Computer Monitoring Software – The 3 Best PC Monitoring Software

Computer Monitoring Software - The 3 Best PC Monitoring Software

Best PC Monitoring Software – It doesn’t matter if you’re a worried manager, waiting to find a solution to the three employees’ steadily dropping productivity scores, a worried parent who wants to regularly monitor their teenage son or daughter.

There is a multitude of computer monitoring software that you can find on the Internet to date. 

Many of these products promise complete control of the target computer, to keep you informed about the activity of its employees and / or children.

The internet revolution has ensured that the whole world can be squeezed into a single desktop or laptop nowadays. 

But this freedom also requires a great deal of responsibility, and this cannot be guaranteed in the case of every IT user. 

And this is where efficient computer monitoring software can come to the rescue of parents and employers. 

This software has become mandatory in home workplaces due to the kind of variety of activities that can be performed online nowadays.

As children are exposed to cyberbullying, pornography and various types of online violence, employees are exposed to other types of unique risks that can endanger sensitive company data. 

An efficient PC monitoring leap can help you protect your family and employees from any unwanted danger.

We have spent a lot of time testing every PC monitoring software available on the market, studying all their features, their best points as well as their convenience.

We have come to the conclusion that below you will find the 3 solutions that are by far the options best available at the moment. 

Based on our extensive research, we found FlexiSpy PC monitoring software to be the best solution to date, closely followed by REFOG and Hoverwatch. 

Below you will find detailed information on each of these useful computer monitoring tools.

FlexiSpy PC Monitoring Software

FlexiSpy has proven to be an extremely efficient PC monitoring software over the years, and can be used by anyone who wants to continuously monitor the computers of their children, relatives, employees or any loved ones, and protect them from a multitude of threats.

Parents can effectively use FlexiSpy’s full range of parental controls to supervise their children’s online activities. 

Computer Monitoring Software - The 3 Best PC Monitoring Software
Best PC Monitoring Software

By using the Plus software, they can stay constantly updated on the websites their children visit, on the people they interact with (via email messages), on the applications installed and much more.

In terms of employers, a large number of these people use FlexiSpy monitoring software to get a better overview of their employees’ productivity. 

Using this tool, you can check USB connections, browsing history, desktop screenshots, keypresses, emails, and much more. 

You can also go to employee network bandwidth data to make sure no compromises are made on company data (with the help of the activity tracking feature).

FlexiSpy PC monitoring software offers 40+ different features. Anyone who invests in FlexiSpy will be able to get a ton of options compared to every other PC monitoring tool available on the market.

 You can also take advantage of the trade-in service and exchange your subscription for that of any other provider, obtaining a pro rata discount for FlexiSpy.

Features Of FlexiSpy PC Monitoring Software

Once the FlexiSpy monitoring software is installed on the target personal computer, it will continue to spy on the activities throughout the day, in completely stealth mode, and will upload all the collected surveillance data to the FlexiSpy server. 

All this data can be accessed later thanks to the FlexiSpy control panel/dashboard. Below we provide some of the main features offered by the FlexiSpy computer monitoring tool:

Spying On Online Activities

FlexiSpy offers unlimited access to the target user’s internet history, including all their favorites. 

Some of the other important details provided include visiting dates and times of these websites, duration of visits, URLs, and more.

Monitoring Im

You can be notified of any text typed into the various types of IM tools used by the target user. Almost all major instant messaging services are included like Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp etc. In addition, chat messages deleted from your computer can also be analyzed.


As can be expected from any PC monitoring software worth its name, FlexiSpy also provides an efficient keylogger. 

The tool keeps up to date on every single word and phrase that is typed in the target PC. You can also know if the user chooses to delete the same text. Reported data includes all personal notes, user IDs, passwords, search terms and more.


FlexiSpy keeps a log of every incoming and outgoing email on the monitored computer, including important details like interaction person/entity, email times, etc.

Check For Network Activities

This FlexiSpy feature keeps up to date on anyone and anything connected to your computer, and keeps a log of all network connections, including print jobs, user logins, and bandwidth usage.

Easy To View Data

All data collected by the monitored computer is uploaded to the FlexiSpy portal, where it can be viewed either through a desktop/laptop computer or through the FlexiSpy Mobile Viewer app (on your mobile phone, even on the move).

Data Backup

FlexiSpy does an exceptional job of monitoring all data transfer and file activity that occurs on the target PC. 

