12 Best Sites for Textbook Torrents in 2024

Best Sites for Textbook Torrents

Best Textbook Torrent Sites – Nowadays, the book enthusiasts and students are getting throttled by the unreasonable prices of the books. Their financial constraint does not allow them to buy heavily priced books from the e-commerce marketplace where those are. Unsurprisingly, many students who aren’t financially well off seek the help of torrent sites that is sometimes illegal.

One of the best solutions is to use is a VPN and, in this article, we’ll review some of the best VPNs you can use for downloading textbooks from torrents. We’ll also look into a list of best Textbook torrents that can be used safely in 2024.

Without further ado, let’s just get started.

What is a torrent?

A collection of files called a “torrent” contains metadata about additional folders and files that are meant to be shared. Torrent files merely contain the location of the content but not the content itself. BitTorrent is a file-sharing protocol that empowers torrents breaks large files into small pieces and joins them to create larger files on our computers.

Why textbook torrents had become so popular?

Textbook torrents have become so popular because they not only have an extensive repository of textbooks that are useful for students and book enthusiasts, but students can download their preferred books from these repositories without spending a penny.

Nowadays, books are very expensive and many students suffer from financial constraints due to which they strongly prefer using torrents for downloading their textbooks and other study materials such as essays, dissertations, and thesis.

Top 12 sites for textbooks torrents

If you’re wondering how to identify the best torrent sites for textbooks, then we recommend you stick to certain standards. You need to choose a service where the community is active and where there are more seeders in comparison to leechers.

The textbook torrent files are tiny still additional seeders are mandatory for completing the downloads otherwise you would end up downloading the damaged PDF files. Also, you will need advanced search filtering because it will allow you to arrange the available textbooks according to various categories such as publisher, ISBN, author, name, and more.

1) 1337x

It is a directory website that can offer certified torrents along with some magnet links to other P2P websites. It is among the most well-liked locations to purchase games, movies, music, e-books, and audiobooks. Also, numerous proxies and different domains of 1337x are available worldwide, which can be accessed on a restricted network. Getting some bestsellers on 1337x is not that surprising and you may get plenty of uploaders.

2) Internet Archive

Internet Archive has always been the best place for getting free e-books. There are a lot of books that have been digitized including those protected by the copyright laws. The website has a very simple-to-use user interface and books are given proper priority and visibility. We have also found books in the database that are antique and collectible.

3) Library Genesis

Library Genesis (a.k.a Libgen) is another fantastic site for getting a wide range of books including but not limited to science articles, periodicals, magazines, and comics for free. It is a massively popular site with 10 million views each month. Readers have a great appreciation for this site. It has a convenient search feature allowing you to search for books by the following criteria, author, publisher, and ISBN.

4) The Pirate Bay

It is one of the classic torrent sites with an extensive collection of movies, shows, books, video games, and much more. It has survived by overcoming a lot of perils and impediments. Since it’s extremely old, it does not have the same reputation as it once had. Still, you can find a lot of P2P content, including textbooks. There is also a special e-book area on the Pirate Bay. But there are tons of PDFs there, along with periodicals, comics, and other search materials. Thus, we advise you to use the site’s search box.

5) Torlock

Torlock is a popular torrent site for textbooks because of its easy-to-use interface. It also features an e-book department as well. It is one of the top torrent sites for books available. It is really easy to search for and download your favorite e-book.

6) Torrent9

Torrent9 is the next ideal torrent book site on the list. It provides verified torrents similar to what TorLock does. The e-book section of Torrent9 makes it simpler to search for torrent novels. Torrent9 is also visually appealing and users can get its content from different categories. Nonetheless, it has movies, TV shows, games, music, and anime.

7) ISOHunt

ISOHunt is an online index and repository site for torrent files where users can browse, search, download, or post torrents of a variety of digital works. Although, it was taken down in 2013 regarding a lawsuit. However, media outlets discovered two sites mirrored from isohunt.com. One of them, isohunt. to take the place of the original website de facto. It should be viewed as a distinct continuation and has nothing to do with the previous employees or site owners.

8) Textbook NOVA

Another massive and popular repository is Textbook NOVA which is a search engine for textbooks that features an extensive collection of scholarly publications and instructional resources. It is site that helps students buy their study material in the most affordable way.

9) Project Gutenberg

It is a portal where cultural works are being digitized and archived by volunteers. It also creates and distributes e-books. It is one of the oldest digital libraries that is established in 1971. Novels and short stories are available in public. It has an extensive collection of 50,000 e-books.

10) FreeBookSpot

Readers can expect a vast collection of high-quality e-books, academic papers, novels, notes and other materials can be downloaded for free from FreeBookSpot. The interface is simple and different search filters are available such as TITLE, AUTHOR, ISBN and LANG fields.

