How to Play Amazon Music in Car

How to Play Amazon Music in Car

How to Play Amazon Music in CarAmazon Music is compatible with Android Audio. The service created by Google works with Amazon Music integrated with the special interface for cars.

What’s amazing is that Android Auto allows drivers to pair the Android feature with your car’s infotainment unit . This function applies to the Google Assistant, but you can also use GPS navigation, send messages, make phone calls, among other things.

Enjoying Amazon Music on Android Audio is achieved in two ways: using applications or connections , and through ViWizard Amazon Music Converter , a music converter designed so that Amazon Music users can listen to their favorite playlist on Android Auto.

How to Play Amazon Music in Car via Apps or Connections

Let’s first see how to use Amazon Music on Android Audio using apps. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Install Amazon Music. Download it from the Google Play Store. 
  • If you already have the application installed, it is advisable to check for available updates.
  • Open Android Auto on your mobile device and go to GENERAL SETTINGS.

A list of compatible applications will appear. Find Amazon Music and select it. Once selected, it will be ready to stream music in the car.

This option is the best because you have the entire Amazon Music dashboard on your car screen.

On the other hand, it is possible to play Amazon Music on Android Audio using connections. In this way, through a USB connection or through Bluetooth you can enable Amazon Music in Android Auto.

If you use a USB cable, verify that it is genuine and works. Log into your Amazon Music account and connect your phone to your car stereo. The next thing is to select a song from your Amazon Music playlist. But the best is the wireless or Bluetooth connection , you just have to make sure that this function is in your car and your phone.

Once you have paired your mobile device with the vehicle, you will be able to enjoy the Prime version of Amazon Music.

Now, the ideal is to have a stable Internet connection to access Amazon Music. But if you lack this requirement you can still play Amazon Music offline. What you have to do is download and convert Amazon tunes from the Amazon Music platform.

You can do this with AduFree Amazon Music Converter that includes fast music download without compromising sound quality. And the good thing is that this works for both free and premium users.

How to Play Amazon Music in Car via ViWizard Amazon Music Converter

There is another way to enjoy Amazon Music on Android Audio, using a software created to download and convert songs from Amazon Music: ViWizard Amazon Music Converter.

Through this converter you will be able to take advantage of the local files of this music platform in MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAC, M4A and M4B formats.

ViWizard Amazon Music Converter ensures full control of Amazon Music content on Android Auto. To have this software , follow these steps:

Download ViWizard Amazon Music Converter on your PC or Mac ( software ).

Add Amazon titles to ViWizard. To do this, launch the software and open the Amazon Music desktop. Now add music tracks from it. Select the titles and drag to drop them on the ViWizard screen.

Set the output format by opening ViWizard’s application menu. Select PREFERENCES. In the pop-up window, click CONVERTED. Set it to MP3 (or whatever format you want) and hit OK.

Download Amazon Titles for Android Auto. Then click CONVERT. 

Once the conversion is complete, your Amazon Music downloads will be ready.

Transfer the converted Amazon Music songs to USB. 

Use this device to move downloaded files from your PC or Mac to your car.

You will not need any type of connection to listen to Amazon Music files on Android Auto and enjoy your favorite playlist . With ViWizard you can download and convert songs from all versions of Amazon Music, including Amazon Unlimited, and enjoy them on Android Auto.

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