You will be updated on the opening hours of a specific file, on the person who modified it and where everything was sent. All this information can be obtained using FlexiSpy’s file activity and transfer tracking features.

Tamper Control

You are given the choice to decide the FlexiSpy visibility option on the monitored computer. You choose whether the software will run in hidden or visible mode on that computer.

What Makes FlexiSpy Distinguish From Others?

Any PC monitoring software that claims to be the best on the market must offer a wide variety of features, complete reliability, great customer support and simple upgrades at the highest pressures.

While allowing you to make the most of the latest technologies, based on ever-increasing requirements. 

FlexiSpy does all of this, and of course it does it in an impressive way! FlexiSpy deserves the top spot on our ranking due to its distinct qualities mentioned below:

Extraordinary Customer Support

All purchases made on FlexiSpy come complete with 24/7 customer support, efficient and reliable. It doesn’t matter what kind of problem you face with target PC monitoring, or what time of day or night it is. You will always find someone to help you on FlexiSpy.

Wide Range Of Features

As mentioned earlier, FlexiSpy PC monitoring software offers 40+ features, a large majority of which cannot be found in most similar products. With FlexiSpy, you get detailed information and insights of a kind not offered by any other company.

Multi-Device Support

With FlexiSpy software you have the flexibility to monitor mobile devices, tablets and personal computers, all from one platform. 

If you need to move your product license from one device to another, this can be done easily, hassle-free, at any time during the subscription period.

Simplified Accessibility

The Mobile Viewer application provided by FlexiSpy allows you to access the data collected by the personal computer from any place you want, at any time you want. 

All you have to do is log in with your credentials on the FlexiSpy website and you will be presented with all the data in an easy to understand way.


FlexiSpy monitoring software, the most powerful for spying on PC and Mac activities, can be available by subscription for $ 149 for an annual subscription, $ 99 for a quarterly subscription, or $ 68 for a monthly subscription.


REFOG Personal Monitor

Despite the fact that REFOG mainly positions itself towards concerned parents who want to monitor their kids’ computer activities.

This computer monitoring tool can be used by virtually anyone who wants to stay aware of the operations on someone else’s computer.

REFOG Personal Monitor 1
Best PC Monitoring Software

 Nowadays, kids are mostly glued to their computers, playing video games or chatting on all sorts of IM platforms. 

But how much time spent on the computer is too much time spent on the computer ?! And how long do they have to accept with each other or play video games on their systems? 

It is to constantly monitor their IT activities and that the REFOG personal monitor has been created. This tool allows you to monitor the activities on their computers in an extremely non-intrusive way.

REFOG does its job by recording all personal computer activities as long as the person works on the computer. 

Record everything including chat messages, keystrokes, emails, websites visited, and more. 

The tool also keeps a record of all programs running on your computer as well as how long each program has been used. 

It can even record Skype conversations and you, to make sure kids don’t fall prey to online bad guys. 

Many REFOG users create their own list of custom phrases, to be notified whenever the user types one of these phrases or words.

Features Of REFOG Personal Monitor

Key Registration

REFOG offers a keylogging service through which all the keys pressed on the monitored personal computer can be recorded. 

Captures all data entered by the target user (child or employee), including chat messages, emails, user IDs, pastors, search terms and everything in between. Not only are keystrokes recorded, but a record of all text on the clipboard is also kept.

Email Reports

No physical access is required to the monitored personal computer to analyze email logs. All email data is delivered directly to your email address, and you can analyze it anytime, anywhere.

Web History Recording

REFOG Personal Monitor records entire Web history of target computers, giving access to it even if the user deletes the system. 

You can analyze the history using the software reports function. All important details are contained in the web history log, including URLs visited, time stamps and page titles.

History Of Screenshots

The software allows you to take periodic screenshots of the monitored computer screen. This ensures that whatever the user is typing into the system can also be supported with a graphical proof later. 

It is not uncommon for children and employees to sometimes get carried around and do all sorts of weird things on systems, including logging into inappropriate websites, shopping, and so on. 

The story of the screenshots can provide ample evidence in these cases and help you prove your reasons in front of this person. It supports all kinds of monitor configurations.

File Tracking And App Monitoring

Every single program executed on the target computer is recorded by REFOG, informing you about what the target user is doing at different times of the day. 

You will know exactly when your employee wastes time on the Internet and / or when your child checks social media sites rather than finishing their homework. 

