5 Best Apps to Control Your Kids’ Smartphones

The 5 best apps to control your children's smartphone

5 Best Apps to Control Your Kids’ Smartphones – One of the most successful new features that control your children’s smartphone within the latest version of iOS and Android is digital health check. 

On all new smartphones, it is possible to understand how much time you spend with the phone, with which apps and how many times you unlock the device, in order to develop a better awareness of the waste of time attached to the mobile phone, hoping that this will encourage you to use it less. (it’s better). 

Five apps to remotely monitor apps, sites visited as well as incoming calls and sms

Within this big update, there is also a component dedicated to the little ones, adding more parental control over their children’s time with smartphones and tablets. 

This way, when you give your phone to children, you can impose blocks and restrictions so that their activities are 100% monitored. But if you want to go further and want to control what they are doing on their smartphone, then you will need a dedicated parental control app. 

This way, you can limit the time spent on the device, track usage and location, and block apps or games as needed, right from your smartphone to your children’s phone.

Best Apps to Control Your Kids’ Smartphones

Mobile Fence 

360-degree control: you can impose a block on sites, apps, and videos that are considered dangerous or unsuitable. 

control your children's smartphone Mobile Fence 

In addition, you can set the maximum time of use of the phone to prevent smartphone addiction, but not only: parents can see all the online activities of their children, such as the most frequently used apps, the websites visited, the calls and SMS.

 In addition to being a good app to control your children’s smartphone and monitor the location of children in real time and be notified when their children enter or leave the safety zone set by the parents. 

Available for Android 

Kids Place Parental Controls

This app is great for downloading to your smartphone or tablet to manage which apps your child can (or can’t) view. 

control your children's smartphone Kids Place  

Before handing him the device, you can open this app and you will be redirected to a customizable dashboard where you can enter your favorite games and apps. 

Plus it blocks inappropriate content and sites, keeping track of calls and messages.

 Available for Android 

FamilyTime Parental Control

It allows you to do a little bit of everything within one app – which can be difficult to understand, at least at first. 

control your children's smartphone Family Time

You can set homework and bedtime or just limit the time your kids spend on their phones. 

Add options for geofencing – which lets you get alerts when that phone enters or leaves a specific area – or block apps, sites, and videos that don’t seem appropriate to you, as well as monitor calls, contacts, and text messages.

 Available for Android 

Find my friends 

It became famous months ago for Fabio Fazio’s What’s the weather like the show, where Alessia Marcuzzi confessed to keeping an eye on her 17-year-old son through an app: most likely, it was Find my friends. 

control your children's smartphone Find my friends 

Available on iOS, it allows you to easily pinpoint the exact location of friends and family. Simply download the app and share your GPS location with your contacts by registering your email or phone number

Apple had thought of it as “social” to help people find each other, but then few have really exploited it, since it resets your privacy and identifies your location every time we do a search. 

Available for iOS 


The latest app that parents lack to have total control over their children’s smartphones is an anti-theft solution that allows you to recover your Android device in case of theft or loss. 

control your children's smartphone Cerberus 

It’s not just a find my phone app, Cerberus has many unique features that make it the perfect app for locating your mobile or tablet, identifying the thief and recovering your device. 

In this way, you can lock the phone remotely and have the geolocation sent to you to be able to know where to control your children’s smartphone. 

Available Website for Android 

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