12 Best Tamil Torrent Sites in 2024 – 100% Working

Best Tamil Torrent Sites

Best Tamil Torrent Sites – Are you crazy about watching Tamil movies, web series, or talk shows? Maybe you want to watch some music videos. That’s not surprising at all.

A lot of people find it immensely difficult to access Tamil movies and web series through official channels. If you’re wondering how to download Tamil web series and movies, then this article is something you should look up to, because we’ve brought something exciting for you!

This article is about the 12 best working Tamil torrenting sites from where you can easily grab some of your favorite Tamil movies and web series.

What is a torrent?

A torrent is a tiny file containing information about a file users wish to download. Once you open a torrent file you get connected to a network of like-minded people who are either uploading or downloading the same content at the same time. These people are referred to as “peers”. You upload tiny portions of the files that you’ve downloaded from other peers. As a consequence, a swarm of people download and share the same file simultaneously.

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Best Tamil Movie Torrent Sites In 2024

These are the best movie torrenting sites that are tested and found to be working by our team with a good number of seeders and peers.

The Pirate Bayhttps://thepiratebay.org
Kickass Torrentshttps://katcr.to
Tamil Gun torrenthttps://tamilgun.so/

12 Best Tamil Torrent Sites in 2024

1) TamilRockers

Our first recommendation is TamilRockers. It is a great Tamil torrenting website if you are willing to have Tamil-only torrents. You will fall in love with the wide assortment of Tamil movies and shows it offers. Many of the movies were made recently. The biggest flaw of this website is that it has an overwhelming number of ads running on it. So, you may wish to install an ad blocker before you use this website.


2) YTS.mx

Another prominent Tamil torrenting website includes YTS.mx. It has third-party content on this website. It has been blocked many times because of its involvement with piracy. Fortunately, the website keeps returning with a fresh domain name. It is a movie piracy website, like The Pirate Bay and it’s been widely recognized for this. You can start downloading recent TV series, video games, and movies.


3) FilmyWap

Another fantastic website for downloading Tamil torrents is FilmyWap. It has a wide collection of TV series, music videos, Tamil movies, and other media. It is simple to search for what you are looking for on your website because of its user-friendly and intuitive interface. You can also find extremely queer Tamil movies on FilmyWap.


4) The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay, is a classic website founded in 2003. Since then, it has managed to survive despite facing multiple attempts of complete shutdown.
It is accessible in more than 35 languages. It has a simple and intuitive interface. You can locate content having numerous seeds thus making your downloads faster.

The website is safe to use but the search results for its torrents and magnet files might not be safe. For that reason, these files were disseminated as Peer-to-Peer(P2P) but were not hosted centrally. Instead, they are hosted by users on their computers.


5) 1337x

Here is another piracy-friendly website, 1337x. It contains a ton of media that are not limited to games, books, applications, software, music, and movies. It started a few years ago but it is still in use. However, this website encountered many obstacles due to its piracy issues. But 1337x has consistently managed to overcome all these obstacles. The website is popular because it consistently uploads the most recent content. The website is regular with its updates and you can search its proxy service online despite lead restrictions put in place based on the region.

VISIT: 1337x

6) Thiruttu VCDs

It is completely dedicated to the Indian torrenting of content. The user interface can look similar to that of TamilYogi. At the top, users can find a search bar. The search bar can be utilized to break down the torrents into several categories. The recent movies coming in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and many other Indian languages can be searched.

The user interface of this website features a variety of colors that can appear delightful to you. Nevertheless, the website contains many advertisements. You can become distracted by those. Fortunately, the fact that you can choose from any of them is based on the quantity of information available. It also allows users to download any content in a hassle-free way.

VISIT: Thiruttu VCDs


RARBG is another Torrent website great for movies and TV series. It has seen good times and has been consistently placed among the top torrenting websites over the past ten years. It contains a lot of English language stuff and here you can also find dubbed videos. The primary flaw of this website is that it has been restricted in many nations throughout the world.

The most notable exclusions include India, the UK, Denmark, and many other nations. So, if anyone wishes to access the website from any of these nations then using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) will be the only sensible solution.


8) LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents has an enormous selection of content that can satisfy a wide range of user preferences. Users can quickly find their favourite Tamil movies, dubbed content, and many others. Although this torrenting website, like many others, is prohibited in India and also in some specific nations, users can easily get past the restrictions by utilizing a VPN service.