In addition, various operations you make such as copy, paste, delete, open etc. are also recorded. This can be very helpful in making sure that the employee has recently accessed or not any confidential documents.

Easy To Install

REFOG has been developed in such a way that anyone can install and configure it without any kind of technical support. Even the elderly, who are often not very tech-savvy, can make it work easily.

Reports And Settings

With REFOG it is impossible to set different control levels when it comes to PC monitoring. You can enable / disable monitoring for some users, set up notifications by keywords, set up reports, filter log files and much more with the software. 

Since it is preconfigured, it can be installed with just a few clicks, without any technical assistance.

Password Protection And Stealth Mode

REFOG remains completely hidden on the target computer, without providing clues to the user, and remains undetectable even if the user is a skilled IT expert. 

He does not find it anywhere in the control plan or in the program folders. Whenever you try to access it, it will only be visible after entering a special command or hotkey. 

You can also protect the REFOG installation with one step, to ensure that the target user cannot delete any log files.

Instant Messaging Monitoring

REFOG works with all popular IM software including Skype, Hangout, Facebook, Messenger, ICQ, MSN etc. to make sure you can analyze all interactions on these platforms.


You can purchase either 1 license or 3 license for REFOG Personal Monitor, with the former available at $ 19 and the latter at $ 45.


Hoverwatch Monitoring Tool

The Hoverwatch monitoring tool for personal computers is called ‘Hoverwatch Keylogger for Windows’. 

Its main purpose is to secretly observe the Windows computers used by staff members and children, recording data relating to websites, keystrokes, Screenshots, cameras, etc. 

Screenshot 2022 02 15 220422
Best PC Monitoring Software

You can try Hoverwatch PC monitoring software using the 3 day free subscription. All you have to do is provide your e-mail address and password to activate the subscription, which later can be extended if you want.

Once you have activated your subscription, you will have to download and install a small program on the computer that you wish to monitor. 

Once this installation is complete, you can analyze all the information obtained from the computer through your Hoverwatch account. This all takes no more than a few minutes.

Features Of Hoverwatch PC Monitoring Software

Facebook Messages

The software saves all Facebook activities of the target user, tracking every single action of this popular social media site. It can give a good overview of what your employee or child has written or posted on Facebook.

Webcam Footage

One of the most useful and important features, it allows you to take pictures but the front camera installed on the target desktop or laptop computer. This occurs automatically providing an opportunity to find out who is using the PC at any given time.


Hoverwatch’s keyboard log feature tracks everything that is typed on the monitored laptop or computer. All keyboard buttons pressed are recorded, whether pressed via physical or virtual keyboard

Stealth Mode

Hoverwatch PC monitoring software does its job in fully stealth mode. The monitored person will never know about the existence of the program as it cannot be seen in its start menu nor from the Task Manager.

Web Site Registry

The program saves the data relating to the websites visited on the monitored computer, giving a good idea of ​​the user’s web activities. Save keyboard activities, screenshots, camera photos, clipboard data, and more.


The software automatically takes screenshots of the on-screen activity at any given time, saving them in popular image formats like BMP, JPG, PNG etc. As a result, you can capture the full computer screen. The goal is to know exactly what your staff is doing with your children.

Skype Registration

Considered an extremely important function of the Hoverwatch PC monitoring software, this not only records the Sky text messages exchanged on the monitored computer, but also the dig calls made or received on it.

Position Tracking

Using this feature, you can stay constantly updated on the physical location of your employees or children, as long as they bring your laptop with them. 

This program collects important information related to the location of the, collected from sources such as GPS system and Wi-Fi points. It can be a very useful tool for protecting corporate interests and ensuring the safety of children.

File Tracking

This Hoverwatch feature tracks various operations on the make, including deletion, transfer, copy and creation. Affected operational parameters saved include folder setting, home folder, do list, and so on.


You can choose between Hoverwatch Personal, Professional or Business plans, depending on the number of devices you want to monitor. 

The Personal plan allows you to monitor a device at a cost of $ 99.95 for a 12-month subscription. The Professional plan allows you to monitor up to 5 devices and costs $ 199.95 annually. 

Hoverwatch’s Business plan is the most comprehensive one, allowing you to track up to 25 devices for a cost of $ 499.95 per year. All these 3 plans are also available on a quarterly and monthly basis.


Hopefully, you are like these 3 Best PC Monitoring Software and we are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to Comment on us by filling this. 

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