Three Musketeers of Mediacom Service That You Don’t Want to Miss!

Three Musketeers of Mediacom Service That You Don’t Want to Miss!

The Three Musketeers of Mediacom Service That You Don’t Want to Miss! – Getting a trusty internet connection is so hard these days but that’s no longer impossible! Most residential areas in the U.S. including major metropolises show positive stats for high accessibility of reliable internet and cable TV services. However, the vast majority of Americans still prefer traditional options in contrast to the newer lot, who tends to lean more towards the advanced options.

Although many areas where Mediacom has set up its network infrastructure already holds existing cable lines, most of the new groundwork now supports fiber optic for its speedy download delivery is supposed to be ‘40 times faster than the broadband average set by Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’. That’s why Mediacom’s hybrid Fiber-Coaxial service is considered a value-packed service for the said price point.

Mediacom Internet – A Reliable Yet Powerful Service

Mediacom Internet endeavors to provide access to high-quality service to every U.S. citizen, residing in the service areas of the 22 states, where this provider stands strong. Although the recent move to DOCSIS 3.1 technology has ensured that people from all walks of life, can acquire a reliable connection like Mediacom Internet for seamless connectivity. And without disturbing their monthly household budget that was previously considered unimaginable. Here is the multitude of built-in features that Mediacom Internet offers:

Blazing Fast Speed Tiers

Mediacom offers a variety of tiers to its customers, which are available both in standalone plans and bundled offers as well. The standalone plans open quite reasonably and start from $39.99 every month. The idea behind this variety in speed tiers is to facilitate every internet user and household so that they find a deal or a service bundle that’s a good match to both their monthly budget and digital needs.

Top-Notch Cybersecurity

What’s more, Mediacom ensures that its robust internet service is secured by the Total Defense™ Internet Security Suite, which is free and is expected to protect about 5+ devices from all sorts of malware and cyber-threats.

Optimum Signal Coverage

Besides the standard in-home wireless internet coverage that is known to provide excellent signals within all kinds of households, Mediacom comes up with Xtream Wi-Fi 360. This is essentially a signal-extending method that aims to provide glitch-free wall-to-wall internet signal coverage. So that no matter where subscribers are in their house, they will still be able to receive optimum internet signals, even if they lounging in the backyard (as vast as 3000 sq. ft!) In case of any issue, simply dial up Mediacom Xtream customer support and get all issues resolved within no time!

Spectacular Digital Entertainment Features Courtesy of Mediacom Cable TV

Mediacom is not just known for its high-speed internet service. It comprises two other services, cable TV and the home phone service. Although the market is filled with cheaper entertainment options, cable TV continues to rock despite constant presumptions that the era of cable is over. And that’s definitely not the case with Mediacom Cable TV.

This provider continues to surprise target audiences with a high-end entertainment service, that’s easy on the pocket as well! Mediacom TV comes with double and triple-play bundled plans that consist of an impressive channel lineup, interesting add-ons, and plenty more choices that are bound to amaze subscribers.

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Furthermore, subscribers to the Mediacom TV service are offered three kinds of channel menus, which include Local TV, Essential TV, and Variety TV. This is followed by an extensive digital library that holds the latest on-demand titles from a variety of TV networks. The mini TV packages further help to customize Mediacom TV subscription with premium channels along with international network programming at a subscriber’s fingertips!

But that’s not all! The integrated TiVo® is an intelligent search and channel guide that’s accompanied by the TiVo® receiver. Then there is the TiVo® DVR which comes with 1000 SD/150 HD hours and is considered perfect for TV recordings and a seamless streaming experience. Lastly, the Xtream Voice Remote that’s also powered by TiVo® allows subscribers to control their daily TV schedule by the mere command of their voice.

Mediacom Home Phone Service – The Epitome of Steadfast Connectivity

The Mediacom Home Phone Service continues to surprise target customers with exceptional features. While it’s a part of both double and triple play bundles, quality is never compromised despite the economical costs! What’s more, the phone service entails HD sound that’s delivered over ultramodern combination telephone networks. The best part is that the Mediacom phone service is a superior substitute to other communication options:

  • Unlimited local and long-distance talk time within the U.S.
  • Around 15 spectacular phone features that instantly transform the phone box into a modern add-on
  • Decent voicemail service for less than $5 every month
  • Reasonable international calling plans, which instantly connect subscribers with around 87 countries or more
  • FREE WorldTalk30 in the Triple-Play home phone plan

Wrapping Up

Although it’s not always easy to be cost-effective Mediacom’s monthly packages are so sensibly crafted that an individual’s digital and video entertainment needs are fully satiated with a service that keeps everything streamlined and under budget. The aim is to help digital consumers stay worry-free while simultaneously providing them with a variety of cost-effective options! With so many value-packed perks, it’s little wonder that Mediacom continues to stay dominant in the telecom market despite cut-throat competition!

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