10 Best Truck Driving Games For Android in 2024

10 Best Truck Driving Games For Android 2022 [Updated!]

Top 10 Best Truck Driving Games For Android [Updated!] – Over time, playing games has become a habit. Of the various types of games available on Android, the best truck driving games sound quite foreign to gamers. But who would have thought, this genre is quite fun to play.

Comes with a simulator concept, some of the best learning driving games are able to provide an interesting sensation and experience for the players, especially in driving a bus.

Best Truck Simulator games for Android

Below we recommend some of the best games in this genre. 10 Recommended Best Truck Driving Games That You Shouldn’t Miss

1. Euro Truck Driver

Best Truck Driving Games For Android 2022: Euro Truck Driver
Best Truck Driving Games For Android: Euro Truck Driver

Who doesn’t know Euro Truck Driver? This truck driving simulation game is arguably the most popular game to date.

By presenting a European setting, this game also presents features and modes that are quite unique and interesting.

Not only about driving a truck, but the players are also provided with space to express their ideas in modifying the truck according to taste.

The interesting thing that you will find when playing this game is the mechanics and plot of the game which is very exciting.

In this game, players will be presented with a truck customization mode, weather info, and quite realistic controls and navigation.

Euro Truck Driver provides 60 levels of game difficulty, so it looks quite challenging for anyone who plays it.


2. Truck Simulator USA – Evolution

Best Truck Driving Games For Android 2022: Truck Simulator USA - Evolution
Best Truck Driving Games For Android: Truck Simulator USA – Evolution

Want to feel the sensation of driving a bus with a larger dimension than usual? This kind of experience can only be had when you play the Truck Simulator USA game.

Not only does it offer buses with jumbo dimensions, this game also features interesting locations. With qualified sound quality, you are presented with the sound of a fierce American truck engine turning.

More interestingly, this game is also equipped with a weather display, a truck brand logo display, and a distinctly American feel.

No doubt, if this game is in great demand by truck driving game lovers who want the experience of driving on the streets of Uncle Sam’s country. To date, Truck Simulator USA has been downloaded by nearly 10 million users. Of course, the popularity of this game is unquestionable.


3. Recycle Dump Truck Simulation

Best Truck Driving Games For Android 2022: Recycle Dump Truck Simulation
Best Truck Driving Games For Android : Recycle Dump Truck Simulation

Like the best city-building games, the popularity of truck simulation games is also getting a lot of attention from gamers today. One of the most popular truck simulation games is Recycle Dump Truck Simulation.

This game is quite fun to play, considering the modes that are presented are not the same as most games in this genre.

The thing that makes this game interesting is the concept of the game, which makes the garbage truck the object. In this game, players are assigned to be the driver of a garbage truck who is responsible for bringing garbage to a landfill.

This game also comes with many missions that you can play at any time. So much fun, right?


4. Truck Driver Cargo

Truck Driver Cargo can be classified as a truck driving simulation genre game. However, there is something unique about this game.

If in general the truck simulation genre game only provides driving game modes, Truck Driver Cargo focuses more on the type of truck used to transport and deliver goods.

By focusing on trucks transporting goods, each player is required to be able to play the role of a freight transporter driver.

To be able to achieve perfect points in playing this game, a high level of concentration is required. You also need to be careful when driving a loaded truck, as it is very prone to falling from the tailgate.


5. Truck Driver

Not only offline hidden object games that are increasingly popular with players, games with the concept of a truck simulator are also popular today.

One of the fun truck simulation games to play is Truck Driver. This game, made by the developers of playducky.com presents a truck driving game mode that is quite slick and fun to play.

Comes with several improvements from its predecessor, the Truck Driver game can be played by anyone who fantasizes about driving a truck virtually.

Associated with the points obtained, players are required to have a pretty good performance in driving. For those of you who want to feel the sensation of driving a truck like in the real world, then you must try this game.


6. IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator

Best Truck Driving Games For Android  IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator
Best Truck Driving Games For Android : IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator

The next best truck driving game that is no less interesting is IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator. This game made by local children is able to compete with foreign game developers, especially for the truck simulation genre game.

By presenting a typical Indonesian street view, players are pampered with the experience of driving on tropical roads.

In this game, you will also find several types of typical Indonesian vehicles. Not only getting the sensation of driving a virtual truck, this game also features a custom mode.

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So that players can freely modify their trucks. Interestingly, the IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator game is called the first simulator game ever made by an Indonesian developer.


7. World Truck Driving Simulator

Have you ever heard of a game called World Truck Driving Simulator? For some truck simulation game lovers, this game is quite popular.

Not only presenting the sensation of driving with a truck on the streets, this game also allows players to customize their vehicle according to their taste.

Although it looks quite easy, in fact this game provides a challenge for players. Based on testimonials from most gamers who have played this game, the World Truck Driving Simulator has been quite successful since its initial release.

This game has been downloaded 5 million times. No doubt, if its popularity is still being heard.


8. Truck Simulator: Offroad

While most truck simulator games only provide street options as their backdrop, the Truck Simulator: Offroad game comes with the unique sensation of offroad driving.

In accordance with the concept carried, this game is certainly full of challenges in every level.

In this game there are unusual paths that are not found in other driving games. Some examples such as mud puddles to rivers that you will encounter while playing this game.


9. Truck Driver 3D: Extreme Roads

You want a best truck driving game full of challenges? Feel free to pin your choice on this Truck Driver 3D: Extreme Roads game. This game is highly recommended for you driving lovers.

The game mixes urban settings with rural areas along cross-state roads. You will also be invited to tour America. Players will be increasingly spoiled with 3D views in this game.


10. Euro Truck Simulator 2

The next game that is no less exciting to play is Euro Truck Simulator. This game made by SCS Software provides a different sensation for anyone who plays it. In this game, players are required to become container driver.

In addition, players are also given the task of delivering cargo to a predetermined location.

In addition, truck maintenance also needs to be considered. Besides having to be proficient at driving it, you also have to be smart about taking care of it. It’s quite fun to train yourself in the real world, isn’t it?


Playing the best truck driving games is really fun. However, not all truck simulation games present a quality game with an attractive appearance. Of the games that have been reviewed above, which game is your favorite?

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