The Best GPS Trackers for Dogs and Cats in 2024

The Best GPS Trackers for Dogs and Cats in 2022

Best GPS trackers for dogs and cats – Not just humans. On the market there are dozens and dozens of GPS trackers and fitness trackers for dogs and cats as well. Here are some of the best models

Atracker to follow in the footsteps of your pets ? Of course: there are several models for every price range , from the simplest ones with the lowest cost to the expensive alternatives, with more advanced sensors to know everything about our dogs and cats .

With them, all the movements of the furry pets at home are always under control: you never have any doubts or uncertainties about their position, always having timely feedback on the physical activity carried out on your smartphone

If there is a need to integrate it with some additional output. . How do you choose, however, among the alternatives available on the market? Let’s find out which are the best smart collars .

Best GPS Trackers for Dogs and Cats

  • Paw Track
  • Tractive
  • Pod
  • Tabcat
  • Gibi
  • Nano
  • Apple AirTags

Paw Track

Best GPS Trackers for Dogs and Cats Pawtrack
Best GPS Trackers for Dogs and Cats

Paw Track is a tracking collar specially designed for cats . The collar is easily adjustable, fits snugly around the feline’s neck and weighs only 70 grams. 

The GPS unit is attached to the top of the collar and is equipped with Wi-Fi, so as to alert the owner when the cat has entered the house . 

To conserve battery life, Paw Track turns off automatically when the cat is nearby. Also interesting is the ” Lost Cat ” mode which automatically alerts owners about the cat’s location. The cost of Paw Track is around 145 euros.


Best GPS Trackers for Dogs and Cats Tractive
Best GPS Trackers for Dogs and Cats

Tractive is a small GPS tracker that can be attached to an existing collar . Tractive allows you to track your pet in real time and has an accurate history of their movements. 

This device allows you to create a sort of virtual fence : should the cat or dog venture too far from home, the owner will receive a notification on the smartphone.

To follow your pet, you can choose one of the available subscription plans, with different prices and features.

These are Basic and Premium , the first at a price of 9.99 euros per month (59.99 / year and 99.99 / 2 years) and the second at 69.99 euros a year (109.99 / 2 years and 225 euros / 5 years) ).

 Both offer the owner continuous GPS tracking (every 2-60 minutes), unlimited live tracking (at 2-3 second intervals) and activity tracking. 

Tractive is waterproof and can also be used by dogs who love to swim. Finally, the GPS tracker can light up during the night .

Which allows the owner to locate his pet even in the dark. The cost of Tractive is around 120 euros.


Pod is a GPS tracker for pets that adapts to any type of collar and that allows you to record all the movements of your pet using a smartphone or computer. 

The battery lasts up to 5 days in stand by mode, the Pod is waterproof and, among other functions, allows you to set a series of safe zones.

If the animal should escape, the owner will be notified with a notification on the phone. Pod uses Wi-Fi, GPS, and 2G networks to track pets’ location. The cost of the Pod is around 150 euros.


Best GPS Trackers for Dogs and Cats Tabcat
Best GPS Trackers for Dogs and Cats

Tabcat can also be attached to the cat’s collar and is equipped with a small device that flashes or beeps when we are in the vicinity of our cat. 

Tabcat does not use the GPS system to determine the location of the animal, but uses an RFID chip that makes the device lighter and cheaper. 

Tabcat can locate the cat even through thick walls and, unlike GPS, it can locate the animal with greater precision up to about 120 meters. 

The Tabcat package contains two RFID tags equipped with splashproof cases and a directional device to locate the cat, all at a price of around 80 euros.


Gibi is a lightweight collar equipped with a GPS locator . The collar is able to monitor your dog’s position and send a notification when the dog is out of the previously established safety zone.

Gibi is completely waterproof, able to withstand any immersion in the water of your four-legged.

Gibi provides a series of real-time updates with precise information on the animal’s location using the tracker’s select button. The cost is around 130 euros.


Nano is a GPS locator capable of indicating the position of the pet in live . The device is equipped with a history that allows the owner to monitor all the movements of the animal during the day. Nano features powerful batteries and a collar that fits any pet of any size.

It requires the use of a SIM card and a monthly subscription that allows its use at a cost of about 7 euros per month. The price of Nano is around 120 euros.

Apple AirTags

Best GPS Trackers for Dogs and Cats Apple Airtag
Best GPS Trackers for Dogs and Cats

Apple ‘s AirTags are able to keep track of everything they are applied to; are they also useful for following the movements of your four-legged friend? 

Although they are not born to keep track of the movements of dogs or cats, these Cupertino labels can also be exploited in this way, associated with all iPhones equipped with iOS 14.5 or newer; to be able to count on precise information.

However, it is necessary to have a company smartphone with a U1 chip , installed on all models starting from iPhone 11 onwards.

It is important to add them to the animal’s collar , so that they cannot come off or get lost, through a special container or using the accessories produced by third parties with this functionality. 

Subsequently, just start the ” Where is ” app to find out the last position of Fido or Micio; as soon as it is within the range of Bluetooth.

The application will provide a more precise position, with a lot of direction to follow to reach the label and the opportunity to emit a sound to count on further information.

Registration is simple and immediate, following exactly the one to follow to connect the plate to your Melafonino.

Not a real tracker able to take advantage of the GPS functionality, the Apple indicator can however count on some utilities such as the alarm that sends a notification once the AirTag goes out of range of the Bluetooth. 

The same goes for the sound : not extremely acute, it allows in any case to have an additional signal compared to the signal that arrives via the app.

And then there is the “ Lost ” mode: when activated, every compatible iPhone is able to receive a signal to intercept a lost AirTag (obviously together with what it has been associated with, including a dog or cat). 

It is certainly not one of the simplest operations to discover the position of an animal in motion, blocking it awaiting the arrival of the master, but in any case it can prove to be a useful option to be exploited in case of need.

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