The user queries will always be satisfied given to the fact that it has over 10 million torrents. LimeTorrents is renowned for holding up a large number of files in the public domain. Torrent files can be downloaded without the risk of copyright violation.

VISIT: LimeTorrents

9) Tamil Gun torrent

It is a great torrent service that offers awesome content on Tamil. You can download movies, music, TV shows in a wide range of genres. It is the most popular torrent website in Tamil. It has a simple-user interface and it delivers content of finest quality. Additionally, it has classic and modern movies.

VISIT: Tamil Gun torrent

10) Extra Movies

It is another Tamil torrent website which boasts about a sizable library of Tamil movies and TV shows.

The website does not require any registration so it can be considered as a terrific resource for people looking for the greatest Tamil torrents. It has a simple-to-use user interface best for beginners. It is simple to navigate and search for the desired content.

The Tamil torrents on this website are of outstanding quality. If you’re fond of watching Tamil movies and web series, you must check this website once.

VISIT: Extra Movies

11) MovieRulz

MovieRulz is among the top torrent websites because of the large number of visitors that frequently visit the website to download the most recent HD content. Since not many of the torrent sites have not been able to offer the recent Tamil, Telugu, Hollywood, and Bollywood movies, so many users visit MovieRulz.

VISIT: MovieRulz

12) Demonoid

Demonoid is a torrenting website created in 2003 and it proved as a strong competitor to popular and most established torrenting websites such as BitTorrent trackers. This website has been closed numerous times recently in 2018. The website was re-launched soon after and now it is running smoothly and hosting more than millions of torrents with different content.

It is considered a great search tool that is easily customizable with a lot of settings. For that, it is reckoned as a great torrent site by experienced users. You have to register to use the service, and registrations are occasionally closed to ensure the quality of the service. We would recommend you to use the service.

VISIT: Demonoid

Best Safe VPN Providers for Tamil Torrents

While downloading Torrents, you should consider using a VPN or virtual private network, because it can guarantee anonymity when downloading Torrent files from websites. Nevertheless, we cannot say that all VPNs are safe to use in torrenting. You should evaluate the pros, cons, and features of each VPN before using one.

We’ve recommended the three best VPNs that can offer a safe experience with torrenting.

1) NordVPN

A cost-effective option for a swift and dependable VPN is NordVPN. You can utilize the service on MacOS, Linux, Windows, and Android. Six devices can be connected simultaneously.


Threat protection: It allows you to disable viruses, trackers, and advertisements. It provides an additional degree of security while browsing the Internet.

Dark Web Monitor: Users will get a notification if their information gets disclosed on the dark web.

Meshnet: It enables direct connections with other devices via encrypted tunnels that are helpful for gaming and file sharing.

Kill Switch: It automatically disconnects your device from the net when the VPN connection drops.

2) SurfShark

SurfShark VPN conceals the local IP with incoming and outgoing data once you browse the internet at home or use any public Wi-Fi network.

It safeguards your online transactions when you use a public Wi-Fi network. It allows an unlimited number of devices for simultaneous connections. It offers a dedicated IP and more than 3200 VPN servers.


MultiHop: It divides your traffic between two servers rather than one to improve security.

Split Tunnelling: It enables you to specify what you want to access by the VPN server and which ones can be accessed locally.

Anonymity: It masks the real IP address and goes into camouflage mode, making it appear as though you are connected to your Internet service provider’s VPN. It does not record any activity logs.

3) Express VPN

Express VPN is a trustworthy VPN service provider. It offers premium plans that let users safeguard both their personal and business online activities. It enables connections between Indian users and its virtual servers that are spread throughout 94 nations.

Users can choose ExpressVPN compatible Wi-Fi router, that can protect several devices and offer speed-dependable internet access.


DNS security: It uses a private DNS to shield customers from prying eyes and to speed up internet connections.

Kill switch: It offers network lock, a kill switch function preventing connected devices from accessing the internet when the connection drops, protecting the user’s IP address and sensitive data.

Split Tunnelling: It helps you to choose between devices that need VPN connections and those that do not.


So, we’ve offered a detailed description of the best 12 Tamil torrent sites that you can use to get the latest Tamil movies, web series, TV shows, and much more. These are the active sites of 2023. We’ve also concluded with a list of VPNs you can use while accessing these torrent sites as keeping safety and security intact is above everything.

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