11) Zooqle

It is one of the popular and easily navigable torrent sites. It has 4 million+ verified torrents. It is also one-stop destination for everything such as video games, PDFs, movies, TV shows etc. It has most of the content usually searched for in different torrent sites.

12) WikiBooks

WikiBooks are wiki-based Wikimedia projects run by the Wikimedia Foundation. It allows anyone to create annotated texts and digital textbooks with free content. The project was first developed in July 2023 and later it was expanded to incorporate additional languages. There are active WikiBooks sites for 77 languages.

What are some of the risks of downloading textbooks from torrents?

When it comes to torrenting, one should be careful with the associated risks. It’s a great portal for efficient file sharing but it comes with unknown dangers.

1) Copyright Infringement

Torrenting can lead to copyright infringement because of unauthorized downloads and distribution of copyrighted content. Users may get into legal trouble if they try to download and distribute unauthorized content without proper authorization.

2) ISP Monitoring

Numerous ISPs keep an eye on torrent traffic. They can report you to the copyright holders or notify you with warning emails if you distribute or download content against copyright policies.

3) File Fraud

Torrents are not always safe. Many torrents pose as innocent files but contain dangerous malware in disguise that can damage or steal your data. It is a situation that can occur frequently especially with cracked and pirated software. Sometimes you may download a trojan unknowingly although the app or content seems to work perfectly on the surface.

4) Privacy concerns

Your IP address is visible to many peers in a torrent swarm. It can expose your device’s security to several vulnerabilities. Malevolent actors can target your connection or even try to track you without your consent. This alone can leave you open to threats and increase vulnerability.

3 Best VPNs to Download Textbook Torrents Safely in 2024

We’ve already discussed about numerous torrent sites to use for downloading textbooks. While downloading textbooks along with other study materials is beneficial, one should be aware of the risks as well. It is strongly advised that you purchase the best VPN in order to download textbooks using torrents.

We’ll always recommend you get the best VPN to download textbooks from torrents.

A) NordVPN

NordVPN must be considered seriously if you’re looking for a quick and dependable VPN. It works pretty well with iOS, MacOS, Linux and Windows. We can make up to six connections. For added protection, it features a unique function called “NordVPN” that allows you to transport your connection between two servers as efficiently as possible. Also, you can install the software directly into your router for a guaranteed security across each of your devices.

Best Features

1) Threat protection: It is a feature that can help you to keep annoying trackers, adverts and malware from showing up when you’re online.  

2) Dark Web Monitor: It is a feature that can notify users if their private information gets exposed to the dark web.

3) Meshnet: It is a great tool for file sharing and gaming that enables direct connections to other devices over private encrypted channels.

B) Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN conceals your local IP address along with all incoming and outgoing data, so businesses, hackers, and data brokers cannot follow your online activities or personal information whether you use public Wi-Fi or your home computer. Additionally, it safeguards your online transactions when using public Wi-Fi. You can have access to geo-specific content.

It allows an infinite number of devices to connect at once and for Indian consumers, it even offers a fixed or a dedicated IP address.

Best Features

1) Multi-hop: Surfshark’s Multi-Hop feature improves security by splitting up traffic between two servers as opposed to only one. On the other hand, longer-distance traffic may cause you to experience lags.

2) VPN split-tunneling: With the aid of Surfshark’s Bypasser, users can distinguish and select the websites that can be accessed through a VPN server and those that can be accessed through local IP addresses.

3) Anonymous Internet Browsing: Surfshark VPN conceals your true IP address and enters into camouflage mode which makes it difficult to tell whether you’re using a VPN service from your Internet provider.

3) PureVPN

PureVPN is capable of concealing the user’s real IP address by establishing a secure connection between the user’s device and the distant server. It provides a VPN service that is far less experienced than its competitors and comes with numerous features that make it a great option for both corporations and people. It supports up to 10 devices simultaneously across 70 countries.

Best Features

1) Overcome censorship: PureVPN can aid users by letting them connect with an IP address spread across 70 nations so that they can get access to highly restricted websites and services including those that are blocked by firewalls.

2) VPN Speed: PureVPN allows users to have 10 Gbps of lightning-fast internet connections. However, they recommend utilizing a speed testing procedure before using it.

3) PurePrivacy: It is another useful tool that can aid consumers and organizations in avoiding data brokers and tailored advertisements. Data brokers that are holding your information are identified by PurePrivacy which makes sure that they eradicate it. To avoid targeted advertisements, it prevents apps and social media from tracking online behavior.


We’ve explained the different textbook torrents to use for downloading books, e-books, podcasts, audiobooks, and other study materials for free. These are all working torrent sites that you can look up to for getting some fascinating books. However, it is always best to spend some bucks to get books from a legitimate online marketplace to avoid safety issues. Also, you should get a good VPN for protection before browsing these torrent sites.

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