section in a hobby challenge format until, in 2005, this publication was finally serialized . It’s good to know a little history. Now, we invite you to stay reading to discover the best Sudoku games for Android.

Sudoku.com – Classic Sudoku

A version of Sudoku that bets on the classic style of puzzles

We started this list of the best Sudoku games for Android with Sudoku.com . This could be considered the most classic version of this hobby, ideal for those who enjoyed it in its printed version . With this you will improve as you play and spend more time practicing.

In addition, you will start your adventure in this title at a beginner level and, little by little, you will progress to much more challenging levels , so we can become experts. An important detail is that we have a long list of levels to enjoy in our spare time. Not to mention that there are also daily challenges and other exciting modalities for Sudoku lovers.

Download Sudoku.com – Classic Sudoku on Google Play

SUDOKU – TheSudoku.com

SUDOKU is a free title ideal for lovers of this pastime and who only want it for their free time

Another fun Sudoku game, which has a much more relaxed pace than other alternatives . This is because users have to take the time to think about their next moves and numbers to write.

In addition, it does not require an investment of time, but rather, in short, it is a title designed to kill time . You will be able to relax your mind trying to solve these number puzzles on 9×9 grids . Obviously this game respects the original rules , so if it’s your first time, then you should familiarize yourself with them to avoid surprises. Give it a try , as it’s free and lightweight.

Download SUDOKU – TheSudoku.com on Google Play

Sudoku – The Clean One

If you are looking for one of the best Sudoku games for mobile, you should check out Sudoku – The Clean One as it has many interesting features.

Unlike the previous Sudoku games that we have met on this list, Sudoku – The Clean One has many peculiarities that give it originality . First of all, this title has a more attractive and elegant visual section than the rest , focused on minimalism.

But beyond the graphics, it’s also an excellent alternative to playing Sudoku, since if you find yourself in the middle of a game and need to stop, you can do so without losing your progress . When you come back in, you will pick up where you left off. In addition, it incorporates various levels of difficulty with modalities that make it more challenging. An interesting detail is that the game will save the time it takes to solve the levels so that you have a point of comparison and know how you have improved.

Download Sudoku – The Clean One on Google Play

Sudoku – Puzzle Games

With this Sudoku game for Android you will be able to feel as if you were playing the printed version, since it allows you to take notes

This is another of the best Sudoku games for Android , since it not only offers you daily challenges that are updated with greater difficulty, but also the self-improvement component is present . Here you will find 4 levels of complexity ranging from easy, medium, difficult and expert , allowing you to choose the one that best suits you.

In addition to what has been mentioned, this game also incorporates a mode to take notes, just as if it were a piece of paper , which is updated as you complete the blocks. You can also analyze your plays and find your possible failures to improve for the future. This title incorporates a trophy system that you can win every day and, in case you don’t know how to advance, you can resort to clues.

Download Sudoku – Puzzle Games on Google Play

Sudoku – Sudoku Puzzles

This Sudoku game for Android includes more than 5,000 levels and 100 puzzles

With more than 5,000 challenging Sudoku levels , this game ranks among the best for its great compatibility with mobile and tablet devices. Not to mention that it is an excellent way to train the brain. In addition, it integrates 100 Sudoku-related puzzles that are updated weekly.

Both advanced users and beginners will be able to enjoy it in their spare time. You can always choose what difficulty you want a level to have . It also has daily challenges, smart hints, you will be able to highlight to avoid duplicates in the same row or block and much more. Finally, this title includes the possibility of modifying the theme that you see, whether it is light or dark.

Download Sudoku – Sudoku Puzzles on Google Play

Sudoku 2024

With Sudoku 2024 you have everything you need to keep your brain always in shape

Keep your brain always active and exercising with Sudoku 2022 , which includes unlimited puzzles for free. You will be able to try various strategies until you find the way to solve the levels . Furthermore, it is ideal for both beginners and advanced users. And about the latter, you can always choose between 5 difficulty levels for more fun that suits you.

The grids are 9×9 and follow the same rules that you already know . In case you are stuck in the middle of a level, you will be able to request some hints . You can measure your time to compare your progress, you have challenges that are updated every day and much more. Without a doubt, one of the best options.

Download Sudoku 2024 on Google Play

Sudoku – Puzzle & Logic Games

With Sudoku – Puzzle & Logic Games you can enjoy this fun number challenge for free

Logic plays an important role in Sudoku and this title is proof of that. As usual, you will have to figure out what numbers you can add to the missing squares in 9×9 grids , where some were filled. Make sure these don’t repeat themselves.

All this you already know, because they are the rules of Soduko and this game faithfully respects them. Also, it allows you to set the theme of the app , whether it is night or light. You have thousands of levels to test your Sudoku skills, you will be able to highlight to avoid repetitions, save progress automatically and many other great features.

Download Sudoku – Puzzle & Logic Games on Google Play

Sudoku offline

This Sudoku game offers you a great intellectual challenge to exercise your mind and age healthy

This title is an excellent option to access this world of pastimes that train your brain. It includes more than 1,000 levels in which you can adjust the difficulty . However, its main feature is that it includes a modality called ” the diabolic “, which is exclusive for those users who have certain Sudoku skills.

But if this is not your case, don’t worry, since you can always play the traditional modes and adjust the difficulty . In addition, it has other features designed to make gameplay easier, such as requesting hints, undo plays, and more . Not to mention that you can choose between the grid designs.

Download Sudoku offline on Google Play


This is another one of the best Sudoku games for mobile. Go ahead and give it a try

Last, but certainly not least, we have this Sudoku game, in which you can choose between 4 levels of difficulty for the games . It includes an auto-save function , as well as the infinite possibility of undoing plays where you feel that you have made a mistake.

You will be able to save your highest scores to compare them against other of your results. Its interface is quite intuitive and allows you to keep notes that are constantly updated. It also has 3 input modes . And, as if that were not enough, it allows you to participate in competitions in real time . Get ready to use your logic and solve all these number grids in the best possible way.

Download Sudoku on Google Play

What is the best mobile Sudoku game you can download?

We have reached the end of this post about the best Sudoku games for Android . But it is time to make a decision, since the list is quite extensive and they are all very good options. Also, we understand that you may not have enough time to invest in several of these . Therefore, and with the intention of helping you, we are going to give you our suggestions. Although, in the end, it doesn’t matter which one you opt for, since they will all fulfill their function of entertaining you and exercising your mind.

If we had to choose only one Sudoku game from this list, it would undoubtedly be Sudoku – The Clean One

If we had to pick just one of these fun and challenging games, it would be Sudoku – The Clean One . The reasons are many. First of all, it offers us a minimalist and well-cared interface, with the possibility of customizing it. But it also allows us to enjoy many challenges and games with conditions to add more difficulty . All this and more make it our ideal choice for the best Sudoku games for Android.

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